Less is more!

Happy February 1!!! Shortest month, but with the most goals I swear! I’ve never been obsessed over Valentine’s Day – however I wanted to at least get excited for something I love- Making less more!

Since I was younger I loved to take things from my closet and transform them. I loved DIY, and I loved to create and design my own outfits. When it comes to holidays and events 8/10 I decide to put stuff together that I already have in my closet. This way I always put my own twist on whatever I wear.

When the New Year came around I wanted to go through my closet and get rid of a tonnnn. I had the thought “less is more” in mind. Minimalism. I filmed a “Less is more with L’ange” video on my channel that I will be posting! I explain here how not only was my look simple and easy, but L’ange’s products make your look more, even only using 2 products like I did!

I have a lot of comments and messages sent to me weekly asking where I purchased this or that, or even just endless compliments saying “I love how you put things together,” “I love your outfit,” “style me.” It makes me happy knowing my creativity inspires other women.

I love to take clothes and transition them, I love to layer, I love to mix things together.

In my video I show you all how to take a simple shirt, hair style, and bold lip- and use these tips for any birthday, event, holiday, or night out!

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My healthy hair journey!

I’m bacccccck! I feel that out of all social media outlets I’ve been neglecting my blog the most, and I made a promise to continue to write, write, write. So now I will start overloading you guys with posts! If you do follow my other pages/channel you probably notice how much I’ve been posting about hair, hair, hair!

I work full time for an amazing company- L’ange! I love to hop on any chance I get to share a discount with my readers, because I’m telllllling you this brand will change your life!

First and foremost I’m such a low maintenance person in general, so I have always loved at least keeping up with a funky unique hair color-but ironically the first day out of the salon was pretty much the only day I wore it down and styled- haha

I just never took time/had time to straighten my entire head, curl it, you name it. When I discovered how quick and easy L’ange made it, I fell in loooooove; and began my hair journey!

Around this time last year I had super short, bright bleached platinum/silver hair. Loved it at the time-looking back now like yikes! Although my hair was freshly chopped it looked so dead, damaged, and sad. After trying out a few products from L’ange I knew I wanted to get more involved! I began using their purple shampoo and conditioner, nourishing gloss, dry shampoo, and root booster! (Not to mention their wand that i’ll never stop bragging about). Every single one of these products has made daily & weekly appearances in my hair routine!

I noticed not only did my hair look amazing, but it felt SO soft and healthy, and was growing like weeds! You can see all of my photos on my Instagram for first-hand proof! I only decided to chop my hair again because I’m not a fan of super long hair- all I do with long hair is throw it in a bun, and if it’s down I look like I’m 12!

After collecting a ton of tools and products from L’ange, it became life changing. Having a collection with everything you could possibly need makes it so easy to manage my hair routine, in such a quick and easy way!

Check out my journey through Instagram at @Kashaxmarie

And I also uploaded a video of my hair journey on my Youtube Channel – Life in the Fierce Lane


If you have any questions, or want an amazing discount feel free to reach out!


xx, 4O1fierce

Take a challenge! (my 28 day challenge with Personal Trainer Food)

Hey guys! For awhile I’ve considered going Vegan…then had to laugh at myself. I know I can do it, I just have a fear of losing too much weight and not being able to put it back on ( I used to have a hard time gaining and keeping weight before having children).

After 2 umbilical hernia repairs on my stomach, and giving birth to 2 babies (late, and 9lb+ a piece) I decided I really badly wanted to hit my goals of feeling comfortable about my stomach again.

We live in a generation of “plastic perfection,” and no disrespect, but there are less real than fake on social media. I didn’t want to fall into the category of being competitive with other females, or to compare myself to other images I’ve seen. Instead I pushed myself to share my journey, and inspire others to embrace their natural. Bullying is real, and it seems as if it’s more indirect these days. In order to reach my body goals, I knew I had to make a huge change in my meal prepping.

I’m back in school full time again, so I wanted to make sure I was eating on-the-go, and working out as much as possible!

I began using the 28-day meal plan from Personal Trainer Food and I was shocked at how delicious everything has been!

You just order your meal plan, pick your food choices, and it ships right to your door-ready to throw in the freezer!

I uploaded a full review on my Youtube channel here – What I eat to see results!

If you are interested and have any questions feel free to send me a comment! Use my code ‘fierce175’ to save $175 on your meal plan!!

Want to see more? Head over to my instagram page at @kashaxmarie to see my entire fitness journey!!


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What’s in my bag?

Back again, I have less than 4 days until I’m back in full-time student mode, so I figured I would squeeze in as much content as possible! Blog sets will turn to tests so so soon-sigh.

