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Growing up whenever I would hear the word power/powerful I always thought it meant how strong someone was, and that to me was always physical. Years later power to me doesn’t just boil down to muscles, haha

I went through a huge funk this past year, and it allowed me to get back in touch with me. My passions, who I am, and what I love. Growing up I loved to read and write. I was super late in the game reading Girl Boss about 8 months ago, but let me tell you I’ve re-read it a thousand times; even just small excerpts to remind myself to never give up during those times when my overthinking brain screamed louder than my open heart.

Luckily I’ve been anything but negative lately, something has come over me and it feels so amazing! I picked up “Power of Broke” by Daymond John ( for those of you who don’t know Daymond he is the “people’s shark” from ABC’s Shark Tank).

To me, Daymond isn’t just the “people’s shark.” I remember growing up my older sister would rock FUBU and whenever she’d sleep out at a friends house I would steal her clothes and wear them…growing up with sisters man haha

So Daymond has always been a HUGE inspiration for me, mostly because of the fact that I could relate to him 100%. I remember years ago I was reading an article about him and his journey, and the one point that’s always stuck with me was his ability to build a brand out of his house-sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor right nearby some clothes he had to ship out.

This image never left my head. I’ve received handfuls of advice about entrepreneurship from plenty of experienced people, bitter people, and helpful ones; but I’ve always felt they’ve never been delt my cards, felt my footsteps. And man when I tell you, Daymonds book is speaking levels. I’ve screamed YASSSS outloud so many times, and smiled twice as much.
I am the Power of Broke. Since day 1 nothing, ever has been handed to me. This is 100% the reason why success never came easy. I’ve always been lazy with excuses and doubts; telling myself nothing could ever happen for me. I’ve never felt things were in reach, or even at the end of the tunnel for that matter. This was until I became a mom. At first I let life beat me up a little, then I grabbed the gloves. Now I am hungry.

Never in my life have I ever felt so powerful, and a huge reason for this is because of the push. I’ve been pushing out of my comfort zone, and having faith in prayer. But guys, prayer is only so powerful ’til backed with action.

I’m on my way to a meeting that will push something I’ve been working on, and I can’t wait to share with you all. Reading to me, alters reality for me, well actually it puts reality back into perspective. Hearing multiple success stories has overwhelmed me with faith.

I want to thank you Daymond for your down-to-earth real advice. It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear reassuring words from someone who never let money change him. Just know you pulled me out of a depression-you gave no false hope, just reality. So I thank you. You hit it right on the head when you described the power I hold as an individual in my circumstances. The power of positivity is really what this generation needs.

If you guys haven’t had the chance to read, and you’re one of those who have been in a rut lately; he got you!

And in honor of power, you all know Red is the perfect symbolic color! I chose to mix pink and powerful. Pink was a huge theme of my first collection I dropped; then I snatched it back. I wasn’t ready, but now more than ever I feel so powerful. Ladies don’t be scared to colorblock-although James wasn’t feelin’ this look at first, he came around haha


Velour with the two that I Adore!

Hey y’all! 

Aside from this rain storm in little ole Rhody, there’s been nothing but a glow over here! James and I pushed our ceremony date to get married this year! This Sunday I will officially be a Perry!!!! Did I say this already? Haha 
Wayyyy too excited. Also, I’ve been bragging about our White Collection over at AV ! 

I posted a live tutorial on my Facebook page showing you all how to get any and every type of stain off of your pearly white bags! Here’s the link! 4O1Fierce on FB!

With love in the air, and a few nice days this week, I decided to add some color to the blog and finally get Ivory behind the camera again!

We all matched with blush and white, as well as the cutest assortment of velvet/velour!

And here again is our top seller ‘Mary’ in White! The perfect size tote, and you can now choose to have gold hardware! 

This necklace is perfect for layering, this is our “Fibonacci 5” Necklace. 

I’ll keep this post short & sweet! Just like my two little girls. Motherhood has never felt so special. I’ve been motivated 150% and working on a thousand things! Especially for my mommy readers-stay tuned for a new release that’s to die for! 


Blushing w/summer whites 

It’s officially 30 days ’til this little girl joins us, making us a family of 4! So so crazy right?

I’ve been so busy and decided to focus on nesting non stop! I cleaned out my closet and found this white skirt again which I have been using as a tube-top this pregnancy!

