Wait….Winter workouts?!

So obviously we’ve all heard of “making summer bodies in the winter” right? I really never even attempted this until after I had little babes! You know the whole no shaving in winter? Haha let’s just say I used to hibernate my workouts all winter long pre-babies.

In today’s society I swear bullying is getting worse, and self esteem is dropping lower-let me re-phrase true self acceptation is decreasing no matter how much confidence people show online. I won’t get much into that today, after all this is about outer appearance I want to focus on!

After kids not only did my day-to-day life/school/work schedules change but my eating habits/workout habits/”lack-there-of” have all gone bonkers. After Avynn, and again after Ivory I developed umbilical hernias. This made my workouts super painful and made my stomach constantly bloat. After giving birth to these huge monsters my midwife suggested for me to grab a waist trainer and train 2 hours a day to help re-build my core. After undergoing a surgery to repair 2 huge hernias in July my workouts have fluctuated.

This post is for the Mama’s, or really anyone super busy who needs alternatives. Or maybe this post is for me-to motivate, to look back and see progress.

After Avynn my stomach was terrible. I carried a 9lb 4.5 oz 21.5″ beast , and once she arrived my skin was stretched, my stomach was scarred and marked. I did core workouts and used a ton of “wraps” on my tummy and almost 2.5 years later I was seeing results but never publicly would reveal my stomach (aside from family). However, my confidence remained because I gave birth to a mix of myself and the love of my life- life’s greatest gift.

It reminded me of childhood where I remember never judging myself, never caring about anything physically aside from how skinny I was and how hard it was for me to gain weight. I remember buying boxes of Twinkie’s and housing them before bed-lol gross.

After Ivory my hernias were worse-another big babe: 9 lb 1.5oz 20.5″ thanks Jamesy

Now after Ivory, I realized how much harder life was with 2. Guys….INSANE. Two girls is like having 20 I swear it. I love it though, I’m busy, or stressing 24/7. So when I’d want to bang out a workout I’d finally get Ivory down, while Avynn destroyed her room with dolls, clothes, and anything she could steal from my room.

I soon started chopping workouts in half-then I’d throw my waist trainer on and be out-the-door.

I slowly started slipping into a depression- life, unfortunate events, and lack of workouts took over me. So the waist trainer turned to a habit. Then I had my surgery. After surgery I had 8 weeks with no lifting-yikes

Depression grew and grew, I needed a boost quick. I hurdled over all of my downfalls and slowly started workouts again. Once I started my semester in September between classes I drove home while my mom still had my girls and I killed every workout. To speed up results I started using a scar cream from Celsus . They sent it to me just in time for my surgery and I finally whipped it out.

It’s now 5 months later and my skin is finally tightening, my abs are slowly creeping through, and my surgery scars are fading beautifully-esp with a fresh spray tan

Their scar cream is used for not only scars but stretch marks and also helps with anti-aging!

I’m offering a discount for anyone interested!

However, to complete this post I have a few tips to reaching those body “wins.”

First: Accept that you’re human, but don’t use that as an excuse. I did this for too long. Telling myself “oh well, you’re never going to look better you had two kids.” This is crap. Because I’m a strong woman, I bounce back; we all do. It’s mind over matter for sure, and I wish I screamed this in the mirror 4 years ago.

Second: Make time for you! I’m extremely blessed with way too much help from my huge family. My mom, my sisters, my brother, James’ family; everyone. Since day one if I had appointments, work, school, blog events, anything: I could count on someone. Don’t be scared to ask for help, or accept help. You’re not a bad person for taking some time for you. Don’t go crazy, just take a segment of time out of your day/week to get yourself pampered, go to the gym, escape life and read a book for an hour. Mine was going home and working out before picking the girls up

Third: EAT! No seriously, too many people stay so busy they skip meals. This was 2017 in a nut shell for me. First I started working 2 jobs trying to hustle-only eating breakfast then a late dinner after 9:30pm. Then I started classes and picked on snacks between classes-you could say the coffee diet was reaaaaaal. However I soon realized the only words out of my mouth each day was “ughh I’m so tired.” Breakfast is most important, we all know that, but all day we need to snack, and eat for energy- otherwise we crash, slump, and become lazy. Common sense right? So I learned to plan ahead. Left overs are perfect lunches. Eggs with peppers and onions cooks in 6 minutes-bam. And then, grab a protein shake, this gives me more energy than any coffee!

