How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

To prepare for a photo shoot, I like to stay very organized! I usually talk to the Hair and makeup artist HMUA, and photographer, as well as anyone else involved to make sure that I have full details on what to expect! I write a list of things I need to bring, and most times I bang out a huge workout the day before to make sure I feel just as great! 😀


If you are interested in my workout plan email me @ to make a request! If enough people are interested I may post it! 

What was going through your mind before you did your first photo shoot?

Once I became a professionally signed model, I was so nervous yet SO excited for my first photo shoot! My mind was all over the place, I was over thinking, practicing, and reassuring myself that I was ready for it! What pushed me to show up was the fact that I finally was given the opportunity to start fresh and build an amazing portfolio, so positive thinking helped me go through with my first shoot!