Nude Attitude 

                            Hey hey hey!!

With Holidays literally around the corner, I haven’t even had time to blink! I got hired at a new job and we leave for vacation the first week of January! 

So much has been going on and pretty soon I’ll be working wearing scrubs, so I’ve been trying my hardest to whip all of my favorite items out of my closet! 

I have such a fun announcement for the first of the year, and I’ve never been so unsure about something ever haha 

And guys don’t worry, I’m NOT pregnant again, ha 

Although it’s been soooo cold here in the 401, I’ve been refusing to bundle up (clearly why I’m feeling sick). I whipped this favorite coat of mine out finally!

And although these heels are 2 sizes too big, I’ve still been rockin’ with them! 

These jeans I’ve had for forever and when I tell you they’re my favorite, they’re top fave! They’re high waisted, and surprisingly from Charlotte Russe! 

I think I only have 3 pairs of denim that fit still and these are one of the few that aren’t ripped!

I received the cutest little necklace with my daughters names Ivory, and Avynn on the ‘dog-chain-like’ pieces

I haven’t taken it off, I’ve already had a few people ask where I received it from! 

Lemon Bug Shop sent me this necklace, that I know I will for sure be blogging frequently wearing! 

My necklace was custom made with the girls names, and I chose the font, and to have mine gold;

Order yours here ➡️ Lemon Bug Shop
I snagged this cute mock neck sweater for only $10 at H&M! 
My huge obsession with neutrals continues, and I find it’s easiest to throw outfits together in my closet by mixing hues like these hues of nudes!

Before I embark on a new career journey I made a promise to myself to stay up-to-date with my blogging, and with Florida creeping up on us, you’ll be seeing a lot more from my closet!! 

Xx, 4O1 Fierce 

A day with De La Luna

As I’ve been saying in the past few posts, we’ve been recieving so many nice gifts, it’s been so amazing!

Not only have the girls been spoiled, but now I’m receiving endless goodies as well! They are making me feel beautiful!

I collaborated with De La Luna and modeled this beautiful timeless necklace!

It is the perfect length, especially since I always layer my jewelry! It comes in gold, silver, and rose gold.

I figured I whip out this body suit before summer is seriously over!

Head over to their artsy shop at ➡️ DLL

And also, give their Instagram a follow ➡️ DLL

‘Til next time!

                                   Xx, 4O1Fierce

Whites on a Wednesday!

Today is a huge day! Yesterday we found out we are having another GIRL! What’s more amazing than that right? We run the world! Today I get to to see her little face in a 3D Ultrasound so I’m super excited! I decided to wear “all white” today because it’s a little hint at what we are naming our second little babe! 😏

Also, as I mentioned since we do “run the world,” today Beyonce inspired me (per usual).

As much as the word “trend” is despised in the fashion world, I couldn’t think of a better way to describe today’s post! Trends come and go, and nothing is better than classic pieces that aren’t considered “trendy,” I feel that’s where true style stays! However, since Beyoncé dropped her “Formation” video I’ve been dying to get my hands on an insane “statement” necklace like hers!-Which are “trending” like crazy! (Along with these classic braids of course)

Who else but Bey makes a better statement?! I’m all about crazy unique pieces, and I finally found a place where they sell exactly that!
I got in contact with some amazing people over at Mirina Collections  and they wanted to make me a “Mirina Girl.”

They sent me a few pieces and I am in LOVE!

A few days ago I received my layered necklace called “Ashes” on their site, and had no idea I was layering it wrong!


I was wondering why the top piece wasn’t staying centered….oops

So after making adjustments I re-layered my necklace this morning and decided I LOVE the way the top layer comes up higher like Bey’s “choker-look.”


Much better! Along with the necklace today I chose to whip out my white cape-also a huge “trend.” Although I’ve seen these for years, they’re finally back and I think I found mine for only about $20!!!

You can find my necklace + other great pieces at ➡️ Mirina Collections and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram at ➡️ Mirina Collections!

If you decided to purchase a statement piece don’t forget to use my code ‘mirinagirls’ to receive 20% off! 😏