A White Wednesday! 


I always say it, it’s been way too long, but I’m back and so excited to share something with you all! I just died a little over our Andrea Valentini ‘White Collection.’

Not only do pops of White scream ‘sunshine’ to me, but it also freaks me outttt because I’m the sloppiest when it comes to white clothing. (This is why I stand by ‘all-black-everything’) 

So this is why I wanted to share some news! The white collection is completely stain proof! I don’t think anyone understands how much this benefits my life haha

There’s something so chic about all white, look! (Of course I threw pops of red in there) So bold, so beautiful! 

Because these bags are super durable and made of re-purposed foam, we found the best trick for removing stains-Nail polish remover!!!!

Our White Collection is now available at AndreaValentini.com 

Xx, 4O1Fierce 

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