Lastly: Find balance. It’s the hardest part of becoming a parent let me tell you. It’s a tough feeling knowing you have to rely on someone else to care for your children so you can selfishly go to school or go to work. This is why I understand why people wait until career stages to have children. Or why people marry then have children-I don’t know how single parents do it-I’m so blessed to have James. I’m so blessed for my family for helping me. However, as I said it’s tough finding balance/accepting balance. You want to dedicate all of your energy into one thing; being a good parent, but spending time away from the girls to go to class or work kills, especially knowing someone else is with them so much. Or wanting to put all of your energy into taking care of your body but instead skipping meals. But we can all be selfish. Again, take an hour a day to do something for yourself.

I find flexibility in motherhood. I won’t workout every day, but I find 5 Days. I throw some Celsus on my stomach, clip on my waist trainer and keep it on for a few hours after my workouts. Not only has my waist trainer helped with workouts, but after workouts it makes my stomach feel so much better. You have to find what works best, what boost helps results come quicker. I always thought it was harder to workout than to be lazy but I was 100% wrong. It’s way harder being lazy. Because all the results we’ve built up, restarts and it’s 10x harder to step back up again.



Tonight’s a late night post, and a few days too late! I’ve been adding more color to my wardrobe lately and I’m not complaining! 

I think what I try to embody the most when reflecting Andrea Valentini is athleisure. After children I can’t tell you how many days a week I am in “fitness attire.” Tom boy 24/7, not even kidding. 

I wanted to also throw in the fact that years ago after Avynns birth I only wore high waisted suits and one pieces, and now I throw on the bottoms with baggy pants, and tuck the one pieces into anything and everything.

Who knew I would actually love lime?! This set also reflects a few secrets that I have to share with you all in about a week!! 

Enjoy the sunshine! Lemon, Lime, and Silver are our limited edition colors for the spring and summer! All are available now at AV

Xx, 4o1fierce 

Cooking with Kash! 

Happy Tuesday everyone! We are finally back home from vacation, and slowly getting back into the swing of things! 

While away I made sure 100% to keep up with my workouts, and let me tell you dedicationfor sure brings results.

Since forever I’ve always eaten heavy, because when I was younger I struggled to gain a pound. I was super self conscious (I know it sounds insane). My entire family knew how much it bugged me, and I finally talked to a doctor. I begain to drink protein shakes, and not kidding nothing worked for me. My metabolism was so so fast.

It wasn’t until I had children that I grew hips and grew pounds. Now anything I eat, for sure shows.

On vacation I would do a huge workout followed by a nice light and fresh meal! And let me tell you, I felt amazing! 

So naturally, our first few nights at home I felt guilty when James asked if I wanted fried food, so instead we ran to the store and I grabbed a bunch of fresh goodies!

Other than chicken I’ve been on a huge fish-kick for protein! I grabbed some shrimp and veggies and created the easiest dish! 

First I chopped up a Viladia onion, organic yellow squash, organic green squash, mushrooms, and garlic. 

I put my seasonings right on the cutting board- some basil and salt/pepper 

Next I poured 3 teaspoons of organic coconut oil in a sauté pan, with 1 teaspoon of butter, 1 chopped 1 clove of garlic, and 3 teaspoons of low sodium soy sauce.

Funny thing is, I realllllllly despise the smell of coconut oil and only decided to use this because we’ve been so sick and I haven’t been able to smell. Ironic thing is, is that as soon as I started cooking the steam actually cleared up my sinuses and that’s all I could smell-yuck!

I sautéed the vegetables until soft (I loooove my squash mushy, haha)

Next I washed and took the shells off of a half pound of small shrimp cocktail.

After the veggies were ready I scooped them onto a plate, leaving the juice in the sauté pan to cook the shrimp with! 

I added a few drops more of low sodium soy, as well as some Montreal Steak seasoning and the juice from half of a lemon! I feel that using a meats seasoning helps trick the mind!

I let the shrimp simmer until a little browned!

All together this was a quick and simple meal, that actually filled me and didn’t bloat me-surprisingly because of having soy! 

This was a perfect alternative to going out for Hibachi! 

One thing I can’t ever resist is adding cheese to everything-it’s bad, I’ll never stop!

