Comfy cozy with Pink Blush Maternity

Hi guys! As always, it’s been forever- and this is how I always start my blogs haha. I’m 17 weeks pregnant now, and still so exhausted. I feel like it’s because I’m not working out yet this pregnancy. I had a month of scares at the beginning, because working out was too strenuous on my body, and my placenta was super low!

Now what I’m in my second trimester, I have a tiny bit more energy, a little less nausea, and then a lot more time to snuggle with my Ivory since Avynn is well over a month back into school!

Right now I’m in the awkward stage of my pregnancy, where my bump is soooo low and my bloat is allll around! I’ve been in loungewear every day, and baggy jeans when I leave the house. However I received a package from Pink Blush with some goodies and I’ve been obsessed with both. For today’s highlight I’ll just talk about my Pjs I received!

I don’t know about you mamas but I love me some stripes during pregnancy! These grey and white striped Pjs are so soft and comfy! I’ve always loved Pink Blush because their clothing isn’t that boring maternity clothing a ton of women dread!

If the weather was still warm I would wear these shorts with a tank and sneakers!

I also love how the crewneck sweatshirt is versatile as well so I pair this with some mom jeans and Chuck Taylor’s and head to grab my oldest off the bus!

The material is super stretchy so I know the shorts will at least last me through my entire pregnancy in terms of the fit! I may just start showing “under belly,” with the sweatshirt!!

Here’s a link to this outfit! Pjs!

And you can find more intimates here- Intimates!

If you scroll a few years back I teamed up with Pink Blush while pregnant with Ivory, and that’s when I fell in love! Also let me mention their brand doesn’t just offer maternity, but women’s wear, and plus!

You’ll definitely see more to come with me and their brand! I received a really cute top I’ll be shooting next week! If you have any questions about the brand feel free to reach out! You can find their Instagram page here – Pink Blush Maternity , and their Facebook page here- Pink Blush !!

Thank you so much to the team over at Pink Blush Maternity! Your clothing is the perfect transition from early pregnancy, full term, to postpartum!! My post just went live on my Instagram at @kashafierceeee

Xx, 4o1fierce

Time Out

It’s been awhile, as I always say…and this time it was to refresh myself. For months now I’ve been re-finding myself, refining myself. It takes a lot of courage to distance yourself from people you love. It takes strength to sit in solitude, and choose silence instead of stepping forward. There have been so many “tower” moments I’ve faced in this past year. I truly feel like for the past 5-ish years on New Years Eve I was screaming “this is my year,” and then I received a year full of lessons; blessings in disguise.

Six months ago I quit my 9-5, and then hopped on a roller coaster. Every single aspect in my life changed, my family dynamic changed because my husband picked up a second job and started working 7 days a week. My daughter’s school ended, so I had to adjust back into being a stay-at-home mom of 2 again, full days with no “breathing time.” But I felt whole again. With my babies, being creative, and never looking back. A healthy mind was all that I was striving for. Being around the wrong crowd can truly absorb you. I slowly started feeling my energy draining and I began taking a step back from blogging again. Only posting to make some quick money, and losing touch of purpose. I was waiting to start up a new job that would allow me to tap back in to my creative realm, along with continuing to build my brand; and mannnnnnnnn it’s been a long road.

I’ve learned patience, faith, dedication, but more importantly my self worth, and divine timing! As soon as I started feeling re-aligned and back in my power, it seemed as if I faced another tower moment, another hardship, another loss. I had to train my mind to see the good in every scenario.

We live in a time where we are in the habit and routine of waking up and doing what we feel we have to do. I was waking up going to a 9-5 having spurts of good days, and then tedious repetitive days completing tasks to fulfill someone else’ goals/dream. We get so used to living this way in work scenarios, that sometimes we find this pattern spilling into our personal lives. We feel we have to keep toxic company because we are scared to hurt others. We feel we are so busy and drained that we find ourselves canceling plans. And sometimes company isn’t even “toxic,” we just outgrow people, get sick of being engulfed in drama, or really just need a “time out.”

A time out is taking care of your mental. Putting your priorities first. Stop neglecting your health, and happiness because it seems too hard to break your comfortable patterns.

