Spring peakin’ w/prints!

Another day that started beautiful, and then reminds us how crazy New England weather is -eye roll

March is almost over and the minute the sun shines, best believe I’ve been taking full advantage haha

I’ve had this outfit for months and months but finally decided to whip it out! I looooove love love love love love mixing. I’ve been called tacky, corny, old-grandpa-ish

I want to focus on skirts today! Since I was younger I was so self conscious of my legs (especially in skirts). They resembled 2 toothpicks, then two hot dogs haha

However, I never realized how versatile they could be!! I’ve worn this skirt on the weekend with a graphic tee and sneakers, and today I decided to dress it up!

Like I said a thousand times I love to wear prints, just wait and see how I begin to clash them!! Don’t be scared ladies, there are never any rules I swear!

I decided to pair this outfit with these little white booties for a classic twist! I was also in gooooood need of a tan-and some moisturizer on my knees- yikes

It’s been awhile since I’ve just put together outfits for me, for the sake of embracing my creativity. Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-by-day that we forget to outshine our creativity to the fullest.

This was also before I completely chopped more hair off- and toned it rose gold! Can’t wait to show you guys!

I guess you can say I’ve been itching for a change, and staying bold!

I purchased this skirt from my favorite local boutique here in Rhode Island called Elle G ( I’ve mentioned them several times-as well as included this skirt in a haul last month on my YouTube Channel). If you’re interested in this skirt here are my fav selling points-

•It has pockets!

• It’s stretchy!

• It buttons up instead of zips!

• Versatile material so it looks great dressed up or dressed down!

Purchase here – Gingham Skirt!

Also, I am wearing mine in a size medium! I suggest going a size smaller if you choose to wear it high waisted because without a belt I had some gap!!

Hope you all have a great Easter!


What is this weather?!

March 26, and the sun is slowly peaking out-I’m begging for nicer weather!!!

Yesterday was James and my 13th year together-knowing, growing, and loving. This week I finished my last mid-term, so over all I’m feeling accomplished, and ready for Spring. We all are. Our family also just went through a tremendous loss of a close family member so I’m struggling to keep it all together.

Life is precious, and powerful.

I want to keep this short and sweet- here’s a look I put together. Ladies-take a basic pair of denim and a t-shirt and make an over coat and your shoes the star of the show!

Details about my outfit can be found always on my Instagram at @kashaxmarie

Triple threat 

Happy Wednesday! Happy October! I say this every time but it’s seriously been forever. I’m a busy bee, 5 classes is no joke, with 2 girls is even more hilarious: but needless to say I’m killin it! 

I’m working for an amazing brand right now (from home which is ideal), so I promised myself I would blog more and have the girls involved. I’ve gotten so many requests for the girls to be in the spotlight again and honestly how could I resist?! 

Avynn loves her photo taken, but Ivory was a whole different story haha- James was a trooper he kept chasing her then putting her in her “spot” and running out of the frame quickly

Cheetah/leopard made its way back on shelves and I’m not mad. I feel a sense of power wearing it, it’s so bold. The girls are animals so this was perfect for them 

I’ve had this top for years, and also I’m loving how faux leather is back! 

I tried to dress down my look with these slippers from Simply Vera Wang

Also, I love that I can dress this skirt up or down, with a blouse or a loose tee! 

Ave was in such a good mood she kept saying “Mama remember we used to blog when Ivory was in your belly?” Haha

I used to do anything to keep us out of the house while I was still pregnant  but having 2 girls is like having 20, I swear 

We grabbed some pretty cute shots, and how cute are their matching skirts from Old Navy?!You guys will also see a lot more of this bag! I’ve teamed up with Lily Jade-this is the chic-est diaper bag I’ve ever seen- obsessed! I’ll be posting on Instagram some amazing features it has!  

I’ll keep it short and sweet today- but I wanted to throw red into this blog set to symbolize the strength and power of family. Vegas is still in my thoughts and prayers, and it’s been so hard for me to shake. Hold your family and friends extra tight, all we need to spread is love more than anything. 


