Mid-week Metallics

                                Hey hey!! I'm already half way through my second week of classes-so I have bragging rights right now haha  Wednesday's have always been my favorite day of the week, mid-way through, and something always made me feel so accomplished … Continue reading Mid-week Metallics



Hey guys!!  Just wanted to say wowwwww it's September 1st, and I've never felt happier to feel that breeze outside. Fall is my season, not just because of my birthday (October's very own) haha  I'm heading back-to-class in less than 1 week and it's keeping my spirits high. It's never too late to reach "old-goals" man. … Continue reading Back-to-fall

Olive + Annie 

Hey everyone! I'm sure you've all realized how quickly October flew, and I never have complaints about this; my birthday is October 30th, I'll be the big 2-5!  Of course then comes Halloween, and since I was young it's always been my favorite. Probably because I love to dress up, right? Well holidays are so … Continue reading Olive + Annie 

Monday morning tea time 

Good morning! Only 3 more Monday's til baby Ivory arrives! And being 36 weeks 4 days, I finally just started feeling nauseous again 😳 I was contacted by another tea company and I'm a huge tea and coffee lover, so of course I was excited to try! These teas were sent by Bundle Organics This morning … Continue reading Monday morning tea time