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Growing up whenever I would hear the word power/powerful I always thought it meant how strong someone was, and that to me was always physical. Years later power to me doesn’t just boil down to muscles, haha

I went through a huge funk this past year, and it allowed me to get back in touch with me. My passions, who I am, and what I love. Growing up I loved to read and write. I was super late in the game reading Girl Boss about 8 months ago, but let me tell you I’ve re-read it a thousand times; even just small excerpts to remind myself to never give up during those times when my overthinking brain screamed louder than my open heart.

Luckily I’ve been anything but negative lately, something has come over me and it feels so amazing! I picked up “Power of Broke” by Daymond John ( for those of you who don’t know Daymond he is the “people’s shark” from ABC’s Shark Tank).

To me, Daymond isn’t just the “people’s shark.” I remember growing up my older sister would rock FUBU and whenever she’d sleep out at a friends house I would steal her clothes and wear them…growing up with sisters man haha

So Daymond has always been a HUGE inspiration for me, mostly because of the fact that I could relate to him 100%. I remember years ago I was reading an article about him and his journey, and the one point that’s always stuck with me was his ability to build a brand out of his house-sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor right nearby some clothes he had to ship out.

This image never left my head. I’ve received handfuls of advice about entrepreneurship from plenty of experienced people, bitter people, and helpful ones; but I’ve always felt they’ve never been delt my cards, felt my footsteps. And man when I tell you, Daymonds book is speaking levels. I’ve screamed YASSSS outloud so many times, and smiled twice as much.
I am the Power of Broke. Since day 1 nothing, ever has been handed to me. This is 100% the reason why success never came easy. I’ve always been lazy with excuses and doubts; telling myself nothing could ever happen for me. I’ve never felt things were in reach, or even at the end of the tunnel for that matter. This was until I became a mom. At first I let life beat me up a little, then I grabbed the gloves. Now I am hungry.

Never in my life have I ever felt so powerful, and a huge reason for this is because of the push. I’ve been pushing out of my comfort zone, and having faith in prayer. But guys, prayer is only so powerful ’til backed with action.

I’m on my way to a meeting that will push something I’ve been working on, and I can’t wait to share with you all. Reading to me, alters reality for me, well actually it puts reality back into perspective. Hearing multiple success stories has overwhelmed me with faith.

I want to thank you Daymond for your down-to-earth real advice. It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear reassuring words from someone who never let money change him. Just know you pulled me out of a depression-you gave no false hope, just reality. So I thank you. You hit it right on the head when you described the power I hold as an individual in my circumstances. The power of positivity is really what this generation needs.

If you guys haven’t had the chance to read, and you’re one of those who have been in a rut lately; he got you!

And in honor of power, you all know Red is the perfect symbolic color! I chose to mix pink and powerful. Pink was a huge theme of my first collection I dropped; then I snatched it back. I wasn’t ready, but now more than ever I feel so powerful. Ladies don’t be scared to colorblock-although James wasn’t feelin’ this look at first, he came around haha

Scattered thoughts. But I am me.

I’ve slowly but surely distanced myself from my “dream world,” I used to spend every single day planning a shoot, attending a shoot, or styling for one. There were times I felt the most confident I’ve ever felt, and more times contemplating ways to better myself in order to ease the pressure of confidence, and settle into who I am and who I was becoming. There were so many people contacting me sharing that my 4o1 fierce site was entertaining, and they loved my “voice.”

I have loved to write since I can remember. It was obviously required throughout grade school, but I loved my English homework. My journalism homework; reading a book after homework. I remember so clearly going to Florida when I was about 9 years old. I brought a little journal with me for all of the Disney characters to sign in. Except, I opened it on the plane ride there. I began to vent to my journal about how scared I was to fly.

This memory so little to me became so significant to me just last week. James and I took a flight to Florida. We had a full flight, and we boarded last because we didn’t bring Avynn with us (for specific reasons). We sat in the back row of the plane right in front of the bathroom (yuck!). However, rising above the clouds always intrigued me and at almost 24 years old, I was still amazed being above something so incredible. My “routine” that I left miles and miles below the clouds. It opened my eyes completely. We pushed through some storm clouds and turbulence, all to coast through sunny, relaxed skies. All while experiencing this I realized in my head I was talking myself through the journey. Flying always made me nervous, because come on, look at the world we live in today! But at the moment I was coaching myself through it. Not with a pen in my hand, but a thought in my head. Keeping a journal and venting to a diary was always a first comfort for me. Realizing that I was now old enough to cling to James was not the only way I found comfort in my flight. Being miles and miles away from a life that I have reflected on for months-was something I really needed.

