Never lose your ‘fierce’…introducing Fierce Lane

Hi!! It's been forever-ever, and surprisingly i'm happy about it. Mostly because I've taken so much time to get back in-touch with myself; and re-humble. I came to many realizations and at this point in time I'm feeling relieved, rested, and ready! For years I blocked out reality unintentionally. I've always been surrounded by others who have [...]

Velour with the two that I Adore!

Hey y'all!  Aside from this rain storm in little ole Rhody, there's been nothing but a glow over here! James and I pushed our ceremony date to get married this year! This Sunday I will officially be a Perry!!!! Did I say this already? Haha  Wayyyy too excited. Also, I've been bragging about our White [...]

Switching it up! 

Hey everyone! Happy November...feels like I was just saying Happy October, right?!  Since the end of September I hesitated forever in doing something festive. With 3 sisters and 1 brother it's the hardest trying to get all of our schedules to match for a day of festivities!  A few weeks into October a few of us went [...]

Small business Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone, and everyone here in Rhode Island-we finally have a decent day to relax and watch football (yesterday was miserable)! Right when we were in the hospital for Ivory Elle's arrival I had received a box of Macaroons from JOY and let me tell you, my family and I were obsessed! Growing up, working for small [...]

Old Navy Neutrals

    We.are.back!!! James took a day off today so we could get all of our appointments over with and let me tell you, it was so so relaxing! To get out of the house and breathe some fresh air made me feel almost back to normal again, haha! I've been staring at the walls [...]

Ivory Elle’s arrival!

Hey!!! So it's official, Ivory Elle made her arrival August 31 at 12:36pm. She was 9lb 1.4oz and 20.5" long. Only a few ounces less and an inch shorter than our Avynn, haha. We were 5 days past our due date and we finally went in Wednesday morning! Today marks 1 week that we've been a [...]

Daddy’s day off!

It's officially 2 days past our due date, and we are officially on our "baby moon." James took the weekend off, and we've been spending a ton of time with my family for my sisters' birthdays! It's been so nice having him around but of course he's had to deal with my crazy nesting! He's [...]