Some sunshine? 

We've all been struggling to see the sun these days, and I swear every time it peeks it's way out my mood does flips. On another note, two baby girls later and none of my summer clothes from previous years fit. But I've never felt more of a woman, baby hips in full affect.  When it [...]

Stand Out! 

Social media man....such a love hate relationship with it, I have. For years I loooooved the simple fact that I could check in on those who I wonder about. Or that simple reminder of a birthday that pops up! Then as time passed, I realized a simple text is different. More genuine, closer to the touch.  [...]

The Monday ‘Blues’

Hey everyone! Just a few days until March creeps up on us! March has always been my favorite month. James and I celebrate 12 crazy years this time around, Avynn turns 4 (yikes), and we start to get kissed with more sunshine!  In my last post I talked about being bold, and I think it's [...]

Navy, baby 

Sheesh everyone it's been wayyy too long. I've been doing a lot of self reflecting lately, and have made some big moves to improve my future.I will be completing my Bachelors degree finally.  I'll keep this post today short and sweet! If you're ever feeling unsure of yourself, take a step back. Going on a [...]

Nude Attitude 

                            Hey hey hey!! With Holidays literally around the corner, I haven't even had time to blink! I got hired at a new job and we leave for vacation the first week of January!  So much has been going on and pretty [...]

Monday initiated the right way! 

Hey everyone! Feels like it's been too long, I hope everyone has been enjoying time with family and friends around these holidays! Also, school is coming to an end which means studying is in full effect! Just make sure you're taking a break to enjoy the season, and not overflow with stress!!  I've been enjoying [...]

White out!

Hey guys!!  These gloomy days are worrying me, yikes...snow will be right around the corner, so I'm slowly whipping out my transition wardrobe!  I firmly believe neutrals tones over rule anything, everyday! A simple pair of white jeans can turn any outfit chic, and ladies stop being scared of wearing white after Labor Day! Haha I've always [...]