No white after Labor Day?!

Hey! As always, I’ve taken a huge step back from this. I just pushed through mid terms, got super sick, then came my birthday and Halloween! I just turned 26 and I feel like a grandma....seriously I was in bed by 11 that night haha  Overall though, I’ve been so proud of myself to be … Continue reading No white after Labor Day?!


Triple threat 

Happy Wednesday! Happy October! I say this every time but it’s seriously been forever. I’m a busy bee, 5 classes is no joke, with 2 girls is even more hilarious: but needless to say I’m killin it!  I’m working for an amazing brand right now (from home which is ideal), so I promised myself I would … Continue reading Triple threat 


Growing up whenever I would hear the word power/powerful I always thought it meant how strong someone was, and that to me was always physical. Years later power to me doesn't just boil down to muscles, haha I went through a huge funk this past year, and it allowed me to get back in touch … Continue reading Power 

Saturday Blues 

It's been a long summer for me. I'm just now hitting 7.5 weeks post-op from my hernia surgery and lawddddd what a recovery. As always recommended please do your research before you agree to procedures! No complaints here-but I thought I'd bounce-back quicker! And summertime is all about feeling comfortable, cooling down, and making memories. So … Continue reading Saturday Blues 

Staying FIERCE

Guysssss today is our due date!!! We are officially 40 weeks pregnant, and still no baby. I've been walking, eating, and trying my hardest to rest when I can. A Puma distributor reached out to me telling me he loved that my blog is called 4O1Fierce and wanted me to try out a pair of … Continue reading Staying FIERCE

Leota NY!

Hey hey! Nothing but gorgeous weather lately here in the 401! And today marks 27 weeks pregnant with Ivory Elle 😳 Time for sure is flying, and the biggest struggle right now is staying cool in this humidity! I began summer classes last week so I've been go-go-go! It feels great to finally know exactly what … Continue reading Leota NY!

DIY Denim/Jeans + JORD

Hey guys!! It's been absolutely nothing but rainy in the 401 until finally today the sun made it's appearance! During our down-days Ave and I have had a ton of extra time for DIY activities! For those of you wondering what "DIY" means, it's an acronym for "do-it-yourself." -Stay tuned for DIY Nursery crafts 😉 … Continue reading DIY Denim/Jeans + JORD