School and Sisters

  Hey! it's already Friday, the holiday really made this week flyyyy! I completed my first week of school and honestly I feel like a brand new woman-no lie. Student loans escape no one, but my educational experience is so different than most. I didn't just choose to go back to school because I want a successful … Continue reading School and Sisters


Pineapple Prints w/Princess

Another gloomy day here in R.I. "Cooler + Warmer" right?! 😳 haha too soon? It's already been almost a week since we returned from Florida, and we are wishing for warmer days!  Last week my mom + I woke up and made fresh smoothies for breakfast, which encouraged my and Ave's Pineapple printed day in … Continue reading Pineapple Prints w/Princess

Arts + Crafts w/Ave!

Today was a gorgeous day! James started his second job so he had the car all day, so Ave and I had to improvise! For the past few months I have been home with Avynn, cleaning and keeping ourselves busy. A few weeks ago James and I picked up a bunch of Arts + Crafts … Continue reading Arts + Crafts w/Ave!