It’s been soooo long… it feels like…right? 

I’ve full force taken all of my energies and focused them on projects I’m working on with the designer I work for! I can’t wait to share the goods with you all! Lately I’ve been go-go-go, and I forgot how nice it feels to just sit here with Ave next to me, and Ivory in my arms. So so peaceful. 

I don’t think I’ve ever hustled as hard before children. Literally your family is what you should live for. 

I want to keep this post short and sweet. Women are powerful. We are strong. We are the future of everything. When I gave birth to both girls, I fell in love instantly, as all parents do. But they have changed me. I will now continue living to inspire them, as they inspire me even greater. 

With the world so crazy, us as women need to stick together. If women weren’t so catty, the world would run so differently. As for now, stick together. We all need peace more now than ever. 

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. And I’m a proud mother. No one is perfect, but I surprise myself every single day.

Because I’ve been so confident in my skin since becoming a mother, I wasn’t scared to show it!

This top is from Vagina Cult inspiring women all of the world! I’m obsessed with this statement top! I felt bold, confident, and beautiful! I’m also in love with the painting they sent me as well! Check them out!! 

I’m also obsessing over my ‘Matty’ from our AV Collection!! Cutest little clutch and it’s only $48!!

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