Tonight’s a late night post, and a few days too late! I’ve been adding more color to my wardrobe lately and I’m not complaining! 

I think what I try to embody the most when reflecting Andrea Valentini is athleisure. After children I can’t tell you how many days a week I am in “fitness attire.” Tom boy 24/7, not even kidding. 

I wanted to also throw in the fact that years ago after Avynns birth I only wore high waisted suits and one pieces, and now I throw on the bottoms with baggy pants, and tuck the one pieces into anything and everything.

Who knew I would actually love lime?! This set also reflects a few secrets that I have to share with you all in about a week!! 

Enjoy the sunshine! Lemon, Lime, and Silver are our limited edition colors for the spring and summer! All are available now at AV

Xx, 4o1fierce 


Some sunshine? 

We’ve all been struggling to see the sun these days, and I swear every time it peeks it’s way out my mood does flips. On another note, two baby girls later and none of my summer clothes from previous years fit. But I’ve never felt more of a woman, baby hips in full affect. 

When it comes to my wardrobe, on days I’m not dressed like a boy, I try to find balance in my outfits. Shorts/ skirt with a long sleeve. Jeans/ pants and a short sleeve. 

Aside from slapping on a spray tan to bring summer vibes my way, I’ve been trying to purchase more color. Not only have my outfit choices become more bold, but so have our bags over at AV !! 

White, lemon, and lime are our bolder options for this season! And they are all now available for purchase! 

I paired this lemon ‘Mary’ with a comfy outfit! Both my outfit and our bag can transcend from day to night! 

Stand Out! 

Social media man….such a love hate relationship with it, I have. For years I loooooved the simple fact that I could check in on those who I wonder about. Or that simple reminder of a birthday that pops up! Then as time passed, I realized a simple text is different. More genuine, closer to the touch. 

But mannnnn how this generation allows the simple habit of posting, to take over their daily existence. Now I’m not going to sit here and point fingers, or try to act like I’m 10 feet close to perfect; but I once was that addict. I wanted to be in the “know.” I wanted to see what everyone was doing, where everyone was going. And I honestly now know why.

I lacked a busy life style, I was a stay-at-home-mom for 2.5 years ( the longest time in my liiiife) and although 2 little girls kept my hands full, I constantly had the fear of missing out. Mostly due to my stubborn mindset, I didn’t want to give up my dreams of creating. I was great at being a mother, and great at creating. 

As soon as I took the leap and began my position as Creative Director, and Production Manager, my days turned to nights! 

Hustle is the most important word thus far. If I am simply standing still I feel as if I’m taking steps backwards. I have notebooks of ideas, and years ahead. Goals so far, and some in reach as the days move ahead. One thing is clear, I’ve been neglecting social media again. Hop on from time to time, and again-feel as though I’m taking steps backwards. I see photos of this generation all looking the same, all struggling to stay on trend; Kardashians everywhere. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my head. Planning, pushing. 

On this Monday, I finished a workout and felt accomplished, I realized half way through that giving up wouldn’t make me happy tomorrow, so instead I did 5 extra reps.

Instead of placing my phone on the opposite side of the room, I turned my negative thoughts to business thoughts. Social media is powerful; so powerful it ranks top outlet for marketing. 

I’m sitting in this small house, in the smallest state, and without hesitation realized it’s time to push forward, get out of the funk, and keep going. I promised myself to use this outlet not only as I first began its use for-writing, but to also share with you everything I have been working on! 

So many of you have been following up with my last few years of life haha , and I realized that so much of my support comes from this outlet. I want to say thank you to those who came to my office to purchase bags it’s an indescribable feeling. So much hard work and dedication goes into this line. 

So this post is to remind everyone to stand out! Don’t follow what your idea of perfection is, just be yourself. I threw myself together yesterday and got endless compliments for my tomboy outfit (especially from the cutest little ole’ ladies)! 

Our Red fabric will be taking a vacation for awhile, so these are the last of them, and guysssss I’m so in love! I hope you all enjoy, and remember sometimes a bright/bold accessory can pull together your entire look ( here I felt a taddddd bit less of a boy with this red Mary) haha

Feeling relaxed w/ The Floating Market 

If you didn’t already know, tomorrow is our due date for baby #2! What a long, but amazing 40 weeks it’s been! Being pregnant while staying home with a 3 year old has been stressful, but rewarding! As the days creep closer to having a family of 4 my anxiety has been through the roof.

If you were to ask my family and friends all they would say is that I haven’t sat still, I’ve cleaned the house a trillion times-the car over and over, tried to get rid of every last piece of dirty laundry and sheesh I’ve even given Avynns fish a whole new tank haha! Talk about nesting right?!

One thing I’ve learned since giving birth to Avynn was that we are never fully prepared. Nothing makes us more ready than the simple pure fact that we are women and this is what we were born to do. I remember how proud I felt after bringing Avynn home…all 9lb 4.5 oz 21.5″ of her….yikes!

Happy and healthy, and we treasured her. Just knowing I will feel that explosive amount of blessedness any day now is nothing but motivating. In the mean time I could lie and say I’ve been relaxed, but I’ve been non-stop.

A little company in Denver, CO called The Floating Market spoiled me with a box of goodies this week!

I dove right into the box a few days ago! As seen in the top right corner in that little purple wrapper is a “shower burst” known commonly as a bath bomb! I had a rough day with Avynn and to get her to relax too, I filled the bath and dropped one of these in!

Ave loved watching it fizz and I looooved climbing in the tub with her, while we both relaxed and I sat there brushing through her curls.

The smell filled our entire bathroom and I even used the silky water to shave my legs haha

Last night Avynn begged to use another one, so I saved this last one for me!

Along with the bursts were 3 bars of soap! “The Naked Bar” can be broken into smaller pieces and used for Ivory when she arrives! And the Lemongrass one is a vibrant green and yellow and smells so nice!

I cannot wait for my shower later because let me tell you this raspberry lemonade soap smells like heaven! And you have no idea how much the slightest smell of something has satisfied me this pregnancy! This is to die for.

I also am in love with the look of the soaps, everything about this company is perfect down to the packaging!

Another smell that I’m crazy over is this Grapefruit Sugar Scrub pictured in an orange-tone below! Kristine encouraged me to use now and after baby on my belly, especially for stretch-marks!

I have a ton of goodies for post-baby as well…for a nice calming bath with Ivory, and even some tea to drink! Like I said, this company spoiled me! 

Pictured above is their Organic Lemongrass and Hibiscus Tea! I can’t wait to try!

I encourage you all to check them out through the link above, and to see sneak peeks of new products they’re making make sure to follow them on Instagram ➡️ The Floating Market

These bath and body products are the perfect gift, and hey-treat yourself too! I’m finally feeling relaxed, the house is ready for Ivory and so are we!!!  P.s. Wishing my older sister a huge Happy 30th Birthday!!!!!!

Xx, 4O1Fierce