Tomboy X

It’s been forever, I know I know! It was my Spring break this past week, and all I did was stress about 1 more mid term coming Tuesday- haha

James and I go to always go to Florida every year for our Anniversary, and Avynn’s birthday as well. This year we decided to skip the vacation and reach some bigger goals.

With being on-the-go (always) I promised myself I’d do more than just “throw myself together”, but Menswear has been my go-to since pregnancy!

I teamed up about a month ago with a brand called TomboyX . I love what their brand stands for, they embrace all shapes and sizes-they sell bras and underwear. I decided to wear my 9″ briefs in a menswear look that was so so comfy!

I loved the color of these boxers, and how soft they are. These are from their Micromodal collection! I have another pair I’ll be capturing soon. James is already fighting me for these.

Hopefully we will be seeing more of a glimpse of Spring soon-I love taking basic shoes and a basic top, and having shorts/skirt as the highlight!


Wait….Winter workouts?!

So obviously we’ve all heard of “making summer bodies in the winter” right? I really never even attempted this until after I had little babes! You know the whole no shaving in winter? Haha let’s just say I used to hibernate my workouts all winter long pre-babies.

In today’s society I swear bullying is getting worse, and self esteem is dropping lower-let me re-phrase true self acceptation is decreasing no matter how much confidence people show online. I won’t get much into that today, after all this is about outer appearance I want to focus on!

After kids not only did my day-to-day life/school/work schedules change but my eating habits/workout habits/”lack-there-of” have all gone bonkers. After Avynn, and again after Ivory I developed umbilical hernias. This made my workouts super painful and made my stomach constantly bloat. After giving birth to these huge monsters my midwife suggested for me to grab a waist trainer and train 2 hours a day to help re-build my core. After undergoing a surgery to repair 2 huge hernias in July my workouts have fluctuated.

This post is for the Mama’s, or really anyone super busy who needs alternatives. Or maybe this post is for me-to motivate, to look back and see progress.

After Avynn my stomach was terrible. I carried a 9lb 4.5 oz 21.5″ beast , and once she arrived my skin was stretched, my stomach was scarred and marked. I did core workouts and used a ton of “wraps” on my tummy and almost 2.5 years later I was seeing results but never publicly would reveal my stomach (aside from family). However, my confidence remained because I gave birth to a mix of myself and the love of my life- life’s greatest gift.

It reminded me of childhood where I remember never judging myself, never caring about anything physically aside from how skinny I was and how hard it was for me to gain weight. I remember buying boxes of Twinkie’s and housing them before bed-lol gross.

After Ivory my hernias were worse-another big babe: 9 lb 1.5oz 20.5″ thanks Jamesy

Now after Ivory, I realized how much harder life was with 2. Guys….INSANE. Two girls is like having 20 I swear it. I love it though, I’m busy, or stressing 24/7. So when I’d want to bang out a workout I’d finally get Ivory down, while Avynn destroyed her room with dolls, clothes, and anything she could steal from my room.

I soon started chopping workouts in half-then I’d throw my waist trainer on and be out-the-door.

I slowly started slipping into a depression- life, unfortunate events, and lack of workouts took over me. So the waist trainer turned to a habit. Then I had my surgery. After surgery I had 8 weeks with no lifting-yikes

Depression grew and grew, I needed a boost quick. I hurdled over all of my downfalls and slowly started workouts again. Once I started my semester in September between classes I drove home while my mom still had my girls and I killed every workout. To speed up results I started using a scar cream from Celsus . They sent it to me just in time for my surgery and I finally whipped it out.

It’s now 5 months later and my skin is finally tightening, my abs are slowly creeping through, and my surgery scars are fading beautifully-esp with a fresh spray tan

Their scar cream is used for not only scars but stretch marks and also helps with anti-aging!

I’m offering a discount for anyone interested!

However, to complete this post I have a few tips to reaching those body “wins.”

