My name is Kasha Marie. I am 25 years old from Rhode Island, the Ocean state; 401. I am a young mother raising my happy, healthy, BEAUTIFUL daughters Avynn Jade (4yrs), and Ivory Elle (6mo)! When I’m not spending time with my family, I focus a lot of my time on fashion/styling/writing and CREATING. This has been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. Once I became a mother I seriously had to adjust my shopping habits to allow me to style both myself and my daughters at an affordable, realistic price. My blog is aimed towards integrating budget conscience shopping, today’s ever-changing trends, while still remaining “classic.” I hope my love for Family, Food, and Fashion can inspire you! I want to provide an example for others to see it is possible to stay “in the now” while not breaking the bank. Along with blogging, and maintaining a full-time-student-status, I am Creative Director at Andrea Valentini. You will see many of our products within my posts! Check us out at AndreaValentini.com where I will be blogging on our site, as well as on Instagram – @AndreaValentini

Xx, 4O1Fierce

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