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Growing up whenever I would hear the word power/powerful I always thought it meant how strong someone was, and that to me was always physical. Years later power to me doesn’t just boil down to muscles, haha

I went through a huge funk this past year, and it allowed me to get back in touch with me. My passions, who I am, and what I love. Growing up I loved to read and write. I was super late in the game reading Girl Boss about 8 months ago, but let me tell you I’ve re-read it a thousand times; even just small excerpts to remind myself to never give up during those times when my overthinking brain screamed louder than my open heart.

Luckily I’ve been anything but negative lately, something has come over me and it feels so amazing! I picked up “Power of Broke” by Daymond John ( for those of you who don’t know Daymond he is the “people’s shark” from ABC’s Shark Tank).

To me, Daymond isn’t just the “people’s shark.” I remember growing up my older sister would rock FUBU and whenever she’d sleep out at a friends house I would steal her clothes and wear them…growing up with sisters man haha

So Daymond has always been a HUGE inspiration for me, mostly because of the fact that I could relate to him 100%. I remember years ago I was reading an article about him and his journey, and the one point that’s always stuck with me was his ability to build a brand out of his house-sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor right nearby some clothes he had to ship out.

This image never left my head. I’ve received handfuls of advice about entrepreneurship from plenty of experienced people, bitter people, and helpful ones; but I’ve always felt they’ve never been delt my cards, felt my footsteps. And man when I tell you, Daymonds book is speaking levels. I’ve screamed YASSSS outloud so many times, and smiled twice as much.
I am the Power of Broke. Since day 1 nothing, ever has been handed to me. This is 100% the reason why success never came easy. I’ve always been lazy with excuses and doubts; telling myself nothing could ever happen for me. I’ve never felt things were in reach, or even at the end of the tunnel for that matter. This was until I became a mom. At first I let life beat me up a little, then I grabbed the gloves. Now I am hungry.

Never in my life have I ever felt so powerful, and a huge reason for this is because of the push. I’ve been pushing out of my comfort zone, and having faith in prayer. But guys, prayer is only so powerful ’til backed with action.

I’m on my way to a meeting that will push something I’ve been working on, and I can’t wait to share with you all. Reading to me, alters reality for me, well actually it puts reality back into perspective. Hearing multiple success stories has overwhelmed me with faith.

I want to thank you Daymond for your down-to-earth real advice. It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear reassuring words from someone who never let money change him. Just know you pulled me out of a depression-you gave no false hope, just reality. So I thank you. You hit it right on the head when you described the power I hold as an individual in my circumstances. The power of positivity is really what this generation needs.

If you guys haven’t had the chance to read, and you’re one of those who have been in a rut lately; he got you!

And in honor of power, you all know Red is the perfect symbolic color! I chose to mix pink and powerful. Pink was a huge theme of my first collection I dropped; then I snatched it back. I wasn’t ready, but now more than ever I feel so powerful. Ladies don’t be scared to colorblock-although James wasn’t feelin’ this look at first, he came around haha

Saturday Blues 

It’s been a long summer for me. I’m just now hitting 7.5 weeks post-op from my hernia surgery and lawddddd what a recovery. As always recommended please do your research before you agree to procedures! No complaints here-but I thought I’d bounce-back quicker!

And summertime is all about feeling comfortable, cooling down, and making memories. So I finally decided to throw on a bathing suit I’ve had for months
I love the denim-on-denim, since childhood so let me tell you-it will always be my go-to!

It took a lot for me to post these photos of my stomach, because I’m not fully healed, and I never expose it! But hey, beauty is skin deep guys, better to be natural and embrace your flaws then to be like the rest of ’em- photoshopped.  My goal is to actually get to the beach before I start classes! I hope you’re all enjoying the last of your summer, I’ll keep this short and sweet! 