First: Accept that you’re human, but don’t use that as an excuse. I did this for too long. Telling myself “oh well, you’re never going to look better you had two kids.” This is crap. Because I’m a strong woman, I bounce back; we all do. It’s mind over matter for sure, and I wish I screamed this in the mirror 4 years ago.

Second: Make time for you! I’m extremely blessed with way too much help from my huge family. My mom, my sisters, my brother, James’ family; everyone. Since day one if I had appointments, work, school, blog events, anything: I could count on someone. Don’t be scared to ask for help, or accept help. You’re not a bad person for taking some time for you. Don’t go crazy, just take a segment of time out of your day/week to get yourself pampered, go to the gym, escape life and read a book for an hour. Mine was going home and working out before picking the girls up

Third: EAT! No seriously, too many people stay so busy they skip meals. This was 2017 in a nut shell for me. First I started working 2 jobs trying to hustle-only eating breakfast then a late dinner after 9:30pm. Then I started classes and picked on snacks between classes-you could say the coffee diet was reaaaaaal. However I soon realized the only words out of my mouth each day was “ughh I’m so tired.” Breakfast is most important, we all know that, but all day we need to snack, and eat for energy- otherwise we crash, slump, and become lazy. Common sense right? So I learned to plan ahead. Left overs are perfect lunches. Eggs with peppers and onions cooks in 6 minutes-bam. And then, grab a protein shake, this gives me more energy than any coffee!

Lastly: Find balance. It’s the hardest part of becoming a parent let me tell you. It’s a tough feeling knowing you have to rely on someone else to care for your children so you can selfishly go to school or go to work. This is why I understand why people wait until career stages to have children. Or why people marry then have children-I don’t know how single parents do it-I’m so blessed to have James. I’m so blessed for my family for helping me. However, as I said it’s tough finding balance/accepting balance. You want to dedicate all of your energy into one thing; being a good parent, but spending time away from the girls to go to class or work kills, especially knowing someone else is with them so much. Or wanting to put all of your energy into taking care of your body but instead skipping meals. But we can all be selfish. Again, take an hour a day to do something for yourself.

I find flexibility in motherhood. I won’t workout every day, but I find 5 Days. I throw some Celsus on my stomach, clip on my waist trainer and keep it on for a few hours after my workouts. Not only has my waist trainer helped with workouts, but after workouts it makes my stomach feel so much better. You have to find what works best, what boost helps results come quicker. I always thought it was harder to workout than to be lazy but I was 100% wrong. It’s way harder being lazy. Because all the results we’ve built up, restarts and it’s 10x harder to step back up again.

Triple threat 

Happy Wednesday! Happy October! I say this every time but it’s seriously been forever. I’m a busy bee, 5 classes is no joke, with 2 girls is even more hilarious: but needless to say I’m killin it! 

I’m working for an amazing brand right now (from home which is ideal), so I promised myself I would blog more and have the girls involved. I’ve gotten so many requests for the girls to be in the spotlight again and honestly how could I resist?! 

Avynn loves her photo taken, but Ivory was a whole different story haha- James was a trooper he kept chasing her then putting her in her “spot” and running out of the frame quickly

Cheetah/leopard made its way back on shelves and I’m not mad. I feel a sense of power wearing it, it’s so bold. The girls are animals so this was perfect for them 

I’ve had this top for years, and also I’m loving how faux leather is back! 

I tried to dress down my look with these slippers from Simply Vera Wang

Also, I love that I can dress this skirt up or down, with a blouse or a loose tee! 

Ave was in such a good mood she kept saying “Mama remember we used to blog when Ivory was in your belly?” Haha

I used to do anything to keep us out of the house while I was still pregnant  but having 2 girls is like having 20, I swear 

We grabbed some pretty cute shots, and how cute are their matching skirts from Old Navy?!You guys will also see a lot more of this bag! I’ve teamed up with Lily Jade-this is the chic-est diaper bag I’ve ever seen- obsessed! I’ll be posting on Instagram some amazing features it has!  

