Michelle Chang Moon

Hey guys!! It’s been wayyyy too long! And like the moon, things have been changing over on my end. I’ve been staying super busy, and spending as much time as possible with my baby girls. Family is most important, and I can’t stress that enough! 

I took a little break from writing on my blog, and it feels good to be back! I forgot how much I enjoyed writing, and decided in these next few months I will continue to use this outlet, and include some non-fashion related posts!

However, I wanted to start this weeks post with an amazing piece I received in the mail! This gorgeous crescent moon from Michelle Chang

The phases of the moon symbolize change, and I’ve been reflecting non stop since my 25th. It’s crazy how much changes in a year. 

I’m so obsessed at how dainty this piece is, and it could definitely be layered with another piece! 

She has incredible pieces, and with the holidays right around the corner you have to check out her site for the perfect gift! You can find all of her pieces at Michelle Chang !

Also, use discount code ‘fierce25’ to receive 25% off!! This is an incredible deal!!! 

This necklace is bringing me positive vibes already! Be sure to give her a follow on Instagram as well ➡️ MCJewelry

A huge thank you again, I’m so in love with this piece! I haven’t taken it off. 

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

I have had a lot of positive influences in my life, as well as negative influences which have built positive mindsets for me! My older sister Nicole and my family in general have all been such a HUGE support system for me as well as a select few friends who have always encouraged me! Nicole has influenced me to stick to my goals and dreams until they are accomplished, she is best at accomplishing hers! My daughter Avynn has now been my biggest pusher! Seeing her smiling every day makes me want to keep the smile on her face, and make her proud. I will never give up, because of her. She deserves a better life than I was given, and each day reminds me how crazy this world is, and how sad our economy is. Having a daughter at such a young age makes me strive even harder to become successful, so that one day, she too can do whatever she dreams to.