Some sunshine? 

We’ve all been struggling to see the sun these days, and I swear every time it peeks it’s way out my mood does flips. On another note, two baby girls later and none of my summer clothes from previous years fit. But I’ve never felt more of a woman, baby hips in full affect. 

When it comes to my wardrobe, on days I’m not dressed like a boy, I try to find balance in my outfits. Shorts/ skirt with a long sleeve. Jeans/ pants and a short sleeve. 

Aside from slapping on a spray tan to bring summer vibes my way, I’ve been trying to purchase more color. Not only have my outfit choices become more bold, but so have our bags over at AV !! 

White, lemon, and lime are our bolder options for this season! And they are all now available for purchase! 

I paired this lemon ‘Mary’ with a comfy outfit! Both my outfit and our bag can transcend from day to night! 


When life gives you lemons…and denim

Hey guys! It’s been 3 weeks postpartum and I’m already antsy staying in the house too much! It’s also the first official day of fall, so I decided to get out of the house and complete a DIY activity! This denim Jean jacket!

I’ve had this jacket for over a year and I’ve gone back and forth with whether or not I wanted to destroy it with rips or bleach it. With the baby here I stayed wayyyy away from bleach and decided to whip out the blades haha

Interstate Co sent me this hat and I was alllll over it! First of all the lemonade sold me because Bey Bey Bey! Total Queen, and exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Labor surprised me and once again I feel like superwoman.

There’s a bee next to the glass, and that’s me. Bringing the honey to the hive…making lemons into lemonade…taking what life throws at me and coming back stronger, and sweeter.

I know I’ll be featuring this hat more, because mom-life means no time for hair. As real as it gets, with yesterday’s makeup.

Check out their Instagram for more styles! ➡️ Interstate Co