So I’ve always been a big bag woman! Not “big ‘into’ bags,” but have had a love for big  bags. I throw everythinnnnnng in it, which is such a love-hate relationship.

A few months back I was sent a diaper bag/backpack/tote from Lily Jade 

I will be uploading a video on our Youtube  Channel tomorrow with all of these items I’ll be writing about here.

Being a mom “on-the-go,” means I throw everything in my bag, this is exactly why I needed a huge bag that’s sturdy, won’t bend or break, and one that will last!

The first item that always goes from my desk to my bag is my dry shampoo from L’ange

I love this dry shampoo specifically for the way it makes my hair feel and look! Usually other dry shampoos -yes correct the greasy hair, but they leave my hair feeling dry and brittle! I swear this dry shampoo is called deja vu because it brings me back to the exact moment my hair was freshly washed and dried!

It doesn’t have a color to it, so I don’t have to worry about putting this in my hair in a careful fashion-just spray, shake, and done!

I also really love how the packaging has a tight cap, so when I throw it in my bag on-the-daily, I never have spills!

You can find the dry shampoo here —> Deja Vu

Next I talked about a few more items in my bag- these amazing, thick diapers/wipes from Parasol , my favorite mascara called ‘Grand opening’ by KB  and an amazing scar cream that I’ve been using post-surgery from CELSUS!

My last 2 items I chose to share were a few more beauty items – first the Maracuja oil by Tarte , and lastly one I’m insanely crazy over, L’ange’s Root Booster

I feel as if the Root Booster and the Dry Shampoo are the dynamic duo! When my hair goes flat and greasy, especially with 2-3 day hair, or right after a work out; I find these guys are the best solution! As I said, the dry shampoo revives my hair, and this root booster gives me so much volume and fluff! I’m obsessed with the results!

I get crazy volume when I apply it to my damp hair and then blow dry it, but just as much volume with dry, flat hair! You can see the results in all of my videos where I show before and afters!

I could go on and on about every little item in my bag, it’s huge and jam packed; but these have been my go-to’s over these past few months! I would love to hear some feedback from you all about any ideas or questions you may have!

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xx, 4o1fierce


The power of Heat Shield!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a great 2018 so far! I’ve been up and at ’em. If you haven’t already seen everywhere I’ve been announcing our Youtube channel has finally launched! In these videos I am always featuring my favorite products from L’ange Hair!

I wanted to dedicate this post all about the importance of Heat Shield on your hair! Before blow drying, before straightening, and before wanding I am always coating my hair with heat shield. Misting your hair with protection is so important to avoid heat damage-and i’m the Queen of damaged hair-haha


A few years back I remember a hair dresser telling me not putting heat protectant on my hair is like throwing a dessert in the oven without coating the pan with butter/oil- yikes?!

After falling in love with L’ange it became such a habit to throw on their heat shield, and aside from feeling comfortable with not damaging my hair, I fell in love with the smell, and how it made my hair feel!

I have noticed such a difference in my hair- after straightening it with Heat shield, I no longer have those stiff dry ends. And after wanding my hair, I don’t have those little fly aways.


Lastly, if you haven’t seen my video about their Purple Shampoo and Conditioner duo, you can see it here –> SUBSCRIBE!


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Tomorrow is the last day of the craziest year. I could go on for hours complaining about the goals I didn’t reach, the opportunities that didn’t work out, the “time wasted,” the tears, the downs, and that would never ever make anything better. Never beat a dead horse…right?

I began this blog years ago. I used to vent about my emotions, and it began when I was young; when I kept a journal, and my life was in a book, not on the internet. But don’t get it twisted, please..this is only a super solid glimpse at who my family and I am.

When I went through with 2 pregnancies, it was like a huge swarm of confidence came flying towards me. So I began telling my “story,” giving advice, and trying to inspire women around the world to embrace motherhood.

This past year has taught me so many lessons, I could write a book. And of course, as I said I can sit here complaining about all of it, or flip the script like I always have. No matter how hurt we as humans get, no matter how many obstacles we face; we survive. This world is ugly, but there is still so much beauty. I decided to post a “photo-free” blog tonight. This note is first for you, Kasha. You became Mrs. James Patrick Perry this year. You successfully completed a semester packed with 5 classes this year. You loved two little girls unconditionally for 365 days straight, why is that an accomplishment? TWO IS A HANDFUL!!! You made amends with old friends, you made new friends; new connections. You learned to let go, you learned to move forward. You underwent a scary, painful surgery, and still bounced back. You are strong, determined, and you can accomplish anything.