Love who you are, fix things you want to improve, but realize you’re more than what you look like. It’s hard to feel comfortable with my stomach showing because it’s been my biggest weakness for years. But I’m working on it, and for now I realize I’ve held two huge and beautiful baby girls in this body, and I have the best man who loves me for me. I’m happy and healthy and that’s what counts. I remind myself of all of these blessings every single day, and this has helped me move past my looks and towards my goals! 


Falling into place! #MyconfidenceMonday

Hey everyone! I’ve been completely M.I.A. and I apologize! We’ve been moving and dealing with endless amounts of snow,(as you all know), so I’ve taken another step back to focus on family life.

However, I most recently enrolled back into school and am working on using my Psych degree to continue to inspire people! I have been working on numerous modeling projects in order to include my #Breakteeth campaign to reach out to a bigger crowd!

For so so long I began to panic about how all of my passions would be intertwined, and I feel that now I found a happy medium. I will be using my Psych experience to work with fellow models in order to hear them out on what in their lives they would like to improve on; in order for them to reach their ultimate happiness, without having to lose self respect & take their clothes off. I aspire to inspire those around me. I fell out of touch with my modeling agency for awhile, until realizing to never give up on what I worked for. Would I want Avynn to give up? 

So I took the step to commit to becoming the creative director/shoot stylist for my agency. I want to continue to go to school, broadcast my small campaign, and continue modeling as I wanted to since 10 years old!

Before Avynn was born I wanted to become a teacher, to make a difference. Well, children are expensive, and i’d rather “work” all my life while incorporating my passion! My #Breakteeth beanies are almost in, and I can’t wait to show you guys ways to “spring-ify” them! 😀 

break em

#breakteeth 10 tags.

Hey everyone! So recently i’ve seen such a positive increase of energy surrounding us. I was pleased to see something new trending called the “20 beautiful women” challenge. I am glad this surfaced because this is the closest thing in comparison that is relatable to my #breakteeth campaign. What an amazing way to spread confidence right? The #20beautifulwomen spread pretty quickly,mostly because of word-of-mouth. I am not sure if you’ve kept up with each and every one of my posts thus far, but my most recent one was titled “SAT-UNDAY.” I explained here that each Saturday and Sunday I aimed to spread my #breakteeth campaign in different ways, in order for us to see how many states we can get to participate. 

I’ve been in a crazy point in my lifestyle where i’ve been working a lot and trying to get back into school, and even trying to do small modeling jobs on the side. I guess you can call it “stuck,” or a small “funk.” I allowed myself to step back from spreading #breakteeth, and that was a mistake (although a bunch of you have still been hashtagging selfies) 😉

I was recently approached by someone who gave me a small business opportunity to work for his website as a writer/blogger. He told me he read all of my #breakteeth articles and he wanted someone with my mindset towards my campaign to help bring my voice to his company. I was absolutely stunned, and humbled. Tonight I completed my first post for his company and it opened my eyes to the fact that I needed to hop back into my campaign. I’ve missed you guys, and all of the constant feedback.

I will be picking up my #breakteeth beanies so soon and they will be available for sale! (thank god beanies still look cute in the spring time) haha!

I am especially happy to post today because we have all referred to Wednesday’s as our “woman crush Wednesday” and this is from where I was inspired. All of you women have inspired me in one way or another. So today I made a promise to get back into what I love. 

I want to ask all of you readers to please re-read my “Satunday” post. I hope to inspire all of you to partake in Satunday this weekend. Just as you chose 20 beautiful women to tag to remind them of their beauty,I hope to have you use that same concept with my #breakteeth . “B-R-E-A-K-T-E-E-T-H” There are 10 letters in my hashtag, so tag 10 people who you think struggle with breaking teeth. Do they struggle with their confidence? Do not realize how much they are appreciated? Remind them that you want to see them happy, that you want to see them #breakteeth. 

