Mid-week Metallics

                                Hey hey!!
I’m already half way through my second week of classes-so I have bragging rights right now haha 

Wednesday’s have always been my favorite day of the week, mid-way through, and something always made me feel so accomplished waking up Wednesday mornings! Sadly this means September is half way gone, and summer is fading. This is my time for transition outfits: where I take choices and combine seasons. This usually happens in layers- that is why I loooooove Fall; L A Y E R S!!!

A friend of mine who I actually haven’t seen in years reached out to me explaining she just opened her first boutique! I was so excited for her and she sent me some goodies! Because I under went surgery this summer I honestly think I’ve been in a bathing suit maybe 5x. 

She sent me a few 1 pieces, and this one fit best ( although I never show the full details since I refuse to expose my stomach right now). I’ve recently also been rocking a pair of sunnies from her boutique as well, they can be seen on my Instagram in my most recent photos! At @kashaxmarie . 

Anyways, I love that the metallic one piece matched my metallic booties I snagged a few months back from ZARA . 

I feature these in a lot of photos because they remind me of a pair of rose gold metallic flats I had years ago, and I’m so glad my love for futuristic fashion is making a small spot light. 

I wore these to class yesterday and got stopped by so many girls! One told me, “this outfit is confident,” haha

You can find similar booties everywhere like Here …. Here …. Here ( I tried to give you guys some versatility)! 

Denim-on-denim will never stop (forewarning you now), so of course I took advantage of this once again as you can see. I treated the swim suit as a body suit which pictured looks like a bralette. 

You can find her boutique on Instagram at @24kclothing_ ( you will see more from her line on my Instagram)!

Next I wanted to talk about this jacket I’ve showcased a few times! Another friend of mine owns this company Jypsy! I’ve blogged about this brand in the past (I styled a red Adidas Jypsy bomber). 

I’m obsessed with this acid wash “Cotton Candy” jean jacket! I’ve been trying so hard to embrace color in my wardrobe! 

You can find/follow this brand here at @Jypsy.life 

As you can see in this photo 

my hair has some waves; I’ve been mentioning in several posts now that I’ve teamed up full-time with L’Ange Hair <—— that link gives you my insane discount code. I’ve never been the type to obsess over my hair, but it’s been so soft and fluffy! 

Feel free to ask me any questions about our products! To achieve the wavy look above I used the 25mm (1inch) Titanium blush wand! I can give you half off -like I said insaneeeee

I chose to layer my outfit to transition these summer-like pieces. My spray tan has faded, and my metallic sunnies went missing ; but overall this look was comfy and confident haha 


Bright + Bold 

Hey everyone!!! Can’t believe we are almost in Spring!! The weather here in the 401 has been soooo back and forth, but hey no complaints-I love the sunshine! 

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I began working as Creative Director for a Vegan lifestyle brand! I will slowly transition to blog for our Brand, but in the meantime go follow us at @AndreaValentini on Instagram!

I was inspired for today’s look by our medium sized tote ‘Mary.’ I loooooove this bag in red it’s super bold!

I decided to pair my outfit with a bold lip as well! 

There’s nothing I love more than denim on denim, I swear it’s stuck with me since the Osh Kosh days. My grandma would always make fun of me and call me a ‘farmer girl.’ Haha 

I love using denim as a platform neutral. You can pretty much pair it with any shoe and accessory, so I went super bold here!

This tote is the perfect size for me if I’m just taking it easy for the day, when I’m on-the-go I need a bag much bigger to throw everything in quickly- mom habit, am I right?!

I love the little pops of red and metallic, I think it really makes a simple denim outfit more complex!Ladies… when’s the last time you fell in love with a bag?! It’s always been such a struggle for me to find a bag that’s the perfect size, structure, and color. Then finding one it would always be a question about ‘if the price is right?’ 

I used to spurge on accessories, only to realize a few months later I’ve destroyed them. 

What made me fall for these bags was how durable I noticed they were right away! I’ve always been the type of girl to buy a new bag/new sunglasses and “wear them to death.” Seriously… I would find the perfect bag (rarely) and wear it so often that it would tear, stain, and look so dingy. 

Because these bags are made from re-purposed foam they are completely realistic for me. They last forever, are easy to just wipe off, and they’re built so strongly even with all of the items I shove in there, it’s still so durable and lightweight-totally essential for a mom of 2, or any woman who craves strength in a bag haha 

Our entire collection of bags, accessories, and home decor are Vegan, Textured, Utilitarian, Durable, Re-Purposed, and High Performance. I fell in love with the look of the bags, but then once I touched them I couldn’t leave the studio without one! 

I’ll definitely collect more colors in this bag, it comes in a vibrant blue as well as more neutral tones. I find these bags to be a huge statement piece-small yet striking! 

Have any questions about our ‘Mary’? Let me know! 

I hope you are all enjoying this long weekend!!! 

Xx, 4O1Fierce