This note is for you, my reader. For some strange reason you find yourself reading this post. You may be bored, interested, nosy, but mostly you’re inspired. If you take nothing from my blog, nothing from this “year,” take this-

YOU are strong, you are not your mistakes. You can reach any goal you set. You can cry, you can be lazy, you can make excuses; but it WILL take you longer, and put you behind.

Life happens, we are all human. (This blog post is all over the place). We are breathing, and living in a generation full of lost humans. Humans confused, aiming for more, comparing, giving up, losing hope, faith, self-respect.

Don’t get lost. Although we hold our phones 24/7, hold reality closer; the little moments tighter. Text your friends, hug your friends, kiss your family. Don’t end your night angry, or start your morning lazy. Aim to inspire at least 1 person a day.

So many confuse “social media presence” to “social media absorbed.” So many “lose themselves” on the internet. So many have 2 sides. We record memories with phones, try to use your eyeballs. I did this so many times this year, and I’m proud. I’ve attended events, brought the girls to new places, and experienced so much with my phone in my purse and not in my hand; it felt amazing.

We are privileged to have technology so close to us, as long as you keep your feet planted deep down to earth, you will never become lost. I embraced all of my platforms this year so heavily, to contribute to my family finances. It felt great.

As we begin a new year, we all know how fresh it feels. We capture all of our memories within 365 days and bundle it all into a vibe. I cannot wait to run away from 2017-haha 

As 2018 approaches I hope you all have a safe New Year, and if you can take anything out of this post, take the fact that I am messy, I am human, and I am 150% relatable, so if you need advice, ask me. If you need a laugh, watch me. If you need a friend, I’m here.

We caved and made our Youtube Channel. After an insane amount of clarity, I remain humble and I am awake to reality. Making money from home is a blessing. Spending my days with my smart, growing baby girls is more than I could have ever asked for; and laying beside my best friend every night makes every day reality feel like a dream.

I cannot wait to share advice, inspiration, and a little piece of the Perry’s with you all. Our Youtube Channel is aimed towards Family, Fashion, Food, and Fitness. Life in the Fierce Lane will launch early 2018. I have insane amounts of mom advice, designs, tips, and hacks for all of you!

Have a blessed New Year!


School and Sisters

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Hey! it’s already Friday, the holiday really made this week flyyyy! I completed my first week of school and honestly I feel like a brand new woman-no lie. Student loans escape no one, but my educational experience is so different than most. I didn’t just choose to go back to school because I want a successful higher-paying job. My biggest goal for getting this degree is dedication. I was never dedicated to school. As bad as it sounds, growing up I always imagined 2nd and 3rd chances. I was lazy, I skipped class for a sore throat. I never knew the power of dedicationuntil I became a mom. I believe education teaches dedication. It teaches us to push ourselves, stay consistent, and stay determined.

Without education in my life, I had no set plans, no huge goals, I lived day-by-day being happy with creative jobs and enjoying my family. I chose to enroll again to finish the biggest goal in my life. I used to be a quitter. I gave up when things got hard, because I had 0 direction. I no longer wanted to be an Elementary School teacher, so then what? I loved creating, loved the fashion industry but there was no way in hell I would waste 3.5 years in credits to start over and take out more loans-especially when I would never plan on moving to a fashion-focused state.

Me enrolling was baby step #1, I’ve done it before. I’ve signed up, then took a leave of absence. But this time is so different. Thursdays are my long days and I punched through it yesterday with a huge smile on my face. I forgot how much I love Psychology; it’s second nature to me. I’m the biggest people person, but also have a Psychologist’s intuition; so it’s a win-lose. I can help people, and I can see right through them.

On my off days, I am home with the girls and haven’t felt this happy in awhile. And Avynn Jade randomly asked me to blog this morning, so for the first time in months I got her and Ivory behind the camera!

Being at home with my girls used to be so stressful for me, and I’ve finally found balance. We have a routine, and it works. Ivory looks up to Avynn so much, and it makes me fall in love a thousand times.

I’m working on mayhem this weekend with my brand that is still in progress for Fall, and I have a ton of homework already; and loads of laundry!

How do I find balance? I wake up earlier than the girls and get myself ready, then I wake the baby up and it’s her turn, followed by Avynn. We eat, we plan, we run errands, and we get things done!

Today is beautiful outside and I wanted to get the girls out in the sunshine! I have had so many messages on my Facebook page about when the girls would make their appearance, and I’m so happy Ivory enjoys the camera. You will see a lot more of the girls-with our brand, and with our Youtube channel launching!

