Nice Weather + Neutrals!

Hey everyone, finally excited to announce that I have dove fully into AV! We are a lifestyle brand handmade in Providence, Rhode Island! 

I will be branching down into my hometown of Wakefield and I couldn’t be more excited to share my love for our brand! 

Our bags are ideal for anyone on-the-go! Our ‘Meme’ featured in this post comes with a built in shoulder strap! Such a perfect tote! 

I loooooove that my bag can dress down or dress up any outfit! And the price just dropped $100!!! 

Ladies, you will die over this fabric, I can’t say this enough; it’s so durable! And light weight!! 

Shop with us at AV ! Also follow us on Instagram for all sneak peaks! AV

Free hands + my Holster 

Burr! I can feel fall in the air already, and of course it’s the moment I’ve been waiting for…considering I’ve been sticky and pregnant all summer!

Before it gets too chilly and we start to see the s word ‘snow’, I’ve decided to move my workouts outside. We live right across the street from a bike path, so getting out of the house has no excuse to follow!

A few months back one of my favorite brands to exist, sent me the perfect pregnancy gift! This holster I’ve been wearing for weeks!

LD West Has been a love of mine since I left Toronto! I used to travel their at least once a month last summer and it’s been so so long. These leather holsters held my phone and wallet for so many nights out.
Ladies it is so necessary, so you never have to lose your phone/ID again!

For me, it seems as if my nights out will be gone forever now that I’m a mom of 2! However, my holster has come even more a part of my daily outfits, especially now that my hands are full with the girls!

This makes it so so easy to run errands, jump in and out of the car, and like I said workouts! Now I can be hands free since my holster is always attached to me!

They come in tons of colors and even prints now!

I can never go wrong with black so of course that was my top choice. It is also customizable to your phone, so mine fits my 6S+ perfectly!

I’ve received nothing but compliments and crazy looks in grocery stores- haha 

This will be my go-to accessory all autumn long!

Thanks again to Luis at LD !!!

Last call for jeans 

So as I’ve mentioned in the previous post, we only have 5 weeks to go. I’m officially 35 weeks pregnant with baby #2, and only 35 days ’til we get to kiss her cheeks!

One thing I’ve always enjoyed about fashion is being able to dress “tomboy” with a twist. Although it was super hot, I decided Ave and I would throw some jeans on and go! And It took a good 4 minutes to get these jeans past my hips 😳

Babies really do change our womanly figure, and I cannot complain. All my life I struggled to gain weight and was self conscious of having “chicken legs, and bony knees.”

And as much as I enjoy the weight gain and widening of hips, this was my biggest pair a jeans in the closet, and they didn’t get zipped or buttoned, haha 

Clothing holds so much memory, just like photos, and both I cling to. This camo shirt I wore over 4 years ago at Halloween…so so crazy to me. These jeans Avynn has on were from a previous blog post “DIY Denim”

I’ve literally been flipping my closet upside down to help resist the urge to just throw on sweats or active wear. This “shirt” is a dress I wore months back, it’s so insane the amount of clothes I’ve been re-creating into something different.

As always I throw on a hat and go! I’ve always been such a hat girl but since becoming a mom I think there’s been a handful of times I’ve actually tried and done my hair!

Now my hair is growing at an insane pace and these roots are hiding.

Both chokers around my neck were made by me, because like I always say… Improvise with what you already have in your closet!!!

Ladies, pregnant or not start flipping your closets! Take one of your favorite dresses and use it as a tunic style shirt with some ripped boyfriend jeans and booties! It’s comfy, you don’t always have to go for a crop top!

            Until next time! Xx, 4O1Fierce


Sunday Streetwear 

Hey hey! 

So I finally hit 29 weeks and we have 11 weeks to go! Noneeeee of my clothes fit me anymore so as I’ve mentioned a trillion times before I’ve been doing some DIY activities with my clothing! I’ve been wearing James’ clothes, and turning my old jeans into shorts! 

I also went back platinum! If you know me well enough I can never ever keep my hair the same, it changes like the weather I swear! And I finally found a hat with holes so I don’t sweat all summer! 

I started my day off in wedges and switched to sneakers because this back of mine 😩😩

But overall I wanted to blog for you guys because my Timehop showed me 4 years ago when I was making shorts I was so creative with my DIY so it inspired me to keep up with it while I’m still staying-at-home! 

I love how my shorts came out! There’s no way these jeans would fit if they didn’t have a trillion holes! 

Ladies!!!! Use what you already have to create the look you want! Believe me I’ve been the one to always complain about how I have “no clothes” and really you just have to dig deeper in your closet! 

I love this tomboy look, it’s so simple with earth tones and military vibes! 


Staying Kool in Khaki cut outs 

It was finally time to figure out what I was going to do all summer with no bathing suit 😳 I have been trying on every single one I own, and finally decided to splurge on a new one! Don’t get me wrong-nothing is wrong with a cute maternity suit but I find going up a few sizes has always worked in my favor! 

I decided to go for a nice walk with my sister, followed by the most relaxing swim! It was 75* outside and beautiful! Anddddd let me just add, we hit 7 months!! Can’t believe how time is flying!

I ordered a bodysuit from Naked Wardrobe , I love love love how their clothing is simple and timeless. Although it wasn’t exactly a “swimsuit” it definitely caught my eye. 

I also whipped out my “kimono-like” cover-up. I purchased this from H+M a few years back and fell in love with the nature tones! 

I hope you’re all enjoying these gorgeous summer days! I’m now studying for my first exam of the summer session! Until next time!



Sooooo Fall neutrals are creeping their way into Spring and Summer weather, and I have zero complaints! You name it, tan, brown, maroon, khaki…and can’t forget black of course. I loooove earthy tones and Khaki/Nudes are super popular lately, so I’m excited!

Today’s Sunday + we spend every Sunday at James’ parents! There’s a small breeze so I chose to let Ave stay comfy since they installed a new swing set and I knew she’d be running around with the kids! 

What’s been so easy lately is finally finding a routine that works for Ave and I! She is in a “copying Mommy” phase and it’s way easier to match our outfits instead of her throwing huge fits and destroying her room haha

We lay out our outfits on my bed, jump in the shower, and the biggest struggle is brushing through all of her amazing curls! 

I chose to blog today to feature these jeans that I’m proud of 😏! I got these a year ago in solid khaki, and wanted to “Springify” them! 

So many friends are asking where I got them, and I finally decided to bring my creative side back and create some magic VS. spend $40 on a new pair! – I hand ripped them myself!

If interested feel free to email me for how I created this look! ➡️

I can’t stand how much Ave loves the camera ha, but don’t worry hopes for a lawyer over here, no models allowed! 

                 Happy Sunday everyone!!!