Dangerously fierce ft. Dress Like Me

Sheesh, I do this every time. I get caught up in life and realize there are actually people out here who message me and email me wondering when my next blog post is. It’s such a blessing it really is. And with that being said- I’m feeling dangerously fierce.

We are 1 week into summer and I’m feeling like a weight has been lifted, although no lie it’s been a terrible  past few months. Terrible should change to “unfortunate,” or actually know what? It’s been lessons and life. Eye openers have popped up, I quit my 9-5 four months ago and have had ups and downs ever since.

I battled for the last 5 weeks in my head about finances, until I realized money comes and goes and what’s most important is feeling whole. I feel whole. Wholeness to me is more important than happiness- because happiness is what can fade or overflow.  I battled wondering if picking up a job that may fade my happiness would be worth it- and then realized that my life is really just about to begin. I’ve had opportunities flowing in, and I am for sure on my divine path.

I wanted to hop on here again because I have had nothing put positive feedback lately and it really opened my eyes to how much of an impact I can truly make, and how many people I can inspire. I do not take the compliments and nice emails and messages to pump air to my head, because honestly I take these moments as reminders. I hear these words and they bring out the fire in me. I take these as signs that I’m doing what I am here to do. Heal, help, and move forward.

Life can get taken from any one of us in the blink of an eye. I had a high school friend pass away last month. My dad died and revived. God has been making me stronger, and my family makes me whole.

I disconnect myself from the internet a lot, because it allows me to reflect on the little things in life, and not even the little things- the realities of life; the importance of life. Social media is an outlet for money, inspiration, and what will help my brands launch. I’m taking all of my lessons in these past 27 years and making sure I can use them to help anyone in need.

I received a beautiful email with an article attached, written about my blog. I would love to share it with all of you. Dress Like Me highlights bloggers.

Here’s my feature! <—- click me!

The sweetest article reminding me of why I started this platform. This was so uplifting at the perfect timing! Thank you so much 🙂

And to all of you reading, take this reminder today to self reflect on how far you’ve come, and remind yourself of your talents, your beauties, and never stop embracing your flaws!

xx, 4o1fierce



Writing has always been my biggest outlet. I remember begging my mom for a small notebook that was shaped like a denim pocket- I found it at a gas station when I was young for $1.99. I remember her saying yes, maybe it was my grandma, I can’t remember- but regardless I got a yes.

Every day after school I wrote in this little book-stupid stuff, about my crush, or how a friend hurt my feelings. Then I took this book with me to my first Florida trip. I remember venting to my pages about how I was chewing my gum to avoid my ears popping, and I talked myself through staying calm with my pen to paper.

When I went to Universal Studios I had all of the characters sign in this book. When I got home I lost the book and was devastated- not for the autographs, but for my journalism. I feel like it was a connection with myself.

I remember in high school we wrote Autobiography’s. This was huge for me because I’ve always wanted to write a book, and although no one may have given a shit about all of the pain I put into the pages- I noticed how therapeutic pouring my heart into pages was.

When I entered college I almost wanted to go for journalism because of my passion for writing, but I soon realized I wrote for me, not for others- I still do. Well, and to the dozen of you who actually take time to read these words.

In Elementary I had the pleasure of having one of my poems published by Alan Shawn Feinstein. In middle school I won an essay writing prompt for the state. I just heard words in my head and put them to paper. My creative side I found at an early age with my words.

Years after beginning this blog I started to neglect it. I feel like bloggers blog to blog. Blog for money, blog to show off their materials, blog to inspire or give little tricks to their readers. It’s all great, but I stopped because I don’t like stereotypes. I don’t like calling myself an “influencer.” I am a leader. I learned that when my mental health was being sacrificed because of following a 9-5, just for a paycheck.

I am deciding to transform this site a little. I don’t want to post my fashion on here anymore. You can find my styling, my brags and boasts on my other outlets. I want to come back to square one. I want this platform to be used as therapy. Advice, inspiration; for all ages.

My whole life I’ve been transparent with people. My bosses, my family, my friends. Now at almost 28 years old I’ve learned huge hurtful realities: no one has the same heart as us. People only choose to share their best selves with us, and people may not even meet you 1/2 way when you exude 150%. Many of you probably already knew this. I already learned this, then had to re learn this lesson over and over until I finally learned to accept this. The reality is, some people are scared to be vulnerable, to trust 100% because a lot of us are misunderstood, and many people have allowed their trust issues to over power their faith. And this is okay! Because of this though, sometimes it’s easier for people to turn to podcasts, books, blogs to take advice, or listen to others. It’s comfortable for people to let their guards down behind closed doors.

I’ve always battled back and forth about allowing too much of myself on the internet, and in person over exuded myself to far too many people. However, in today’s society many people find comfort on the internet. It’s powerful man. Today I just want to keep it short and sweet and explain that writing really is the best form of therapy for me, aside from my at home workouts. My sister bought me a journal which I promised myself to write in on my bad days. It allows me to feel the emotion, and instantly release it. During New Moons I write to myself or those who have hurt me, or have a cord attached to me, and then I burn these pages and let them go.