I’ll keep it short and sweet today- but I wanted to throw red into this blog set to symbolize the strength and power of family. Vegas is still in my thoughts and prayers, and it’s been so hard for me to shake. Hold your family and friends extra tight, all we need to spread is love more than anything. 

Ladies in Lanoosh

It’s officially so so chilly already, so when we received these matching dresses my first thought was layers! Since Avynn was born we’ve always matched, mostly because since James and I were 13 we used to match our outfits in school…people always called us corny haha

Although Ave and I always matched we never had identical clothing until these were sent to us from Lanoosh !

I decided to try and make our outfits more “in season,” by throwing some fringe details together! I also tied the dress up for a tunic-style. 

Other than the fact that I’m already super pale, I wanted to layer the dress with some cut off jeans to stay warm, and add balance to our outfits!

If you haven’t noticed already, I completely chopped my hair! Well not me, but my go-to friend and hair queen Complex Beauty did! We are doing something crazy to my hair right after Halloween and my birthday! 

Avynn was so obsessed with her dress, and we spent James’ day off in Newport. Everyone was driving by and riding their bikes by taking photos of us, they loved the matching outfits!

Pretty soon Ivory will be able to match us too! Check out Lanoosh on Instagram as well!  ➡️ Lanoosh

Wednesday Whites!

Finally some rain to get rid of this sticky wether! I know all of you are probably thinking, shut upppp, we wanted a beach day….but my 9 1/2 month pregnant butt is so sticky this summer!

We are now at 37 weeks 5 days, and I have no idea if I’m more dilated this week than last, but I will find out Friday. It’s so scary now thinking about where I’ll be when my water breaks (if it does), mostly because I’m always on the go this pregnancy! I have 3 nights of class left!!!! And I’ve been taking a small few days off of work to rest because my feet are so swollen. Cankles on cankles!

Spending these last few weeks with Avynn is so important because soon it will be all 3 of us girls. So what better than matching head-to-toe with her?!

I finally found a pair of Reebok classics in her size, and they’re the cutest little things!

We got completely rained out today, so we will do some laundry + studying!

Also did I mention I finally gave into a pair of maternity shorts?! I shouldn’t say “gave in,” maternity clothes are actually so cute these days….I mainly just never find the perfect fit, and these shorts were the perfect match! I found them on clearance at H+M for only $7!!!?!

Avynns entire outfit was found at Target … I’m so in love with these little spandex shorts on her!

                                Until next time!

Xx, 4O1Fierce 


Blacks + Brights! 

9 months pregnant, and Avynn can’t be more excited to become a big sister! It’s the sweetest thing, she wakes up every morning and kisses my belly saying “good morning Ivory” or “I miss you Ivory,” I can’t take it 😩

Being 9 months pregnant in the summertime with a 3 year old means I have 0 energy to get us completely dressed and ready. I’ve literally been keeping a water bottle in the car, and slicking my hair back while dumping it on my head. (Attempting to look somewhat chic, but feel the chill).

Although the weather in Rhode Island is so sticky and humid, we decided to drape our brights over our backs!

I’ve had this coral-neon jacket for years I honestly think I found it at a TJ Maxx in Florida.

As I always say, dresses are so necessary this pregnancy -or any.

We decided to be crazy and wear all black with our brights! It was the same exact aesthetic of a blog photo Ave and I did over 2 years ago when she was just a little babe… Look!

These photos keep popping up on my Facebook Timehop and let me tell you I have allllll the feels!

Avynns tribal bright jacket is from H+M , and she’s wearing another one of our homemade chokers!

Despite the weather as I keep mentioning, I decided to whip these jackets out of the closet because we have been revamping the closets like crazy! These are such Springy jackets and by next Spring, I’m sure Ave’s jacket will be handed down to Ivory!

                               •27 days!!!!!•

 Xx, 4O1Fierce


Comfy tees for maternity!