I haven’t been able to make it to the beach (mostly because I get so burnt now while pregnant) okay and I’m so sweaty I don’t like cooking in the sun while carrying a 5lb baby 😳

I usually jump in, swim for a minute, then leave the beach….so therefore I’ve barely gotten color this summer and that’s okay! That’s exactly what the color white is for right? Haha

My “body suit” was a bathing suit I died over last summer and it’s the biggest one I have that fits, so I decided to transform it! Along with the blush suit, I threw on my blush booties from Necessary Clothing

These neutral tones are so flattering for a tan….or lack there of

Lastly I decided since I showed so much skin with this outfit I would throw on my cape from Style Heist !

Time for Ivory Elle to be here so so soon! So why not embrace some Ivory tones? And I’m embracing some swimming-pool-hair as well, haha 

Keeping this post short-n-sweet….did I mention how exhausted I’ve been…..💤💤💤


Design History Dress + my Diva

Hi hi!! 

Another day with Ave and I cleaning and dressing up! I received this dress in the mail this past week from Design History! 

I branded one of their sweaters last year + wore it apple picking! This year they opened a kids line! So so exciting!

I love this cute little skater dress! When we opened it, Avynn screamed “Ballerina!” Haha


How cute is the little tutu skirt?! She’s posing like a diva! 

             Ave’s boots + vest are both TJ Maxx!

Be sure to follow Design History on Instagram ➡️ DH and check out their website ➡️ DHNY



POP of Pink!

Nothing is gloomier than this New England weather lately! ☔️ And staying home with Avynn means to feel better we still get all dressed up to run some rainy day errands!

We needed a pick-me-up! I feel that the best technique for miserable weather is a POP of color, especially with your wardrobe + makeup!

It always makes me feel a little more alive seeing a bright color on such a dreary day.

Today I chose to accentuate my black + whites with a POP of pink! B e c a u s e ……..It’s girly fever around here lately! We finally announced our arrival of our baby GIRL! 

         Ivory Elle Perry will be here in 20 weeks!!!!

Because it was pouring today, we didn’t capture any photos of Ave + I in our pinks (we need a bigger umbrella), however I snapped a quick photo of my favorites from today!

I thrifted this magenta rain coat a few years back! It’s the perfect length + totally waterproof!

I can’t get enough stripes…..ever….seriously it’s a problem. My short sleeve striped top is from  Express! My sister bought it for one of my Christmas gifts a few years back + it’s top 5 of my favorite shirts!

These striped wide-leg “Angie” pants are from one of my favorite little local stores, Crosswynds Traders …. You have to check them out on Instagram where you can see their latest arrivals ➡️ Follow us!  My favorite thing about these (aside from throwing them on + looking like you have yourself together)-they have pockets!!!!! 😏

My biggest staple when it rains outside are my Jeffries rain boots! I purchased these over a year ago as well, and I’m so glad I finally found a pair that doesn’t have me walking like a clammer, haha! Something about stiff + squeaky rain boots stirs me away!

My glasses (prescription…I’m blind) are from Zenni ! They are my go-to for all of my glasses! I used to go semi-expensive with my glasses, and just like sunglasses my eye glasses get lost or scratched or replaced! Zenni has such great quality glasses for an amazing price! I think this reddish-pink pair only cost me $22!!!! Also for an extra $5 you can pay to get your lenses glare-free so you can have sophisticated-selfies 😉
Speaking of a deal, please tell me you ladies have collected Milani’s lipsticks?! You can find them at CVS Pharmacy +they go for around $6! I’m all about steals + what works for me is something with great pigment, long lasting, beautiful color without having to spend $30 a tube! I refuse to spend a ton on lip-wear if it will end up on my coffee-rim, or smudged on my Donut. 😜 Unless I’m in absolute love, I stick to my favorites!! My favorite color swatches from their line are the Mattes, I have a million of them! This one is a beautiful Magenta Pink in the shade “Matte Orchid!”

For all of my nude lovers out there you need “Matte Naked,” it’s beautiful and the little guy is so so soft on your lips! Best $6 you’ll ever spend!

Can you tell I’m home blabbing + blogging? Sheesh! Lastly my side satchel bag is also a few years old and this one is by Vince Camuto! I snagged her from Tj Maxx.

                  ‘Til sunnier days!