If there is something you are going through currently that doesn’t go an hour without crossing your mind, and it’s taking a toll on your energy- write.

I began a book a few months ago and ended up deleting all of it. I noticed I was being too blaming on the conditions in my life, and realized I didn’t like the energy in the chapters. Crazy how thoughts become words and how powerful these run our entire lives.

Here’s my first post venting. Encouraging all of you to vent to yourselves as well. Go out and grab a journal. We all have phones- use the Notes app. Something about pen to paper is way more therapeutic though.

If any of you need advice, an ear, a shoulder- I’m here to help, answer, and listen.

Writing brings out the kid in me, what brings out the inner child in you?


Tomorrow is the last day of the craziest year. I could go on for hours complaining about the goals I didn’t reach, the opportunities that didn’t work out, the “time wasted,” the tears, the downs, and that would never ever make anything better. Never beat a dead horse…right?

I began this blog years ago. I used to vent about my emotions, and it began when I was young; when I kept a journal, and my life was in a book, not on the internet. But don’t get it twisted, please..this is only a super solid glimpse at who my family and I am.

When I went through with 2 pregnancies, it was like a huge swarm of confidence came flying towards me. So I began telling my “story,” giving advice, and trying to inspire women around the world to embrace motherhood.

This past year has taught me so many lessons, I could write a book. And of course, as I said I can sit here complaining about all of it, or flip the script like I always have. No matter how hurt we as humans get, no matter how many obstacles we face; we survive. This world is ugly, but there is still so much beauty. I decided to post a “photo-free” blog tonight. This note is first for you, Kasha. You became Mrs. James Patrick Perry this year. You successfully completed a semester packed with 5 classes this year. You loved two little girls unconditionally for 365 days straight, why is that an accomplishment? TWO IS A HANDFUL!!! You made amends with old friends, you made new friends; new connections. You learned to let go, you learned to move forward. You underwent a scary, painful surgery, and still bounced back. You are strong, determined, and you can accomplish anything.

This note is for you, my reader. For some strange reason you find yourself reading this post. You may be bored, interested, nosy, but mostly you’re inspired. If you take nothing from my blog, nothing from this “year,” take this-

YOU are strong, you are not your mistakes. You can reach any goal you set. You can cry, you can be lazy, you can make excuses; but it WILL take you longer, and put you behind.

Life happens, we are all human. (This blog post is all over the place). We are breathing, and living in a generation full of lost humans. Humans confused, aiming for more, comparing, giving up, losing hope, faith, self-respect.

Don’t get lost. Although we hold our phones 24/7, hold reality closer; the little moments tighter. Text your friends, hug your friends, kiss your family. Don’t end your night angry, or start your morning lazy. Aim to inspire at least 1 person a day.

So many confuse “social media presence” to “social media absorbed.” So many “lose themselves” on the internet. So many have 2 sides. We record memories with phones, try to use your eyeballs. I did this so many times this year, and I’m proud. I’ve attended events, brought the girls to new places, and experienced so much with my phone in my purse and not in my hand; it felt amazing.

We are privileged to have technology so close to us, as long as you keep your feet planted deep down to earth, you will never become lost. I embraced all of my platforms this year so heavily, to contribute to my family finances. It felt great.

As we begin a new year, we all know how fresh it feels. We capture all of our memories within 365 days and bundle it all into a vibe. I cannot wait to run away from 2017-haha 

As 2018 approaches I hope you all have a safe New Year, and if you can take anything out of this post, take the fact that I am messy, I am human, and I am 150% relatable, so if you need advice, ask me. If you need a laugh, watch me. If you need a friend, I’m here.

We caved and made our Youtube Channel. After an insane amount of clarity, I remain humble and I am awake to reality. Making money from home is a blessing. Spending my days with my smart, growing baby girls is more than I could have ever asked for; and laying beside my best friend every night makes every day reality feel like a dream.

I cannot wait to share advice, inspiration, and a little piece of the Perry’s with you all. Our Youtube Channel is aimed towards Family, Fashion, Food, and Fitness. Life in the Fierce Lane will launch early 2018. I have insane amounts of mom advice, designs, tips, and hacks for all of you!

Have a blessed New Year!

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

I have had a lot of positive influences in my life, as well as negative influences which have built positive mindsets for me! My older sister Nicole and my family in general have all been such a HUGE support system for me as well as a select few friends who have always encouraged me! Nicole has influenced me to stick to my goals and dreams until they are accomplished, she is best at accomplishing hers! My daughter Avynn has now been my biggest pusher! Seeing her smiling every day makes me want to keep the smile on her face, and make her proud. I will never give up, because of her. She deserves a better life than I was given, and each day reminds me how crazy this world is, and how sad our economy is. Having a daughter at such a young age makes me strive even harder to become successful, so that one day, she too can do whatever she dreams to.