Mid-week Metallics

                                Hey hey!!
I’m already half way through my second week of classes-so I have bragging rights right now haha 

Wednesday’s have always been my favorite day of the week, mid-way through, and something always made me feel so accomplished waking up Wednesday mornings! Sadly this means September is half way gone, and summer is fading. This is my time for transition outfits: where I take choices and combine seasons. This usually happens in layers- that is why I loooooove Fall; L A Y E R S!!!

A friend of mine who I actually haven’t seen in years reached out to me explaining she just opened her first boutique! I was so excited for her and she sent me some goodies! Because I under went surgery this summer I honestly think I’ve been in a bathing suit maybe 5x. 

She sent me a few 1 pieces, and this one fit best ( although I never show the full details since I refuse to expose my stomach right now). I’ve recently also been rocking a pair of sunnies from her boutique as well, they can be seen on my Instagram in my most recent photos! At @kashaxmarie . 

Anyways, I love that the metallic one piece matched my metallic booties I snagged a few months back from ZARA . 

I feature these in a lot of photos because they remind me of a pair of rose gold metallic flats I had years ago, and I’m so glad my love for futuristic fashion is making a small spot light. 

I wore these to class yesterday and got stopped by so many girls! One told me, “this outfit is confident,” haha

You can find similar booties everywhere like Here …. Here …. Here ( I tried to give you guys some versatility)! 

Denim-on-denim will never stop (forewarning you now), so of course I took advantage of this once again as you can see. I treated the swim suit as a body suit which pictured looks like a bralette. 

You can find her boutique on Instagram at @24kclothing_ ( you will see more from her line on my Instagram)!

Next I wanted to talk about this jacket I’ve showcased a few times! Another friend of mine owns this company Jypsy! I’ve blogged about this brand in the past (I styled a red Adidas Jypsy bomber). 

I’m obsessed with this acid wash “Cotton Candy” jean jacket! I’ve been trying so hard to embrace color in my wardrobe! 

You can find/follow this brand here at @Jypsy.life 

As you can see in this photo 

my hair has some waves; I’ve been mentioning in several posts now that I’ve teamed up full-time with L’Ange Hair <—— that link gives you my insane discount code. I’ve never been the type to obsess over my hair, but it’s been so soft and fluffy! 

Feel free to ask me any questions about our products! To achieve the wavy look above I used the 25mm (1inch) Titanium blush wand! I can give you half off -like I said insaneeeee

I chose to layer my outfit to transition these summer-like pieces. My spray tan has faded, and my metallic sunnies went missing ; but overall this look was comfy and confident haha 


Michelle Chang Moon

Hey guys!! It’s been wayyyy too long! And like the moon, things have been changing over on my end. I’ve been staying super busy, and spending as much time as possible with my baby girls. Family is most important, and I can’t stress that enough! 

I took a little break from writing on my blog, and it feels good to be back! I forgot how much I enjoyed writing, and decided in these next few months I will continue to use this outlet, and include some non-fashion related posts!

However, I wanted to start this weeks post with an amazing piece I received in the mail! This gorgeous crescent moon from Michelle Chang

The phases of the moon symbolize change, and I’ve been reflecting non stop since my 25th. It’s crazy how much changes in a year. 

I’m so obsessed at how dainty this piece is, and it could definitely be layered with another piece! 

She has incredible pieces, and with the holidays right around the corner you have to check out her site for the perfect gift! You can find all of her pieces at Michelle Chang !

Also, use discount code ‘fierce25’ to receive 25% off!! This is an incredible deal!!! 

This necklace is bringing me positive vibes already! Be sure to give her a follow on Instagram as well ➡️ MCJewelry

A huge thank you again, I’m so in love with this piece! I haven’t taken it off. 

Autumn Attire

Plaids, olive, burgundy, and navy’s are always fall favorites, and for me I’ve always loved mustards and tans! I’m so excited that mustard yellow is coming back this fall because I finally got to whip out my favorite faux fur!

I am at 6 1/2 weeks postpartum now and no lie I can squeeze into 3 pairs of my pants, these white ones, a pair of black ones, and 1 pair of lightwash denim. It’s insane how much our bodies transform when we have children-no complaints here! I finally hit my weight goal, and got the approval to get into my workout routine! 

I’m slowly working these “winter white” jeans into my autumn attire. 

James took the day off and we spent an amazing day in Newport, while he snapped photos of me. 

I received this gorgeous gold cuff bracelet from Ona Chan Jewelry and I’m obsessed. Usually because my wrist is tiny I don’t really appreciate bracelets, but this fits like a glove! It’s called her “Dagger Cuff” and it comes in silver and gold. What I fell in love with when Ona contacted me was her ability to create pieces that represent her life. I completely relate to the concept of embracing moments and making something your own. That’s what I’ve aimed to display with creating my blog.

The gold cuff went perfectly with my neutrals and mustard jacket.

Ona has some great pieces, along with a collection ‘Mimi Too Collection’ which will help benefit the Boston Children’s Hospital.

A huge thank you to Ona for sending me this piece! I know it will be a staple in this years wardrobe for me.

Check out her work on Instagram as well ➡️ Ona Chan

Ladies in Lanoosh

It’s officially so so chilly already, so when we received these matching dresses my first thought was layers! Since Avynn was born we’ve always matched, mostly because since James and I were 13 we used to match our outfits in school…people always called us corny haha

Although Ave and I always matched we never had identical clothing until these were sent to us from Lanoosh !

I decided to try and make our outfits more “in season,” by throwing some fringe details together! I also tied the dress up for a tunic-style. 

Other than the fact that I’m already super pale, I wanted to layer the dress with some cut off jeans to stay warm, and add balance to our outfits!

If you haven’t noticed already, I completely chopped my hair! Well not me, but my go-to friend and hair queen Complex Beauty did! We are doing something crazy to my hair right after Halloween and my birthday! 

Avynn was so obsessed with her dress, and we spent James’ day off in Newport. Everyone was driving by and riding their bikes by taking photos of us, they loved the matching outfits!

Pretty soon Ivory will be able to match us too! Check out Lanoosh on Instagram as well!  ➡️ Lanoosh