The Monday ‘Blues’

Hey everyone! Just a few days until March creeps up on us! March has always been my favorite month. James and I celebrate 12 crazy years this time around, Avynn turns 4 (yikes), and we start to get kissed with more sunshine! 

In my last post I talked about being bold, and I think it’s stuck with me lately. In just a few days Ivory will be 6 months old, which puts me at 6 months PP! I’ve been through so many changes with my body, and one thing that’s never changed was my outfit choices. 

Since forever I’ve loved to mix prints, and I’m so guilty of dressing the girls in mismatched prints as well! 

Today’s look is inspired by spring! 

I received this trench coat as the perfect gift a few years back, and I always pull it out in out in Spring! 

The star of the show however, is this cute little crossbody from our AV Collection

This little guy is the perfect crossbody! Usually women carry these for a night out, and for me I’ve always been nervous about bringing a bag to a bar; mostly because of sloppy people who spill- haha

I have always just carried a wristlet, but because this bag is completely stain-proof, I’ll be collecting all colors! I can literally wipe off any drinks that will spill on it, and it’s super light weight I almost forget I’m wearing it!

This bag is ideal, and only $118!!!!!! Let’s not forget this is a Vegan collection, made of re-purposed foam! You have to touch!!

Spring is my favorite time to head over to the water, and with this checkered romper I thought it screamed “picnic,” haha 

Ladies never ever be afraid of bold prints, and mixing hues! 

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