The girls are wearing Old Navy, Baby Gap, OshKosh, H&M, Children’s Place, and Nautica; everything is always tagged on Instagram at ——>  IG   <——

Xx, 4o1 Fierce

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Never lose your ‘fierce’…introducing Fierce Lane

Hi!! It’s been forever-ever, and surprisingly i’m happy about it. Mostly because I’ve taken so much time to get back in-touch with myself; and re-humble. I came to many realizations and at this point in time I’m feeling relieved, rested, and ready!

For years I blocked out reality unintentionally. I’ve always been surrounded by others who have built me up with compliments, faith, and a helping hand. So for years I never had to “try” to be happy, or “try” to be anything more than me. Growing up I remember my first passion- running. Playing manhunt and tag with my friends and sisters; I realized I was pretty fast at running. It made me feel confident knowing I was good at something. In life it seems it’s always what we have, and are great at make us feel confident.

I remember in 4th grade the last day of school we had a fitness test outside during recess. We had to complete 4 laps around the field.  Each time you completed a lap you collected a straw from the teacher. The goal was to get 4 straws or more. Now let me remind you of a few things, I just got done saying I was a fast runner, but I failed to mention the only time I was super “active” was in the summertime. So end of the school year meant I haven’t really ran in awhile. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest, and I only had 2 straws in my hand. The teacher wasn’t putting pressure on anyone to finish, we had a half an hour left of school and after laps were completed we could play as we pleased.

This was my very first experience (that I can remember/that “stuck”) where I pushed myself. The teacher just smiled at me as I hit the corner of the field on my way to her to grab my 3rd straw. As I said, she didn’t pressure anyone, but she did congratulate the students who finished with their 4th straw. This pushed me. I watched 4, 5, 6 students already playing on the dome, and running around the playground. I then heard the voice inside my head, my ‘confidence.’ I grabbed my 3rd straw and sprinted to corner #1, then jogged to the next corner, then sprinted again. I created a technique that worked for me, and allowed me to grab straw #4. But then I couldn’t get my feet to stop running. With the same technique I ran the field one last time and achieved straw #5. The only student in 20-something students to go the extra lap. Crazy how much this story speaks to me 17 years later.

Back then the looks of the other students as the teacher announced my accomplishment never bothered me. I stayed confident and smiled. I so badly wanted to keep those 5 cheap familiar striped straws. Something about handing them back to my teacher gave me a weird gut-feeling.

This small story is more than straws, I realized my strength like all children do, because when we are young we are innocent, unexposed, and unapologetic. The craziest part about my story is I remember my teacher out of the corner of her eyes roll them at me, like I was so “extra” and she was so annoyed as she waited for me to go the extra lap. Some how that didn’t phase me at that moment, but now it sticks.

As I grew through life I feel that I didn’t start judging myself ever until I became a mother, and this unfortunately didn’t work in my favor. Giving birth to Avynn felt like my biggest accomplishment. Prior to pregnancy I made selfish mistakes, learned the harshest lessons, lost friends, and pushed others away to focus on family. At the time I felt great, but something was still missing. Before becoming pregnant I was a workaholic, and loved to create in my spare time. Since I was young, adults, peers, and youth would always compliment my creations, and I allowed fear to take over. What if I mess up? Just like I’ve made mistakes in the past, I felt hey, if I make a mistake in my art, I will have a bad experience with the future.  How crazy was my brain? Confident Kasha, became Kasha who would never stop overthinking. I stopped creating, gave birth to Avynn, and stopped going to school. So I threw away my goals, and my passion; and transitioned into Motherhood. Avynn became my world; our world.

Since over 4 years ago when I went through with my first pregnancy, I have evolved. I hate saying ‘changed,’ because the little voice-in-my-head is still the same. I just never chose to listen to her; especially in times of fault, dishonesty, and disloyalty.

There is a lot I will not mention, because huge parts of my life I never, will never, and have never shared on social media. I believe social media should be used as a positive outlet, and too much is never good. However, I went through a depression, and the worse part about it wasn’t pushing friends/family away, losing friends, or stopping my education, those can all be fixed. The worse part was losing myself. Ignoring the little voice, making excuses, and shutting out reality. I did this for 3.5 years. I settled, I worked my ass off for others, and put myself last. This entire time I was completely unhappy in my head with who I was becoming and never took the leap to a fresh start.

They say having 1 child is tough, but having 2 is like having 20 and they are not lying!

Ivory came along, and I felt a burst of happiness again, I was engaged to the love of my life, had a beautiful completed family, and started to create goals for myself again. But goals are nothing if you aren’t reaching, running, or climbing. Many of my goals were never met because of my “back-up plans.” These were times where I’ve convinced myself that where I was at was normal and perfectly fine with the circumstances I was given, and I would ride those experiences out. The common ground for all was that they slowly ended. I don’t put blame on anyone aside from myself. Finding excuses in life always has an underlying meaning and message. I’ve discovered, and knowingly all along this was embedded in my journey; my Lane.