Back in Rhode Island I was going through an identity crisis. Spending 10 months sharing my body with another human being was enough to bless me for the rest of my life. It blessed my brain, and my every thought. I began reflecting too much on what I went through and this began weakening me. With words from outsiders, opinions, and financial struggle; I began to break down. Think about how much we as individuals judge ourselves. Our solution to this is either maintaining a mindset of “I don’t care what anyone thinks or says,” constantly beating ourselves up over it, or making goals to fix it. For me, I could not find peace with any option. It was all because I realized in only a quick 2 years that I’ve birthed another human, I have been re-thinking, re-tracing my every move. I now have someone who is allowed to judge me, who I am allowed to change for. I am now who she looks to.

That was enough pressure to give me a breakdown. It happened. I began to make changes to allow peace in my life.

No one is perfect, but not a lot of people can accept and admit when they fail. It wasn’t until a grown man, and someone who I very well respect, sent me an email informing me of how he and some of his co-workers enjoyed my passion for women/feminism. Little boosts from outsiders does not fuel my confidence, but instead fuels my drive to inspire. With my #breakteeth campaign my goal was to inspire those and remind those of acceptance. Who we are is slowing becoming “who we were.” Not many stay true to themselves anymore. Social media, entertainment, and society sucked all “naturals” away. Living in a lifestyle that is so close to the “real world” has made me really think; and really #Breakteeth.

My trip allowed me to spend time with my father, and hash out my childhood to make peace. My road trip home showed me trees so big; I felt so small. I felt so humble, so down-to-earth, so in touch with myself. When James and I drove through Jacksonville, we gave a meal to a homeless man who responded to us with “Jesus loves you.” Something sounding so small became so big. The homeless population always incorporates mixed emotions from the world. Some say they chose the life, some say they deserve it;others “feel bad.” Just the quick stop with this man made me think about how small my problems really are. All things I thought were crumbling from my fingers, could always be grasped, and re-built. All things that have passed me, are not for me. We have full control. I have full control. My dreams could have been reachable through my “what ifs.” But we are here today, breathing, moving, while the world spins. I can’t control what is gone, but what is left. I have had dark thoughts, and ones so bright I felt as though I was blind from the weight of my own goals.

I gave up on things I’ve once felt were so near, and now that I fell off of the ladder, I have learned to build new steps instead. Wooden ones. They will get wet and get weak. They will creak and splinter, but wood is natural, and ladders are man-made.

I have committed to filming for a very big network, and my trial is in just a short 3 weeks. I will then be re-building my portfolio with the objective of embracing what it feels to be a woman. I will actively be using my 4O1 Fierce as an outlet for all of my social media accounts.

#Breakteeth for me has just evolved. It’s not just about trying to remind women of their beauty, remind them of the goods. Sometimes we work best under pressure. For me, I do not. I do not work well when stressed. But what I can admit is that there is beauty in the break down. If you have to break down first to build yourself back up, and you realize your journey; you are already winning. Break down to then show teeth. Go through the lowest, just to smile when you’re way up.

I hope to encourage someone, anyone out there to push, climb, and build. We are so so tiny in a huge harsh world. Fulfill your passions, and even if you break down, #breakteeth


Falling into place! #MyconfidenceMonday

Hey everyone! I’ve been completely M.I.A. and I apologize! We’ve been moving and dealing with endless amounts of snow,(as you all know), so I’ve taken another step back to focus on family life.

However, I most recently enrolled back into school and am working on using my Psych degree to continue to inspire people! I have been working on numerous modeling projects in order to include my #Breakteeth campaign to reach out to a bigger crowd!

For so so long I began to panic about how all of my passions would be intertwined, and I feel that now I found a happy medium. I will be using my Psych experience to work with fellow models in order to hear them out on what in their lives they would like to improve on; in order for them to reach their ultimate happiness, without having to lose self respect & take their clothes off. I aspire to inspire those around me. I fell out of touch with my modeling agency for awhile, until realizing to never give up on what I worked for. Would I want Avynn to give up? 

So I took the step to commit to becoming the creative director/shoot stylist for my agency. I want to continue to go to school, broadcast my small campaign, and continue modeling as I wanted to since 10 years old!

Before Avynn was born I wanted to become a teacher, to make a difference. Well, children are expensive, and i’d rather “work” all my life while incorporating my passion! My #Breakteeth beanies are almost in, and I can’t wait to show you guys ways to “spring-ify” them! 😀 

break em

#breakteeth 10 tags.