This weekend I send out my first #breakteeth gift. I am spreading awareness to a randomly selected person. If you know what makes a person #breakteeth , then why not pay it forward and make them #breakteeth by showing them that you are aware? I aim to continue to spread. As I said in my Satunday post, I want to see how many states we can reach out to. Do you have a friend or family member in a different state that you think has trouble with their confidence? Are they in a funk? Do they forget how special they are sometimes? What is so crazy to me is our forgetfulness. We as a generation are so selfish with our feelings, and so worried about our own emotions and we do everything to force others to focus on our needs, and our emotions. It’s so hard for us to be the one to “text first”, “call first.” Who sends out cards in the mail anymore? Who calls old friends to check in? I’m guilty of saying no to these. I know I lack this. When is the last time you paid something forward? Sent something to someone, said something to someone; just because. Our society has lacked peace, because we all expect it, without earning and working for it.

Satunday for me is the start for #breakteeth to actually take off. The weekend is when most people have “free time” right? So why not remind someone of their beauty? Pay someone forward with something they love, something that makes them #breakteeth. I want to see your dedication to that. Let’s not just focus on ourselves breaking teeth, but as you #breakteeth , pass that smile on.

Saturday and Sunday are the 2 days that I aim to focus on #breakteeth. “SATUNDAY”. Confidence should outshine every day of the week, but spread and shared on Saturday and Sunday. At least these days will allow me somewhere to begin. 

So choose 10 people. Tag them. Share your positive opinions with them. Write them something. Send them something. Pay it forward. Spread a smile. Share a story. Pick the furthest friend/family member. Choose another state. Break their teeth. What makes you #breakteeth? Pizza? working out? your significant other? a favorite clothing item? hashtag what makes you #breakteeth, hashtag who makes you #breakteeth. Encourage yourself to remind them, and to remind yourself. Because we are all beautiful. 

Since day 1 I’ve been trying to discover through struggles, mistakes, and accomplishments who I actually want to be. What do I want to do? Where do I see myself? And at this point something that hasn’t changed is that I’ve always wanted to inspire, whether or not one day I will still model or be a mother with a degree. So I will not stop. And that makes me #breakteeth

You are all my woman crushes. Thank you for the continued inspiration!



I most recently began reflecting on my last nearly 2 years since becoming a mother. My first response from my midwife after finding out about my postpartum/shock depression was that I should be embracing activities and goals that will highlight my confidence. I needed to get back to my old mind frame. Not fully of course, we would never want to go back in time, especially after so much progress and strength came upon me during pregnancy. She wanted me to remember that I held the same soul I have always, just a stronger, older, more experienced one. Pregnancy for me hit me hard. I had so much support, and because of it, I went day by day smiling, while still scared to see each next day. After the advice from my midwife I decided to get back into modeling again. It was my dream since I was 10 years old. But what did it take? confidence. Models every single day radiated confidence, whether or not they were great at shielding their insecurities or not. All I knew, was I did not have much of it. I was confident in certain areas. I was confident about my progress, confident about who I was as a person, but I lacked so much confidence when it came to the physical. Transforming my entire body was the most incredible experience. But after my Avynn came along, it was time for me to transform back, but better. I set more goals, I tried to reach them, set more, and continued to try.

2014 was the year of the booty. Who doesn’t love booty? But that’s just an asset right? 😉 

For years and years, generations after the next, dating back until forever, a woman’s body and the word “sexy” came hand in hand. When girls became women, how exciting right? Boobs overnight! Then came birth control, and women everywhere lusting for attention, physically, and emotionally. Women were expected to embrace makeup and tight clothing. Boys used to hold doors, and pass notes. Now boys turned to men, and notes turned to “sexts.” That’s what they’re called right? haha. “Nudes.”  As years have continued, whom young girls looked to as role models went from family members, and maybe “Lizzie Maguire” to now popular celebrities. It’s how society works right? Of course, and we are all stuck within the grasp. However, personally I feel as if young girls are aging quicker, we know alllll about our generations baby boom of course, babies having babies right? Well these 12 year olds aren’t going to theaters every weekend anymore, they’re having sleepovers posting sexies. They’re in Ulta buying more lip liner. I am no hypocrite. I as well as many women in my generation will find celebrities almost sacred. I am inspired by Beyonce, and she could give a shit about who Kasha Carvalho is? We are all human though. Many celebrities inspire young women, and men to be themselves, while others flaunt their luxury, and “purchased features” allowing young women and girls to feel that their natural looks are not worthy. We all live in it, so I am sure we all see it. My thoughts are not to change the world over night, but to just put a reminder in each one of your back-brains! Embracing something you find attractive about a person, there’s nothing wrong with that; as long as you truly don’t feel that you NEED to change. 