I sprinkled some fresh Parmesan on the veggies! (The serving dishes above were not demolished my just me by the way haha)

I could get used to this, any questions about this meal feel free to send an email! James and I will be featuring Fresh Fried Friday on our Youtube channel!

Wednesday workouts w/Raspbelly Tea!

Hi everyone, can you believe it’s July 13th already ?! Summer is flyingggggg but sadly I’m okay with that because tomorrow we hit our 34 week mark, with just 6 short weeks to go!

Ivory has pretty much everything she needs so far, so now it’s been time to focus more on preparing for labor again 😳.

With Avynn I hit 40 weeks and she wasn’t ready, and eventually I had to get induced! We have fingers crossed Ivory will come on her own this time! To speed up the process I was introduced to Raspbelly Tea! Kristina the sweetest founder of the company reached out to me and told me all of the benefits of drinking the tea! Aside from always being a tea lover, I made sure I could drink it iced (especially in this humidity)!

Red raspberry leaf tea can help you prepare your body for shorter and easier labor (fingers crossed)! Alkaloid fragrine strengthens and tones your uterine muscles for more effective (shorter and easier) second (pushing) stage labor. You start drinking 3 cups of tea a day at 32 weeks of your pregnancy. You can drink freely during labor and as desired after birth!

Although I haven’t been doing the exact same workout routine I had previous to this pregnancy, I’ve been staying active by walking, and doing minor leg workouts!

I feel great for 34 weeks and this tea has definitely given benefits already! It eases morning sickness and in my third trimester I started feeling nauseous again.

The high vitamin & mineral content may help with bleeding gums (which let me tell you, gingivitis is reallllll during pregnancy),leg cramps, swelling in late pregnancy, and promote restful sleep.

I used to swell like crazy in my first pregnancy…especially the amounts of Japanese Hibachi I craved-and demolished!

With labor in 6 short weeks the benefits of this tea will help strengthen and tone the muscles used during labor and delivery! (Strengthens and tones uterine and pelvic floor muscles for delivery and proper healing after birth)

This tea has high mineral content so this helps with plentiful breast milk production!

For my mommies and daddies who are trying for children, drinking this helps with fertility as well! This gives nourishing vitamins and minerals that are the key factor in producing!

Any questions about the tea? Feel free to email me ➡️ 4O1fiercely@gmail.com ! Use my promo code “40115” to receive 15% off at Raspbelly.com You can also follow Raspbelly Tea on Instagram ➡️ Raspbelly Tea


Everyone should own a onesie!

Call me crazy but nothing is more comfortable to me than a 1 piece outfit of any kind. You name it, romper, jumpsuit, one-piece bathing suit and even a onesie! (Until you decide to go pee) 

I’m sure most of you have seen the onesies around Christmas time that everyone gets gifted, or can’t forget when everyone was going crazy over the “Snuggie.” Haha

I’ve been living in this “onesie” of mine lately! To me it screams Richard Simmons in the 80’s! I actually purchased this about 3 summers ago at a thrift store in Providence! I used to wear it often for a workout outfit, and who am I kidding it’s getting sooooo easy to just throw comfy things on- I’m now 26 weeks along with baby Ivory Elle! 

Lately I’ve seen so many of these one piece jumpers/onesies and who knew the 80’s are making a small appearance in 2016. I so badly wanted to find Avynn something to match this and it’s been the biggest struggle! Instead, I threw this on (ironically) after my workout to run some errands. 

My back has been killing me lately (probably since I’ve been too stubborn to put down the heels). So I’ve been living in my sneakers, I just pretend to go for a sporty look instead of wearing sweats 24/7. But let me tell you…the minute I get home I’m in nothing but a t-shirt 😳.

Also, with pregnancy and these amazing vitamins I am taking, my hair is growing quicker than I thought…so I live in hats lately-no complaints here. 

Today I really wanted to stay comfortable but still not feel completely naked-since this tight onesie shows e v e r y t h i n g! So the perfect cure for self conscious body = tying anything and everything around my waist 😏. 

Other than wanting to be comfy, I think wearing sporty clothing always makes us feel a little more motivated (am I the only one?!) 

I’ve been staying steady with my workouts + it’s been harder than I thought….I’ve already gained more weight with this pregnancy and I’m slowly trying to convince myself it’s muscle…somewhere haha 

But more than anything I am feeling great for 26 weeks! I start classes next week and I couldn’t be more grateful! 

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