Hey everyone! So recently i’ve seen such a positive increase of energy surrounding us. I was pleased to see something new trending called the “20 beautiful women” challenge. I am glad this surfaced because this is the closest thing in comparison that is relatable to my #breakteeth campaign. What an amazing way to spread confidence right? The #20beautifulwomen spread pretty quickly,mostly because of word-of-mouth. I am not sure if you’ve kept up with each and every one of my posts thus far, but my most recent one was titled “SAT-UNDAY.” I explained here that each Saturday and Sunday I aimed to spread my #breakteeth campaign in different ways, in order for us to see how many states we can get to participate. 

I’ve been in a crazy point in my lifestyle where i’ve been working a lot and trying to get back into school, and even trying to do small modeling jobs on the side. I guess you can call it “stuck,” or a small “funk.” I allowed myself to step back from spreading #breakteeth, and that was a mistake (although a bunch of you have still been hashtagging selfies) 😉

I was recently approached by someone who gave me a small business opportunity to work for his website as a writer/blogger. He told me he read all of my #breakteeth articles and he wanted someone with my mindset towards my campaign to help bring my voice to his company. I was absolutely stunned, and humbled. Tonight I completed my first post for his company and it opened my eyes to the fact that I needed to hop back into my campaign. I’ve missed you guys, and all of the constant feedback.

I will be picking up my #breakteeth beanies so soon and they will be available for sale! (thank god beanies still look cute in the spring time) haha!

I am especially happy to post today because we have all referred to Wednesday’s as our “woman crush Wednesday” and this is from where I was inspired. All of you women have inspired me in one way or another. So today I made a promise to get back into what I love. 

I want to ask all of you readers to please re-read my “Satunday” post. I hope to inspire all of you to partake in Satunday this weekend. Just as you chose 20 beautiful women to tag to remind them of their beauty,I hope to have you use that same concept with my #breakteeth . “B-R-E-A-K-T-E-E-T-H” There are 10 letters in my hashtag, so tag 10 people who you think struggle with breaking teeth. Do they struggle with their confidence? Do not realize how much they are appreciated? Remind them that you want to see them happy, that you want to see them #breakteeth. 

This weekend I send out my first #breakteeth gift. I am spreading awareness to a randomly selected person. If you know what makes a person #breakteeth , then why not pay it forward and make them #breakteeth by showing them that you are aware? I aim to continue to spread. As I said in my Satunday post, I want to see how many states we can reach out to. Do you have a friend or family member in a different state that you think has trouble with their confidence? Are they in a funk? Do they forget how special they are sometimes? What is so crazy to me is our forgetfulness. We as a generation are so selfish with our feelings, and so worried about our own emotions and we do everything to force others to focus on our needs, and our emotions. It’s so hard for us to be the one to “text first”, “call first.” Who sends out cards in the mail anymore? Who calls old friends to check in? I’m guilty of saying no to these. I know I lack this. When is the last time you paid something forward? Sent something to someone, said something to someone; just because. Our society has lacked peace, because we all expect it, without earning and working for it.

Satunday for me is the start for #breakteeth to actually take off. The weekend is when most people have “free time” right? So why not remind someone of their beauty? Pay someone forward with something they love, something that makes them #breakteeth. I want to see your dedication to that. Let’s not just focus on ourselves breaking teeth, but as you #breakteeth , pass that smile on.

Saturday and Sunday are the 2 days that I aim to focus on #breakteeth. “SATUNDAY”. Confidence should outshine every day of the week, but spread and shared on Saturday and Sunday. At least these days will allow me somewhere to begin. 

So choose 10 people. Tag them. Share your positive opinions with them. Write them something. Send them something. Pay it forward. Spread a smile. Share a story. Pick the furthest friend/family member. Choose another state. Break their teeth. What makes you #breakteeth? Pizza? working out? your significant other? a favorite clothing item? hashtag what makes you #breakteeth, hashtag who makes you #breakteeth. Encourage yourself to remind them, and to remind yourself. Because we are all beautiful. 

Since day 1 I’ve been trying to discover through struggles, mistakes, and accomplishments who I actually want to be. What do I want to do? Where do I see myself? And at this point something that hasn’t changed is that I’ve always wanted to inspire, whether or not one day I will still model or be a mother with a degree. So I will not stop. And that makes me #breakteeth

You are all my woman crushes. Thank you for the continued inspiration!


Share and spread Satunday :D

Hey everyone! it’s been wayyy too long, I know. I have been focusing on working a ton and trying to get back into the school year-gear. I feel fixing things that I’ve wanted to work on is what’s best before I can focus completely on helping inspire others. I can’t make others happy until I am fully happy as well. 