As soon as I stepped back into my power, I found myself feeling tired and sick- all I could think of was something’s gotta give mannnn. I finally feel like i’m on the correct path and boom now I start feeling like garbage. I remember I was at home, alone- getting ready for a photoshoot. I started booking shoots again a few months back to delve into my creative realm again. As I was throwing some makeup on I found myself getting hit with a wave of nausea. NO_WAY. I took a test, and boom- positive.

I didn’t cry this time. The first two children I bawled. This time I sat there, called my sister, called James, and continued to do my makeup. I went to the shoot, I killed it, and then my life changed in the blink of an eye-again.

From what seemed like another tower moment slowly turned into a blessing when I witnessed how happy James was. This time around, I was the nervous one, and he was feeling blessed. I thank god for such a strong partner. As soon as I started putting my faith into God, and flowing day by day my blessings started to scream right in my face: look at my progress. Look at my present. I prayed for this life. I wanted a family of my own. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with James. I wanted this apartment.  I felt as if my heart opened up. I suddenly felt overjoyed. This wasn’t how things were planned, but God has plans. I’m here to remind you all that each day that we are able to breath-we are blessed. And that is enough. It’s not about the money, or the materials- it never was to me.

This year has given me a lot of lessons, and I really would have never been able to keep raising my vibration unless I experienced every.single.moment.

I am reminding you all to take that time out. Take that leap of faith. Don’t stay in that toxic relationship/friendship. Start that “idea.” Reach out to old friends. Forgive. Love. Be KIND. We all have battles. We are all one, experiencing this journey in our own way. So take a TIME OUT. Cancel plans, but only if your body/mind needs it. GO meet with that friend, because if your cup is full, help fill theirs when they need it.

We are about 3 months closer to a brand new year, and I’m feeling so powerful, inspired, and strong. We are welcoming baby #3 in March 2020. Here are some beautiful captures for all of you:


Dangerously fierce ft. Dress Like Me

Sheesh, I do this every time. I get caught up in life and realize there are actually people out here who message me and email me wondering when my next blog post is. It’s such a blessing it really is. And with that being said- I’m feeling dangerously fierce.

We are 1 week into summer and I’m feeling like a weight has been lifted, although no lie it’s been a terrible  past few months. Terrible should change to “unfortunate,” or actually know what? It’s been lessons and life. Eye openers have popped up, I quit my 9-5 four months ago and have had ups and downs ever since.

I battled for the last 5 weeks in my head about finances, until I realized money comes and goes and what’s most important is feeling whole. I feel whole. Wholeness to me is more important than happiness- because happiness is what can fade or overflow.  I battled wondering if picking up a job that may fade my happiness would be worth it- and then realized that my life is really just about to begin. I’ve had opportunities flowing in, and I am for sure on my divine path.

I wanted to hop on here again because I have had nothing put positive feedback lately and it really opened my eyes to how much of an impact I can truly make, and how many people I can inspire. I do not take the compliments and nice emails and messages to pump air to my head, because honestly I take these moments as reminders. I hear these words and they bring out the fire in me. I take these as signs that I’m doing what I am here to do. Heal, help, and move forward.

Life can get taken from any one of us in the blink of an eye. I had a high school friend pass away last month. My dad died and revived. God has been making me stronger, and my family makes me whole.

I disconnect myself from the internet a lot, because it allows me to reflect on the little things in life, and not even the little things- the realities of life; the importance of life. Social media is an outlet for money, inspiration, and what will help my brands launch. I’m taking all of my lessons in these past 27 years and making sure I can use them to help anyone in need.

I received a beautiful email with an article attached, written about my blog. I would love to share it with all of you. Dress Like Me highlights bloggers.

Here’s my feature! <—- click me!

The sweetest article reminding me of why I started this platform. This was so uplifting at the perfect timing! Thank you so much 🙂

And to all of you reading, take this reminder today to self reflect on how far you’ve come, and remind yourself of your talents, your beauties, and never stop embracing your flaws!

xx, 4o1fierce


Fierce at it’s finest

Today I want to take a step back, and step into my power again. Power comes in all forms in my life, but what it always boils down to are the deepest feelings that overwhelm my body in the most motivating and inspiring ways.

I’ve always tended to “blog” the easy way- quick posts on Instagram, because Lord knows I wasn’t finding enough time to write a full post, edit it, add photos, then link it here, there, and everywhere.

But today, I realized again-the power of social media. I woke up to a negative comment; but then a massive amount of emails and messages of people reaching out in all directions- from beauty questions with products i’m trying out, and even work opportunities.