Happy July everyone!
I just received the cutest packages in the mail from a small company called HotMamashop! They make graphic tees for maternity and wanted me to share with my mommy readers!

I told them I was a medium and I looooove how these tees have length to them, because this belly is peaking out 👀
We are now 32 weeks!!!!!

I will also be doing a giveaway! I have 3 tees all in a size medium, all you have to do is go to my Instagram @Kashhmarieee and follow me, like the photo I posted featuring one of their tees, tag 2 friends under the photo and follow their Instagram @hotmamashop7 once you’ve completed these steps make sure you announce that you’ve entered to win!

I will announce the 2 winners Saturday July 9!

                                     Good luck! 


Bare snacks + bare feet!

Hey everyone! It’s officially the first day of summer and how exciting, I only have 4 more classes left and 9 weeks until we meet Ivory Elle! 

I’ve been so fortunate to have so many gifts being sent my way! I just received a box of goodies from BareSnacks! They gave me 5 assorted bags of dried apples/bananas, and baked coconut chips (our FAVE)! 

These snacks are Gluten free and delicious! 

Of course I’ve had the worse sweet tooth with my little girl and had to add these honey coconuts to my butterscotch soft serve (so so good). With my original baked coconut chips I’ve been adding to my yogurts for a nice twist on breakfast! 

Avynn fell in love with these snacks as well, we packed our 2 top faves for a day on the water (Fuji + Reds Organic Apple chips, and Honey Coconut chips)

We’ve been bringing these on our walks for a snack and I’m so glad she loves them as much as I do. Our big bag of Apples are gone!

I highly recommend you to order, the medium and large bags are resealable and make the perfect snack for a beach day! 

Follow them on Instagram as well ➡️ BareSnacks

DIY Denim/Jeans + JORD

Hey guys!!

It’s been absolutely nothing but rainy in the 401 until finally today the sun made it’s appearance! During our down-days Ave and I have had a ton of extra time for DIY activities! For those of you wondering what “DIY” means, it’s an acronym for “do-it-yourself.” -Stay tuned for DIY Nursery crafts 😉

I swear I’m the Queen of DIY. I’ve always loved thrift shopping and re-creating looks that are chic, for cheap! I used to make DIY distressed shorts for the longest time, and lately I’ve been shredding jeans like it’s my job!

This week on one of the rainy days, while Avynn was napping I ripped up some boyfriend jeans of hers!

On this day we matched perfectly (I ripped hers identical to mine)! A ton of you messaged me through Facebook asking where I bought her + mine, and the truth is, we re-vamped what we already had!

I figured since I received so many responses I would blog Avynn wearing them, which brings us to today-Denim x Denim!

She was completely wild today even after a nap! Avynn’s sandals were gifted. Her denim button up is Children’s Place and her acid wash hooded vest is from H&M!

I’ve loved doubling denim for years- it’s such a 90’s look, I could find a ton of childhood photos of me in OshKosh! However today I chose to go with denim because I received a watch in the mail right before Mother’s Day from JORD and I’m obsessed!!!!!!!!!

My watch is in the design “FieldCrest-Maple.” You can see the stock photo here ➡️ FieldCrest-Maple

 The color of the watch is actually the Original wood after being conditioned with Tung Oil ( this prevents the wood from cracking)!

I love the light Maple it will go with everything! I’ve never been a huge watch girl, I’ve always felt that the typical Michael Kohrs + Fossils were always too flashy, and I feel these wooden watches are completely versatile!

For all of my readers who are as obsessed with these Wooden watches as I am, I am happy to share an amazing promotion with you!

By clicking the link below you will be entered to win a $75 voucher to go towards any watch of your choice! Your email will be entered, and the winner will be chosen May 29! But wait it’s such a win-win situation! Even if you don’t win the $75 voucher, each “loser” will still receive an E-Card for $20 off any JORD watch! Amazing right?! Follow this link to enter ➡️ GIVEAWAY!

Any questions about the watch or any details from today feel free to shoot me an email ➡️

                                      Good Luck!