Denim Dresses! 

The day before our last day in Florida was Ave + I in our Denim Dresses! A week before our road trip was Avynn’s 3rd Birthday, and my best friend purchased Ave’s adorable dress + fedora!

On this day, James, Avynn and I explored the neighborhood + fed the horses at the farm! The weather was overcast, and was also the perfect day for us to go thrift-shopping (my fave)!!

I’ve been styling Avynn since birth, and up until now she was always taking her accessories off and even her clothing- this baby hates clothing haha

Now that she’s 3-going-on-13 she loves to wear what “mommy wears” and she loves accessories, especially her shoes.

These lace-up gladiators I am so jealous of! I keep trying to snag a cute pair of lace-ups and they’re always sold out in my size! I believe these ones we grabbed from Target!


She loved this fedora, surprisingly because whenever we let her wear her hair down she usually wants it nice and free, haha


Our first stop of the day, after the farm was a little field next to my grandparents house! The grass was super long so we didn’t stay (I’m terrified for ticks)!


I have had these gladiator sandals since last summer, I snagged them at a shoe store in the Crystal Mall. Notice how she watches everything I do? Haha she wanted her foot up on the fence like mommy!

I wish I would have belted this shirt-dress, but I can’t even try to hide that belly! The denim dress was thrifted-I LOVE this one! Anything collared I snag! Also, my hat + sunnies are from H&M!

 Ave’s sunnies are from Children’s Place , and she refused to take off her birthday jewelry from my grandma, haha!
After the field we drove until we saw some pretty palms, because all I’ve wanted for a backdrop was some beautiful pops of color!


Again, I’m teasing myself + readers with these photos. We will be seeing sunny days soon!


Is there anything specific that you would like to accomplish in your modeling career?

I hope to accomplish a lot of goals throughout my modeling career. Of course everyone hopes to make it, but I would love to make it while making a difference! I have list upon list of goals in my head! These all help push me daily, especially when I have weak moments where I question if it is all worth it? When I see my daughter’s face light up when I walk through the door,that is reassurance. When I show her my modeling videos and she says “good job mommy,” that is my reassurance.  I will continue to set higher expectations for myself, because it is such a rush when I push myself to step into something uncomfortable, and step out proud!

Besides modeling, what else are you interested in and passionate about?

Aside from modeling, I have been most passionate about fashion in general; Fashion to me is a way to express yourself, and I feel that today, especially young women have trouble embodying who they really are due to bullying, and self-image struggles. After giving birth, it really hit me, how strong women truly are. I feel that lack of self confidence is a huge factor in hatred these days, for people towards themselves and towards others. Being passionate in fashion has given me positive attention from younger girls who say that I am an inspiration, and that is exactly what I aspire to do, be inspiring! Aside from fashion, I really enjoy spending time with my family! I am a very family oriented person, whether it’s with my sisters and brother, or with James and Avynn. I believe in traditions and that is something instilled in my family. To me, family is everything. World peace WILL begin in the home. 


In your opinion: what does it take to be a successful model?

To be a successful model, first you need to make sure this is something you truly want. A lot of people think that modeling is easy, because a photo can look so simple, yet many don’t even know the half of it! I have been to endless amounts of shoots where models complain, complain, complain. Plain and simple, if you want it, there are no excuses! A successful model is someone who radiates determination! Shoots can sometimes be completely unorganized, and it takes a strong minded model to deal with whatever bumps are thrown in the way, and still come out with amazing work. A successful model is versatile, and can portray whatever the project is looking to announce! It is important that the model is prepared, and willing to take risks and step a few feet outside of their comfort zone! All of these traits build a strong model, and a successful model will portray growth, because growth is most important!


How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

To prepare for a photo shoot, I like to stay very organized! I usually talk to the Hair and makeup artist HMUA, and photographer, as well as anyone else involved to make sure that I have full details on what to expect! I write a list of things I need to bring, and most times I bang out a huge workout the day before to make sure I feel just as great! 😀


If you are interested in my workout plan email me @ to make a request! If enough people are interested I may post it! 

What was going through your mind before you did your first photo shoot?

Once I became a professionally signed model, I was so nervous yet SO excited for my first photo shoot! My mind was all over the place, I was over thinking, practicing, and reassuring myself that I was ready for it! What pushed me to show up was the fact that I finally was given the opportunity to start fresh and build an amazing portfolio, so positive thinking helped me go through with my first shoot!