Tonight's a late night post, and a few days too late! I've been adding more color to my wardrobe lately and I'm not complaining!  I think what I try to embody the most when reflecting Andrea Valentini is athleisure. After children I can't tell you how many days a week I am in "fitness attire." [...]

Cooking with Kash! 

Happy Tuesday everyone! We are finally back home from vacation, and slowly getting back into the swing of things!  While away I made sure 100% to keep up with my workouts, and let me tell you dedication-for sure brings results. Since forever I've always eaten heavy, because when I was younger I struggled to gain a [...]

Wednesday workouts w/Raspbelly Tea!

Hi everyone, can you believe it's July 13th already ?! Summer is flyingggggg but sadly I'm okay with that because tomorrow we hit our 34 week mark, with just 6 short weeks to go! Ivory has pretty much everything she needs so far, so now it's been time to focus more on preparing for labor [...]

Everyone should own a onesie!

Call me crazy but nothing is more comfortable to me than a 1 piece outfit of any kind. You name it, romper, jumpsuit, one-piece bathing suit and even a onesie! (Until you decide to go pee)  I'm sure most of you have seen the onesies around Christmas time that everyone gets gifted, or can't forget [...]