Around 10 am this morning I regained my power. I was finally in control again in my life. And in control, and in my power, is not being “perfect,” or having a “smooth” day. In control and in my power feels crazy; chaotic. FIERCE.

I’ve been avoiding small tasks lately- putting clean laundry away, scrubbing lipstick off my rug, cleaning the toilet seat- showering. haha #momlife right? right!

10 am was the start of a conversation that landed me another at-home job-score! Then 11:15 am was a call leading to progress for my brand. I immediately felt a rush fill my body when I hung up these calls. Partially in control of today and my near future. I sent the emails I needed to send, and stumbled across a friend’s Facebook post. She described a hard day with her toddler. I’ve seen a ton of these posts lately. I’ve been so inspired by these, and lost the drive to also speak of these topics because I was at a 9-5 for almost a year and didn’t get to witness full blown motherhood at the time.

After explaining to my friend how amazing she is, I walked into my room and I felt the first bit of overwhelm. I walked in to find my 2 year old created yet again another disaster. Every day is a new one. I’ve hesitated to post experiences because of judgment from “non parents,” but shit; i’m transparent, and my energy is protected. No one can sway how I feel about myself or how I decided to raise my girls/ embrace motherhood.

Ivory is my little thunder. I call her and Avynn “thunder and lightning,” I looked at my desk, and there she was. Mind you, while I was on the phone I was making sure to keep checking in on her to make sure she was still on my bed watching “Coco.” Now my desk is decently organized-but not technically “child proof.” There’s eye shadow palettes, makeup brushes, lip stick etc. Child proofing is great, but my desk is for me, so I’ve been trying to teach my girls to respect others personal boundaries when it comes to materials.

Any wayssssss- She turns around at me and boom, full blown raccoon face.Eye shadow eyes, painted face, lip stick, and hands covered in my brand new eye shadow palette. My desk chair covered. My white comforter covered. Mind you, a few weeks back I was finishing up dishes (trusting her to play in her room with her dolls) when I walked into the same exact scenario. It was so wild I had to document it in video. Which I will be posting a video on my channel about the Fierce realities of Mom.

Granted, okay shes two it’s going to take time to teach her the concept of boundaries. So, I grab her by the arms so her hands cant touch anything else, and run the tub for her. I give running water baths while I cleaned the toilet. These are baths where I don’t plug the tub, and just let her free play in the water, with cups and ABC foam letters.

So I clean the bathroom, she plays. I get her out, she gets herself dressed in some jammies and I was fine with that. I lay her in the bed because nap time for miss Ivory is 11a-12p or 11:30a-12:30p. What a laugh today, meanwhile it’s 12:!5 she’s cried for “yo-get,” (yogurt), and I denied her 3x after her having a donut this morning, half of my breakfast sandwich, 2 sips of my coffee that I bribed her with when she brought her dads soda bottle to me, crying for that.

Lately I’ve been trying to say “yes” to my girls more. Mostly because my 6 year old thinks i’m a “mean mom.” More importantly because saying yes has eased a little more anxiety for me and dodged a few more tantrums from both girls. Helping them will help me, which helps them. I just don’t want “brats,” or “spoiled ones.”

So next, nap time attempt #3. I stopped working, and realized -shit she’s such a little babe I need to treat her like a baby for a minute. I picked her up and began singing, and rocking her. She cries for pasta. I tell her once she wakes up from her nap I will make it for her. I tell her, “your belly needs to rest.” She tells me “my hungry mommy.” I ignore her 2-year-old requests and start singing. Always improv-made-up lullaby’s. They work for 30 seconds because she’s confused at why there’s so many songs involving her.

She stiffens her body and throws the 4th tantrum since waking up. I laugh at her because of how strong she is and how hard it was for me to contain her long body. She gets so angry. I told her to close her eyes and began to blow softly on her face saying over and over “my beautiful baby, awwww, close your eyes baby, I love you, i’m gonna rock you, go to sleep.” She started to calm down and close her eyes. I thought “yasssssss.” …….nope. She opens her eyes and says “okay mommy I sleep.” (Meaning she thinks she slept because she closed her eyes for almost 3 minutes). I busted out laughing because she’s so cute it’s disgusting how much this one controls my emotions-i love it.