I am putting in my order this week for my #breakteeth beanies! They will be up for sale, and for $9.99. I am using all funds to pay WordPress the annual fee, to upgrade my account in order to post videos, which will help broadcast my campaign! 

It has been almost 1 month since I introduced the “internet” to #breakteeth. I have gotten messages, comments, and even questions in person about what exactly #breakteeth is all about, and what I plan to do with it. 

Happy 3rd #breakteeth Saturday! I want to touch on a few topics tonight. First on sharing. We all learned this concept in Elementary school, even earlier, when our parents and elders informed us that “sharing is caring.” We all used to have a tough time with it right? Even now I have a tough time sharing my clothing ;).  But isn’t this my focus? Sharing my hashtag, so that you all can share it with your friends and family? Sharing turns to spreading. Spreading this hashtag as far as possible has been my goal entirely. 

Sharing has been a concept that many of us chose to embody differently as we’ve grown. Some people choose to share way too much information, especially personal information on the internet, while others choose to spread their opinions on why those people shouldn’t have posted that “nonsense.”  But what is more important than the internet guys? REALITY. Some people forget that the internet is purely an outlet. A social one. This is where we share photos, interests, opinions, etc. And what happened when we were young and didn’t want to share? We bullied. We tugged our toys away and said we didn’t want to share, that was “my toy.” Today it has turned to us bullying over the internet because the things we have chosen to share have become much more than fighting over a toy; people don’t like what other people choose to share. The internet keeps spreading hate, actually, no…we are using the internet to spread hate. And as I said, this goes beyond the internet, and into reality. 

Do me a favor. If you haven’t participated at all in my campaign because hmm, maybe you’ve felt like you couldn’t relate, or maybe you’ve been unsure of the motive, at least partake in this task I share with you. The next time you leave your house, whether you go to class, to work, or even to the grocery store, #BREAKTEETH. You don’t have to post a “selfie” or inbox me your smile. I have had over 30 people share their teeth with me already. I want you to #breakteeth to experience what I am seeing. How the world has transformed. How the internet has broken reality. #Breakteeth at a stranger, and watch what happens. I have found that weirdly, I am always smiling, especially in public, and at my job. I have had customers say to me “You must love your job, keep smiling” “Do you ever stop smiling?” etc. These were all comments this past month; which has been the biggest influence on this post tonight. 

The customers at my job are completely diverse, especially in age. Of all of these people whom I smile at daily, I receive such rare results when I #Breakteeth. The world has gone angry. Half of the people walk with their heads down, staring into their cell-screens, rather than the eyes of a stranger. It screams one word at me, uncomfortable. People have become uncomfortable with others, mostly because they are not comfortable or satisfied with themselves. It’s so sad that we can’t exchange smiles anymore. We don’t share smiles. We don’t spread smiles. So to everyone who has felt they could not relate to my campaign, please take the time to smile at, at least 3 strangers this week, maybe 5. Only a few smile back. I’ve noticed especially our generation were the ones who did not smile back, maybe an awkward smirk, then looked down into their phones again.

Let’s share a smile and see if it can spread. We can #breakteeth on the internet, but what is more important is making sure we are comfortable with sharing our smile in public. How can we be fully confident if we shut ourselves out from the world? We sit here and notice when the Kardashians post a new trendy selfie, or “omg she got a boobjob”, but when is the last time you sat outside, looked up to the clouds and realized they are moving so slowly, as we sit still shutting ourselves out from reality. And shutting ourselves out starts with keeping our smiles shutdown. That’s the one way we keep to ourselves. Staying serious, not sharing that smile.

And now it’s time to spread. What should be important to all of us as humans is to help one another. To give back, or to inspire another person is the most rewarding feeling, which so many of you have already allowed me to experience. The next task is to spread, along with spreading #breakteeth , spread some inspiration. Do you know someone who struggles with self image issues? depression? self infliction? Especially spread awareness to them. Share the hashtag, share my article link, spread the word that they are beautiful, unique. To those of you who have already helped spread the hashtag, please continue. To those of you who haven’t, spread your smile in public, try the task. Give me feedback, then spread the smile, break the internet; #breakteeth. 