In 2014 I witnessed multiple women embracing a new workout schedule. This was great. Women everywhere decided to change their diets and lifestyles, to become a better version of themselves. It was almost like a fad right? All the while that was happening, we all witnessed mothers, sisters, school mates, neighbors, posting their “sexual” confidence on the internet. It was okay right? Celebrities did it. Models did it. I did it.  Nothing about this is hypocritical, but a lesson. When I first gained confidence to get in front of a camera again, I saw my photos and it was a natural high. “That was me?!” Having the father of my daughter tell me that I was more beautiful now than he had ever seen me before really touched me. It was because he felt my confidence radiate. He reassured me that my scars, stretch marks; the entire experience was beautiful. Outsiders, acquaintances, friends, and family were all complimenting me on how strong I was; how beautiful. I was proud.

I soon realized that attention wasn’t drive. You don’t reach your dreams and goals by gaining attention. Whether the attention was positive or negative, that doesn’t move you closer to anything. They said “haters are motivators,” No. Why try to go through life proving anything to someone other than yourself? Attention comes and goes. That is not what I live for. I wanted more. I have strived to inspire women. I would not reach my goal of being an inspiration to others if I was letting others down; letting myself down. I talked to an old friend whom gave me his opinion about modeling in general and that embracing confidence doesn’t mean to prove down to your bare that you feel proud. Models are known for attention, and I wanted mine to be inspirational attention. Attention that would make a change. I had to stop letting my progresses outshine in a manner that was not tasteful to everyone. We should never aim to please others, but my goals are to inspire. I began to think and one night I brainstormed “4O1 fierce.” This networking website where I would have a bloglike webpage that kept my information personal so that readers everywhere could feel comfortable with me. Get to know that I am a down-to-earth person striving to make changes. I come from the smallest state, but sometimes I feel as if my mind and heart could explode from the ocean state. I was bigger than just taking images for self loathing. It was time to put more heart into what I strive to pursue as a career. 

It was time to meet myself again. Who had I become? Was I truly proud? 

I took baby steps next, with a small self portrait series. I began photographing myself, still being sexy, but instead of sexual, I wanted art. I wanted women to look at the photo and think, wow that’s beautiful vs. “wow she’s a mom, that’s disgusting”

Sexuality can go far if you embrace self-respect. That was my first goal. Post one more “ass shot” of 2014, see the reactions, see the “un-follows” then begin a new process. 

My process was to break the internet. But not just dent it like Kim’s ass, actually make a small difference, whether it was just a simple “wow Kasha this is great!” Think about the amount of exposure we are giving humans that could care less about you. These are not people inspiring you to embrace your naturals, they are motivating all to change or follow foot steps. That is not what’s important. Your true self worth is important. You becoming separate from what society molds you to. We are in the kiln becoming small sculptures. We should all slowly break out. Positive attention for something you naturally embrace without the need to compare or put another person down, is key.

Sometimes a simple compliment can become a strive of determination. I came across a magazine issue that embraced a woman in her skin, but nothing like what the internet, and “snapchat” sees daily. 

I began to re-ask myself, chop your head off, what is your favorite feature? Then I said, NO, confidence is never and should never only be physical. So I asked again, what do you love about you? What are you proud of? Close your eyes. You have no body, you are a soul. We forget that. This generation forgets that. Celebrities forget that. Society forgets that. We are souls. Unique souls.

So what was I most confident about? becoming a mother. How strange right? Well, instantly a smile came to my face. I then realized. I love to smile. I smile when I am happy, when I am confident. WE ALL DO. A smile was the first thing that I found attractive about my daughters father, my boyfriend. The first thing that made me fall in love; the way he could make me smile, in any condition. Witnessing my daughters first smile; that was the biggest boost of confidence I had experienced.