She then tries to distract me and tells me to look at her foot, then continues to show me every “boo boo” she has. All I wanted to do was answer all of these messages and emails blowing up my phone. But I realized this moment I wouldn’t feel again once shes no longer interested in cuddling with me. I figured hey make her the pasta, fill her belly-then get back to work.

Meanwhile I write this and it’s 2:30. Her sister gets off the bus at 3:10/3:15 depending on the day. We ran all errands this morning, and stayed outside running around the trees letting the sun “kiss us” as we say. But today, my plan was to put away that dirty laundry, answer those emails, clean that toilet seat and shit maybe take a shower for the first time in 2 days?

I came into my power again by letting go. Releasing the anxiety and pressure to do it all. Today I had to cater to the every need, crumb, and bittersweet cuddle of my two year old.

Being fierce is realizing each fear. Fear of deadlines, imperfection, and mistakes- but doing it all anyways. Bossing up every day and making sure I chip away at mastering what “balance” truly is.

I made a promise to myself today to answer each scream from my higher self. Today she was screaming to keep embracing my journey- with it first being motherhood and remaining natural, organic, and transparent.

And if you need a laugh today- here’s one: I finally looked over to see this (I smiled so big), and right when she heard the click of my camera she wiggled a bit and then finally woke up and whined for “more pasta please mama.” It’s 2:42 pm and still no nap; sigh – I got this.



Woah. Time to glow.

Guys!!! It has seriously been a long long long time coming. I re-downloaded my blog app, and I’ve never been more excited to share my journey with you all.

I always forget how therapeutic it is to write out my experiences. I spent the past 11 months working a 9-5. More like a 1-10pm that left me with very little satisfaction-but I pushed through, up until yesterday. Yesterday I decided to quit my job. Full force, no notice to my co-workers, no 2 week notice. An email sent, and boom I released myself.

It was time to focus all of my energy back into myself; My family. Before I am a mother I am a 27 year old strong, powerful, creative woman. I have so much to offer back to myself- and then the world. I needed to reinvest into my visions, my dreams, MY goals. Not 9 hour shifts that left me drained, regretful, and anxious. I had to do this, especially to make sure I was able to be the best mom and wife I can be.

Don’t get me wrong these past 11 months taught me so much about myself, the world around me, and most importantly it re-opened my eyes to exactly why I never wanted to settle for a corporate job- my dreams, goals and requests will never compare to a store managers goal to hit the month. I was slaving for someone else’s dreams that didn’t impact my mental health, nor my pocket.

I do not want to put too much regret into my experiences because as I said-this year has taught me so so so much! I met some amazing people, and learned all the lessons god gave me. Throughout this 9-5 life, I also got very very embedded in my spiritual journey. I met investors who believed in my vision for my shoe design, and I also applied to be Executive of Design & Marketing for a start up brand! If it wasn’t for my faith, and following my intuition, I would have never taken jumps towards these goals of mine.

Because of being so in touch with my higher self, I knew this is where my path had to end; and begin. I am finally in my power again, and right now I feel vulnerable but so sure about myself.

To anyone battling with depression, anxiety, overthinking, unhappiness, (any mental health battle) just know that sometimes it’s best to just push that reset button. If there’s something you’ve wanted to do and have been waiting for the right time: now is that time. We are the only ones in control of our own happiness. We cannot be happy with our lives unless we are happy with our present. And of course every day and every moment won’t be so “great,” but those were my 11 months. Not “great,” but I pushed. Just know that during those days I was still happy at how far I had come from even the 11 months before then.

I cannot wait to share more with you all-in hopes to inspire more like-minded individuals to jump. Take the dive. Live every day pushing towards your dreams-even the ones everyone thinks you’re absolutely crazy for.

It feels great to write again, talk soon-

Xx 4o1fierce

Self care, aware

Like I always’a been forever y’all! I’ve been working working working working working…lol and trying my best to make the most of my summer with my girls! Sometimes I get so caught up in the day to day, that days become months and it scares the hell out of me. Especially with Ivory turning two- where does time go! And, literally Avynn lost her first tooth today- it’s crazyyyyy!