If we as individuals take the step to acknowledge someone else’s struggles, and put ours on hold for a minute, that eliminates selfishness. We can self improve, but also encourage others to as well. So those people who you know struggle with themselves, encourage them to #breakteeth. That is the task. Spread the word to another state. Who do you interact with outside of your home town? Friends, family? Let’s see how many states we can spread this month. This is SATUNDAY. Share and Spread Satunday. Each Saturday and Sunday for this next month, make a promise. Share a public smile, then share your experience with us, tell us the story. Hashtag #breakteeth and let’s see how we see reality vs. the internet. Share the hashtag with a friend in the 4O1, but also outside. Have them hashtag their state. Let’s see how quickly we can spread our smiles throughout our country. We started right here in the 4O1, the smallest state, let’s make big things happen. #Breakteeth. Break through each stranger, break through each profile, each social network; FB, Instagram, Twitter. Then break through each state. We are all capable of peace. It starts with realizing smiles are contagious. Smiles can be shared, spread. Let’s stop breaking hearts, breaking skin with razors, breaking down with tears. Let’s continue to break the internet, and #BREAKTEETH. 

Satunday starts today! 😀 

And for all those who want to share privately or ask any questions, etc. Please feel free to send an email to 4O1fierce@gmail.com “O” as in the letter, not zero 😉



I woke up this morning to over 30 posts of women and a few men showing me how they #breakteeth. How ironic that seeing those smiles made me smile. Like I said, smiles are absolutely contagious. I did not specify in my #Breakteeth post how long I would be running this campaign, or “attempting” to run it, I should say. I told myself I would take a HUGE risk of posting the #Breakteeth article, and then take a small ounce of confidence and aim to spread the hashtag, the article, and the smile. It was so crazy that that small ounce of confidence, and that one smile turned into over 35 smiles and a GIANT boost of confidence straight to my heart. I’ve been smiling since posting the article, and that is a true blessing!

Many of your friends and family have asked about #Breakteeth and I wanted to just clarify a few things! I in NO means started this movement to put others down, especially those who may not agree with the words stated in my article! These were not aimed at any specifics, but all generalized, especially towards many factors in this generation. Also, I wanted to share with you all that #Breakteeth is (fingers crossed), not just a one time movement, but I am hoping for the word to spread throughout the entire year. To those who haven’t broken yet, I will get you to break ;).

Share a smile, and it will travel, I promise. It is the magic of our era. word of mouth is my absolute favorite. Kim K’s #breaktheinternet showed us how quickly a photo could take over our internet, it was ALL everyone was talking about, for days, for weeks, for 2014. I am a 23 year old woman, a mother, from the smallest state. I aim to #breakteeth, break the internet, throughout Rhode Island, by showing the internet your teeth;something that holds the most confidence.. this is 4O1fierce. I want Rhode Island to know;first. I want us to break through each state. I have faith in Rhode Island. But ironically, growing up in this state has not been the easiest. I’ve tried to leave the state, and my heart stopped me. I grew up in a few different towns, experiencing different people, and almost identical atmospheres  All showed me no difference, nothing life changing to better myself. A bunch of people surrounded by hatred, and lots of self esteem issues. Me being one of them. I am trying to change that. I am trying fiercely to not allow my boundaries to block my future. This is why I am trying to BREAK. I aim to break teeth through lips. To change my idea of my home. To then change your ideas of your generation. A small step at proving a kind gesture, like a smile will boost your confidence, make someone else smile, make you feel welcoming;then eventually feel welcomed by others. If we are confident in ourselves, our lives, why make someone else feel less confident about them and theirs right? Bullying has spread, it’s always been around, as long as we’ve smiled for. So why can’t we be kind? be confident enough to show others your confidence, it encourages them to be confident. Chain-reaction. 

So there comes #Myconfidencemonday a reason to smile for yourself. This generation wants to feel wanted, in love, regardless of if the other person is deserving. This generation wants to impress, regardless if that means putting others down to feel secure. 

We become blind to our real beauty because we are always comparing, always trying to prove to others that we are secure. We are happy. We have a “#MANCRUSHMONDAY” .And please don’t think I am being hypocritical, I luhhhhh my man crush ;). Just put yourself first is my main point. We have a #Womancrushwednesday as well. I could go on. The point is, we are putting others first, but being blind to our beauty. Or maybe just shielding it, or too scared to say that we feel beautiful.

When Instagram downloaded, the hashtags, like #Mancrushmonday, came from somewhere, from someone who wanted to show that man off right?! Well why can’t we start in the 4O1 with this hashtag? #Breakteeth. #MCM and #WCW became contagious, like all of your smiles. Everyone wants to feel confident. EVERYONE. All races, all genders. EVERYONE.

So welcome back to #Breakteeth and hello #MyconfidenceMonday 

 As I said before, the ones who choose to cover their mouths with their hands, or even smirk through their lips; hold an insecurity. Let’s remember what makes us confident; our smiles. So let’s keep it going y’all! As I watch you #BreakTeeth