November is here!!

Happy Saturday guys! We are finally seeing the sun again after all of this rain; and that speaks reality about the weather and everything else for me! 2019 has been quite a journey for me I must say, and October changed that all around for me in the most positive light! Something about my birthday season and Scorpio season puts me right back in my power!

It’s been super rainy and windy here in Rhode Island, so it’s stopped me from blogging and shooting for the past few weeks. I just turned 28, and hit my halfway (20 weeks) mark of pregnancy. Just 20 weeks to go and we will be a family of 5!!! wow.  As my excitement grows, and my heart grows, so has this big ole belly- haha!

I absolutely love fall fashion especially when pregnant, because any outfit can be spiced up with either a cute sweater or pair of shoes! I’ve been receiving so many goodies from different places, and feeling so spoiled, and so cozy lately! Today I wanted to highlight Pink Blush Maternity again! In my last blog post I bragged all about the comfiest PJ set that was sent my way! I still wear that at least 2x a week!

I still have yet to snap some photos in a sweatshirt they sent me ( I practically live in it). I’ll plan to do that this week! However, when I received this beauty below in the mail- I fell in love!!!


This sweater is legit perfect in every way. I love the khaki color, it’s so so so soft! It’s perfectly over sized and will for sure fit me for the rest of my pregnancy! You can dress this up or down, and make a ton of outfits with it! It’s perfect for the expecting mama’s , and every other sweater-obsessed babe out there! I really wish this came in more colors because I need it in every color!

Yesterday was the first day of November so I threw this cozy little outfit together! It’s rare for me to find a pair of flats that I love, so when I received these I also fell in love. I paired the sweater with jeans for a cute little day-date with James to a local farm. These jeans are super stretchy- and you can’t even tell they have to stay unbuttoned now, hahaha

By the time James got out of work the farm was closing, and the sun was setting, but being outside with the crisp air and orange sun was so refreshing. I promised myself for the rest of my pregnancy I’d stay more active outdoors- spending time in nature. As I mentioned in my Instagram post I’ve been doing anything and everything to avoid seasonal depression!


When it comes to “dressing my bump,” I have to keep staple items in my closet that are easy to throw together. My days consist of early mornings yelling a thousand times “Avynn wake up, we can’t miss the bus.” And, “Ivory Elle wake upppppppp.” Then we spend 20 minutes brushing our teeth, getting them dressed and doing their hair. Usually the first time I leave my front door, is the last time until I get all of my errands done- which means how I leave that door is how every other human being that sees me that day will see me- yikes! 

I have about 3 pairs of jeans that semi- “fit” me now. My entire wardrobe consists of high waisted mom jeans – my top fav and least do-able while brewing a babe. Having stretchy jeans is a must. Then of course there’s a pile of leggings, printed pants, and a huge collection of shoes and coats. What’s been hard is finding shirts that cover the bottom of my belly, and sweaters that don’t make me look like a house!

This sweater having the hi-low cut and the cute slits on the side, keep me looking effortless, and I love that. Being able to snag a cute sweater in the morning rush of my life is exactly what I need all fall and winter long! Now that November is here the weather is getting more crisp, so the coziness of this sweater is so perfect.

Heading to the farm yesterday I quickly threw this outfit together and didn’t even need a coat over it. My mom spent a few hours with the girls and James and I got to spend some mom and dad time alone! muahahaha. 

All of the bright colors and set up here was so aesthetically pleasing.

You can see more detailed photos on my Instagram post from yesterday here –@Kashafierceeee

 I’ll be featuring this sweater in a little clip on my IGTV next week showing 3 ways to style a sweater this fall! So look for that soon!

If you want to purchase this sweater the link is here – Olive Ribbed Popcorn Knit

And omg guys!!! It does come in more colors!!!!!! Needing to grab this in black asap!





Pink Blush will forever be my favorite women’s/maternity line for my pregnancies and postpartum ! You can follow them on Instagram here – @Pinkblushmaternity

You can also like their page on Facebook here – Pink Blush Maternity






Hope you all are enjoying the last few months of this year! You’ll hear way more from me on here, and a lot more items from Pink Blush as I get further along in my pregnancy!

xx, 4O1Fierce