With working, and building a brand my time has felt so limited- I’m sure you all feel this way with your busy lives as well. Where do we find balance? How? Working out, seeing friends, 9-5’s, etc Welp, i’ve found that what’s been worse for me is pushing the “little” things to the side- which really aren’t so “little.” James and I have been working, picking the girls up, home, eat, sleep, repeat. This is why I find so much pride in working out and taking care of how my body feels/looks- in order to tackle my goals.

However, for way too long now, we’ve been neglecting the relaxation time of being a family. Our car was cluttered, our apartment was cluttered, and for months it’s been driving me insane. Why not just clean it? I gave up- I literally would clean to then see our car and our home wrecked in 2 days. It sounds so stupid coming out, but now I realize exactly why. I would rather spend time outside the apartment, with the girls whether at the beach, or an adventure. Then we would get home before dinner time, cook, eat, and sleep. I found myself not even wanting to be at home. I was escaping my own reality. IT SOUNDS RIDICULOUS I KNOW! 

So why did it take me so long? No idea, but how did I fix it? This is what this post is eventually getting to – haha

I have been meditating like crazy before bed so it honestly allows me to wake up with a clear mind, and a motivated one (on top of burning sage before bed and in the morning). I woke up helped my sister with my niece and nephew while she started her new job, and then I was hit with a crazy wave of motivation. I cleaned the entire car out, then stopped at the store to get new cleaning products, and ended up back at home putting laundry away, and cleaning every single room top to bottom. James got home, we stopped at the mall to let Ave pick out some school clothes, and then stopped at the grocery store! I ran in, spent $100 in groceries, then went home and cooked a beautiful dinner, accompanied by some flowers that legit light up the room!


I de-cluttered my living spaces, and decided to make a huge meal so that I could bring left overs to work. I enjoyed a huuuuuge glass of wine- lol and went to sleep satisfied!

Most times going out to eat is enjoyable, although the girls make it crazy. Most times hanging at someone else’s house is enjoyable, but relaxing at home at the end of a crazy day is great.

I didn’t mention the fact that I got rid of an entire trash bag full of clothing that I ripped out of my closet. I felt sooooo amazing getting all of the junk out of my zone. And lastly, instead of spending $100 on a night out to eat I re-created one of James and my fav meals from one of our date spots (A twist on Rasta Pasta from Red Parrot)

Here are some photos:

If you can take anything from this post, know that all things in your space, affect your energy 100% so starting with where you lay your head is most important! Take time for yourself, it doesn’t mean spending $ or indulging all the time. De-cluttering literally gave me such a fresh start to this month!!

I have so much more to share with you all, hope you enjoyed

xx, 4o1fierce

HI! HEY! HELLO!// Why I waist train

Like I always say…it’s been way too long. But seriously…it has. I had a notification sent to me that it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and they’re so so right! I’ve been back to work, trying to balance everything else as well as keep up with this “blogging thing.” haha

But in all seriousness I really wanted to hop on here to make a habit of this again- not because I have to but I miss it. Writing for me/journalism has been a HUGE passion of mine, since 4th grade when I had to write my first “reflection” on Maniac McGee.

Blogging is like venting, however I love it even more for the inspiration-side. I blog clothing, and that all started while pregnant ( to help women/mamas embrace who they are always). It’s most beautiful when you feel comfortable in your skin! But I also love to blog to answer questions, give you all tips and tricks- as well as how I “handle” mom life haha

So starting today, I am making the decision to finally blog again- because I have been “fast posting.” This is when I just take photos on Instagram, with no explanations or tips- just to post quick, and keep my content up-to-date. Because of this, unfortunately I’ve been neglecting my WordPress blog as well as my Youtube Vlog. But.guys!!!!!!!!

I’ll be vlogging again before the end of July since i’ll be investing in a brand new camera- this means content upon content. And your fav-Life in the Fierce Lane (James and I raising two crazy, beautiful beanies)!

So end of the intro here, I want to finish this post before my lunch break ends!

For now on, I will be posting “short cut” swipe-up links on my Instagram that bring my readers directly here to read my blog posts! I don’t want to just be a “Scroll on an IG feed.” I want to make sure I’m embracing all inspirations through my blog.

Today’s topic that’s always asked about is totally fitness related! Especially relatable for my mama readers-Waist training!!

I know, I know I’ve heard it all- “it smooshes/moves your organs,” “it’s dangerous,” “it’s fake.” So I wanted to just clarify the amount of time you wear a trainer for/when you wear it matters most. I began waist training (on and off) since after my first pregnancy. I had a huge umbilical hernia after giving birth to Avynn ( allll 9lb 4.5oz of her) Yikes!