Smiles are so contagious. Nudes can spread fast, and today they spread faster than a smile. That is sad. This can’t continue. I can’t change the world, but I can change mine. 

Embracing our bodies can definitely be sexy, but think about it. It is so easy to drop our clothing. It is so hard for others to drop a smile to one another today. There is more bullying than anything. More hate crime, and internet bullying, daily. We can take a sexy selfie and exploit our bodies in 1 photo. Then the photo posts, everyone sees the one image, the one way our body looks. We won’t post our bodies until we are “confident enough”, like what, after a workout or after a shower. But how many different ways can we smile? SO many. Our bodies are unique to us, but after our sacred goodies are revealed, then what? Who are they sacred to? Our smiles like our bodies always change. But our smile is ours to keep forever, and that is never negative. From birth we have smiled through gums, til our death when we smile with gums til the end. In between, we smirk, chuckle, laugh, and grin. Like our bodies, our smiles are unique, but will never be known to attract negative confidence; except when others become envious of our happiness. But if we all smile,we all embrace happiness. Becoming a mother made me smile. Posting assets wouldn’t make my daughter smile. We can be confident, we can flaunt, and we can be proud, but only if for the right reasons. Only if you truly feel that who you are is who you want to be. 

I am proud of who I am because I will strive to transform our ideas of sexy. A sexy selfie can not compare to your sexiest smile! It’s sad but so true that we all, men and women highlight our bodies, and other’s bodies, based on their “sexual” features. I feel that the most confident women embrace their smile.

Let’s break the internet with our teeth.

As much as we embrace the boobies, and the booty, let’s all remember that about 60% of people who cover their mouths while they chuckle, hold an insecurity. No one is perfect, but a smile is contagious, so let’s #breakteeth ladies! Boys may fall in love with bodies, but the classic man will always fall for a smile. Ask your partner their top 5 favorite things about you. Guaranteed your smile will be one of them! The majority of women today bully other women, just because woman wants to impress the man. Let’s impress ourselves. Let’s impress our families;our children.Then we can impress each other.

 Think again about how easy it is to take your clothes off, and how hard it is to smile through hard times. Are you comfortable in your own skin? Now what about your smile? Crooked, gapped, straight, and all; each smile is unique. 

Each day is a new way to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Remember who you truly are, because sometimes this crazy world leads us otherwise. Anti-bullying  stops when we all become confident in something other than the confidence to put others down. Remember, no one can put you down if you know who you truly are; if you embody your true confidence. 

I hope my smile is contagious 😉

Let’s #breakteeth

Show me how you #breakteeth


What can people expect to see from you in the future?

In the near future I hope to continue to build my portfolio! 2015 will be a huge comeback for me! It is a chance to prove to myself all over again that I can keep checking goals off of my dream list. Until my dreams become reality, I can’t give up. I am working on many projects currently to increase my exposure, because word of mouth is an amazing concept. I want to reach out to as many individuals as possible, to release my message. I hope my message shouts “WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL, WE ARE ALL STRONG, WE ARE ALL UNIQUE” I am working on personalizing my career. Too many people outside of the industry and many people inside the industry feel modeling careers strive for attention, and most times negative attention all for the wrong reasons, I aim to change that assumption. I aim to prove that in some cases, like mine, I strive to inspire. I want to be more approachable. I want people to know my story, hear my story. I want to be relatable, I want to be your inspiration, I want to help generations grow. I want to see change! Through whatever dreams someone may have whatever goals they may strive for; I want to be the voice and help people push through their hard times in order to help them reach their ultimate happiness, to become confident. So welcome to …..#4O1FIERCE -> My networking site which will combine all of my social media accounts, with constant updates and the ability to connect with me, because “who uses Facebook anyways?” haha, My site will be proof that sometimes the fiercest dream comes from the smallest state. STAY TUNED y’all xo!


A toast to new beginnings!