School and Sisters

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Hey! it’s already Friday, the holiday really made this week flyyyy! I completed my first week of school and honestly I feel like a brand new woman-no lie. Student loans escape no one, but my educational experience is so different than most. I didn’t just choose to go back to school because I want a successful higher-paying job. My biggest goal for getting this degree is dedication. I was never dedicated to school. As bad as it sounds, growing up I always imagined 2nd and 3rd chances. I was lazy, I skipped class for a sore throat. I never knew the power of dedicationuntil I became a mom. I believe education teaches dedication. It teaches us to push ourselves, stay consistent, and stay determined.

Without education in my life, I had no set plans, no huge goals, I lived day-by-day being happy with creative jobs and enjoying my family. I chose to enroll again to finish the biggest goal in my life. I used to be a quitter. I gave up when things got hard, because I had 0 direction. I no longer wanted to be an Elementary School teacher, so then what? I loved creating, loved the fashion industry but there was no way in hell I would waste 3.5 years in credits to start over and take out more loans-especially when I would never plan on moving to a fashion-focused state.

Me enrolling was baby step #1, I’ve done it before. I’ve signed up, then took a leave of absence. But this time is so different. Thursdays are my long days and I punched through it yesterday with a huge smile on my face. I forgot how much I love Psychology; it’s second nature to me. I’m the biggest people person, but also have a Psychologist’s intuition; so it’s a win-lose. I can help people, and I can see right through them.

On my off days, I am home with the girls and haven’t felt this happy in awhile. And Avynn Jade randomly asked me to blog this morning, so for the first time in months I got her and Ivory behind the camera!

Being at home with my girls used to be so stressful for me, and I’ve finally found balance. We have a routine, and it works. Ivory looks up to Avynn so much, and it makes me fall in love a thousand times.

I’m working on mayhem this weekend with my brand that is still in progress for Fall, and I have a ton of homework already; and loads of laundry!

How do I find balance? I wake up earlier than the girls and get myself ready, then I wake the baby up and it’s her turn, followed by Avynn. We eat, we plan, we run errands, and we get things done!

Today is beautiful outside and I wanted to get the girls out in the sunshine! I have had so many messages on my Facebook page about when the girls would make their appearance, and I’m so happy Ivory enjoys the camera. You will see a lot more of the girls-with our brand, and with our Youtube channel launching!

The girls are wearing Old Navy, Baby Gap, OshKosh, H&M, Children’s Place, and Nautica; everything is always tagged on Instagram at ——>  IG   <——

Xx, 4o1 Fierce

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Pineapple Prints w/Princess

Another gloomy day here in R.I. “Cooler + Warmer” right?! 😳 haha too soon?

It’s already been almost a week since we returned from Florida, and we are wishing for warmer days! 

Last week my mom + I woke up and made fresh smoothies for breakfast, which encouraged my and Ave’s Pineapple printed day in the sun! 

So crazy thinking we were lounging in the backyard getting sun kissed! Avynn has been nothing but excited for “our baby.” Which reminds me…only 3 more days until we find out if the babe is a little 🎀 or 🚙!!! What do you all think?! 

Surprisingly this year Ave has kept her sunglasses on and enjoys them (she copies whatever I do). 


Ave’s outfit screams vacation! She refused to swap out these sandals for any others that we packed, so cute how she loves these! Again I mentioned in my previous post these gladiators are from Target
Her shorts I thrifted last year-the perfect shade of dark denim! Also this little 🍍 tank came 2 in a pack for only $10 at TJ Maxx



Such a comfy day in our Pineapple Prints! My top and shorts are from Forever 21 and these cat eye sunnies again are Steve Madden.

Fingers crossed these May flowers come quick!



Arts + Crafts w/Ave!

Today was a gorgeous day! James started his second job so he had the car all day, so Ave and I had to improvise! For the past few months I have been home with Avynn, cleaning and keeping ourselves busy. A few weeks ago James and I picked up a bunch of Arts + Crafts so on days when Ave is CRAZY, it would give us something to do!

Today after cleaning out the kitchen, her and I found some old Sunflower seeds (we are all addicted to them). I remembered seeing a cute activity on Pinterest using Sunflower seeds and Construction paper!

All we needed was glue, tape, scissors, construction paper, Sunflower seeds, and Avynn’s hands (to trace) 😉

When I graduated high school and knew I wanted to be an Elementary School teacher I remember being so excited for school activities-and although I no longer desire to teach, I love Arts + Crafts, especially with Ave!

We had fun with flowers today!