After working out between both daughters, short after Ivory was born I discovered my bloating seriously wouldn’t go away. I’ve always had a bloated stomach as a child/teen, so that wasn’t anything abnormal, but pain, fatigue and extra bloating caused me to undergo 2 surgeries. I had my hernia repaired after Avynn, and then again after Ivory.

My OBGYN suggested the waist trainer postpartum to help my abdominal walls “meet again.” I waist train for about 2 hours a day. It helps my posture, and I see an immediate difference afterwards ( especially with tightening of my skin).

I also wear my waist trainer while working out ( on days I have dairy/junk) because this helps my results quicker, as well as a huge sweat-out.

I find that wearing it while working out straightens my posture and helps me bang out my workouts 10x quicker!

After Ivory my stomach was crazzzzzzyyyy different so I even began wearing my waist cincher in blog photos to avoid the bloat on camera! I think this was the greatest little trick after giving birth, that’s a big controversy to a lot of people. I don’t feel my trainer is too tight or damaging! At most I may get red skin haha

If you guys have any more questions or want to know more tips about how I waist train ( what creams I use, what workouts I do with it, sizing, brand etc) comment here or send me a direct message on my Instagram at @kashaxmarie

There’s no such thing as an immediate “bounce-back” or a “snatched waist” after becoming a mama! What you see via the internet is 9x out of 10 : 1. purchased 2.photoshopped

Howvever, there is hope! With some tips and tricks my transformation is starting to shock me more and more!

xx, 4o1fierce

Mama matching!

Once again I’ve been working my buns off and spending time with family-neglecting my blog and letting time pass!

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the strong mamas out there!!

I had a nice and relaxing Mother’s Day, I slept in until 8 haha and James surprised me with breakfast in bed and I sat in bed with the girls for hours just relaxing, eating, and laughing.

These are all the little things I haven’t had the chance to enjoy lately-we’re both always on the go and haven’t had some solid family time in a little over a month!

For Mother’s Day I decided to whip out these adorable matching dresses from Pat Pat!

The weather here in Rhode Island has been so up and down, but let me tell you-I’m sooo obsessed with how easy it is to get ready especially with my 2 girls-throw on their dresses and we are out the door!

These dresses were so cute I know I’ll transition them into fall with some leggings, booties, and cardigans for the 3 of us!

You can use my code ‘Fierce12’ to save- you’ll be obsessed with how inexpensive their clothing is for such great quality!!

Spring peakin’ w/prints!

Another day that started beautiful, and then reminds us how crazy New England weather is -eye roll

March is almost over and the minute the sun shines, best believe I’ve been taking full advantage haha

I’ve had this outfit for months and months but finally decided to whip it out! I looooove love love love love love mixing. I’ve been called tacky, corny, old-grandpa-ish

I want to focus on skirts today! Since I was younger I was so self conscious of my legs (especially in skirts). They resembled 2 toothpicks, then two hot dogs haha

However, I never realized how versatile they could be!! I’ve worn this skirt on the weekend with a graphic tee and sneakers, and today I decided to dress it up!

Like I said a thousand times I love to wear prints, just wait and see how I begin to clash them!! Don’t be scared ladies, there are never any rules I swear!

I decided to pair this outfit with these little white booties for a classic twist! I was also in gooooood need of a tan-and some moisturizer on my knees- yikes

It’s been awhile since I’ve just put together outfits for me, for the sake of embracing my creativity. Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-by-day that we forget to outshine our creativity to the fullest.

This was also before I completely chopped more hair off- and toned it rose gold! Can’t wait to show you guys!

I guess you can say I’ve been itching for a change, and staying bold!

I purchased this skirt from my favorite local boutique here in Rhode Island called Elle G ( I’ve mentioned them several times-as well as included this skirt in a haul last month on my YouTube Channel). If you’re interested in this skirt here are my fav selling points-

•It has pockets!

• It’s stretchy!

• It buttons up instead of zips!

• Versatile material so it looks great dressed up or dressed down!

Purchase here – Gingham Skirt!

Also, I am wearing mine in a size medium! I suggest going a size smaller if you choose to wear it high waisted because without a belt I had some gap!!

Hope you all have a great Easter!