Self care, aware

Like I always’a been forever y’all! I’ve been working working working working working…lol and trying my best to make the most of my summer with my girls! Sometimes I get so caught up in the day to day, that days become months and it scares the hell out of me. Especially with Ivory turning two- where does time go! And, literally Avynn lost her first tooth today- it’s crazyyyyy!

With working, and building a brand my time has felt so limited- I’m sure you all feel this way with your busy lives as well. Where do we find balance? How? Working out, seeing friends, 9-5’s, etc Welp, i’ve found that what’s been worse for me is pushing the “little” things to the side- which really aren’t so “little.” James and I have been working, picking the girls up, home, eat, sleep, repeat. This is why I find so much pride in working out and taking care of how my body feels/looks- in order to tackle my goals.

However, for way too long now, we’ve been neglecting the relaxation time of being a family. Our car was cluttered, our apartment was cluttered, and for months it’s been driving me insane. Why not just clean it? I gave up- I literally would clean to then see our car and our home wrecked in 2 days. It sounds so stupid coming out, but now I realize exactly why. I would rather spend time outside the apartment, with the girls whether at the beach, or an adventure. Then we would get home before dinner time, cook, eat, and sleep. I found myself not even wanting to be at home. I was escaping my own reality. IT SOUNDS RIDICULOUS I KNOW! 

So why did it take me so long? No idea, but how did I fix it? This is what this post is eventually getting to – haha

I have been meditating like crazy before bed so it honestly allows me to wake up with a clear mind, and a motivated one (on top of burning sage before bed and in the morning). I woke up helped my sister with my niece and nephew while she started her new job, and then I was hit with a crazy wave of motivation. I cleaned the entire car out, then stopped at the store to get new cleaning products, and ended up back at home putting laundry away, and cleaning every single room top to bottom. James got home, we stopped at the mall to let Ave pick out some school clothes, and then stopped at the grocery store! I ran in, spent $100 in groceries, then went home and cooked a beautiful dinner, accompanied by some flowers that legit light up the room!


I de-cluttered my living spaces, and decided to make a huge meal so that I could bring left overs to work. I enjoyed a huuuuuge glass of wine- lol and went to sleep satisfied!

Most times going out to eat is enjoyable, although the girls make it crazy. Most times hanging at someone else’s house is enjoyable, but relaxing at home at the end of a crazy day is great.

I didn’t mention the fact that I got rid of an entire trash bag full of clothing that I ripped out of my closet. I felt sooooo amazing getting all of the junk out of my zone. And lastly, instead of spending $100 on a night out to eat I re-created one of James and my fav meals from one of our date spots (A twist on Rasta Pasta from Red Parrot)

Here are some photos:

If you can take anything from this post, know that all things in your space, affect your energy 100% so starting with where you lay your head is most important! Take time for yourself, it doesn’t mean spending $ or indulging all the time. De-cluttering literally gave me such a fresh start to this month!!

I have so much more to share with you all, hope you enjoyed

xx, 4o1fierce

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