Working with other people and for other people is an amazing experience. I have 0 regrets of my life lessons (aside from a few which was my doing). I have learned skills, the industry, but most of all, I have learned exactly who I am. Why I feel the way I feel and why I do the things I do. I have a creative mind, and I have shut her out for far too long. I’ve given glimpses to others of my talents and I believe these experiences have brought me to my next chapter in life. I am a mother of two first before I am anything else. If I can be who I want to be while being the best mother I can be, then why  would I ever give that up? Because of being a mother all I’ve heard these past 4+ years are “You do what you can with what you have” NOPE.  I’ve always let doubting words go in one ear, and out. What I couldn’t succeed in was putting all of my ability into other experiences because there were limits.What I can do is prove myself wrong, and prove to my girls that anyone can accomplish anything with passion, dedication, and faith. With me in control, I am limitless.

This is a message to anyone depressed, anyone who needs humbling, anyone who feels they want to give up, or anyone who has been ignoring their “little voice.” Having children does put a bump in your life, physically, financially and emotionally, haha. Having children does not mean your life is over, your goals end, or you necessarily have to give up all of your passions. Life is about balance. I believe balance will be an ongoing adjustment in my life, but now I’ve come to earth with myself. I wished and prayed, was in the sky with my reality, and now I’ve landed. With self realization came a plan. I planned to keep my goal of school in September, while living through my creativity in design. I’ve always customized clothing, and the ongoing question was always ‘Kasha do you still make ___? I want them so bad. Family and friends, and of course James always told me to go for it but I took these compliments as them just being “nice.” Let me tell you, if  you have someone in your life who pushes you, sees the fire in your eyes and continues to light that spark-never take advantage of them.  James perfected my first collection.

My excuses have ended. I’m making amends with people, experiences, and my flaws. Fear comes natural but this is what I’ve learned- Accepting that you are not fearless is what makes you fierce. So this is the beginning of a new journey, a Lane, and best believe it is a Fierce one.

We launched Fierce Lane last night, and I’ve already received an overwhelming amount of support and response. I am not screaming my accomplishments, only inspiring those who feel they are holding back in life. Cut the rope, cut ties, and go for it! I mentioned earlier how things in life that we are great at make us confident, For me, all of my flaws, faults, and negative experiences have built me back up. Allow your downfalls to dub-you-up!

My first collection is called the “6th Collection,” 6th grade was the first time in my life where I was thrown out of my comfort zone. I moved to a new town and still remained unapologetic. I was me, I made friends, I stayed confident, and wait for it……I wore pink every.single.day. I loved something, I stuck with it, and bam. The 6th Collection is my first set of “Strip slides.” I can’t wait to share more details with you, however I am now awaiting my patent and can’t share too much!

This was the longest.post.ever.

Thank you for listening, I hope you love my new Lane

xx, 4o1 Fierce


Jypsy in the 4O1 


So I’ve been dying to connect with more lifestyle brands and when I finally jumped on the phone with founder of Jypsy Life, I fell in love! Her story was completely inspiring!

It’s always so important to understand and believe in a companies vibe and vision!

The Jypsy Life is a movement, focusing on both it’s people and growth. This is no doubt the most organic underground movement of this generation.

Everyone who has a custom-made Jypsy item has met a Jypsy and has been linked into the movement.

The company has even refused to grant access of the website to the general public.

The Jypsy Life is the wanderlust of mind, fashion, art, relationships and celebration.

Getting lost in our lives on purpose serves a purpose and in the end we as Jypsies realize the best things in life were never the things we can touch, but the things we feel!

I never planned to become a mother of 2 at 25 years old, but that’s what life’s journey is really about, the unexpected. We get thrown these rocks and we either catch them and stack them, scatter them, or we can choose to let them weigh us down.

I really don’t know what my life would have turned out to be, but my shifts in job titles, career, friendships, and future goals have all slowly changed and now finally are aligning.

Based on true journeys and experiences, the jypsies are nomadic people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds that share our individual style, secrets and philosophies to eachother.

We live to inspire, to give back, to take life as a journey, and as it comes.

With another little girl on the way any day now, embracing how life has turned out for me has done nothing but humble me and fill my heart. Red is the most powerful color, I am a powerful woman. We as women, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives; we are the future. Embrace your journey, even when it feels like you’ve hit rock bottom. The grass sometimes shines greener on the other side.