Time Out

It’s been awhile, as I always say…and this time it was to refresh myself. For months now I’ve been re-finding myself, refining myself. It takes a lot of courage to distance yourself from people you love. It takes strength to sit in solitude, and choose silence instead of stepping forward. There have been so many “tower” moments I’ve faced in this past year. I truly feel like for the past 5-ish years on New Years Eve I was screaming “this is my year,” and then I received a year full of lessons; blessings in disguise.

Six months ago I quit my 9-5, and then hopped on a roller coaster. Every single aspect in my life changed, my family dynamic changed because my husband picked up a second job and started working 7 days a week. My daughter’s school ended, so I had to adjust back into being a stay-at-home mom of 2 again, full days with no “breathing time.” But I felt whole again. With my babies, being creative, and never looking back. A healthy mind was all that I was striving for. Being around the wrong crowd can truly absorb you. I slowly started feeling my energy draining and I began taking a step back from blogging again. Only posting to make some quick money, and losing touch of purpose. I was waiting to start up a new job that would allow me to tap back in to my creative realm, along with continuing to build my brand; and mannnnnnnnn it’s been a long road.

I’ve learned patience, faith, dedication, but more importantly my self worth, and divine timing! As soon as I started feeling re-aligned and back in my power, it seemed as if I faced another tower moment, another hardship, another loss. I had to train my mind to see the good in every scenario.

We live in a time where we are in the habit and routine of waking up and doing what we feel we have to do. I was waking up going to a 9-5 having spurts of good days, and then tedious repetitive days completing tasks to fulfill someone else’ goals/dream. We get so used to living this way in work scenarios, that sometimes we find this pattern spilling into our personal lives. We feel we have to keep toxic company because we are scared to hurt others. We feel we are so busy and drained that we find ourselves canceling plans. And sometimes company isn’t even “toxic,” we just outgrow people, get sick of being engulfed in drama, or really just need a “time out.”

A time out is taking care of your mental. Putting your priorities first. Stop neglecting your health, and happiness because it seems too hard to break your comfortable patterns.

As soon as I stepped back into my power, I found myself feeling tired and sick- all I could think of was something’s gotta give mannnn. I finally feel like i’m on the correct path and boom now I start feeling like garbage. I remember I was at home, alone- getting ready for a photoshoot. I started booking shoots again a few months back to delve into my creative realm again. As I was throwing some makeup on I found myself getting hit with a wave of nausea. NO_WAY. I took a test, and boom- positive.

I didn’t cry this time. The first two children I bawled. This time I sat there, called my sister, called James, and continued to do my makeup. I went to the shoot, I killed it, and then my life changed in the blink of an eye-again.

From what seemed like another tower moment slowly turned into a blessing when I witnessed how happy James was. This time around, I was the nervous one, and he was feeling blessed. I thank god for such a strong partner. As soon as I started putting my faith into God, and flowing day by day my blessings started to scream right in my face: look at my progress. Look at my present. I prayed for this life. I wanted a family of my own. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with James. I wanted this apartment.  I felt as if my heart opened up. I suddenly felt overjoyed. This wasn’t how things were planned, but God has plans. I’m here to remind you all that each day that we are able to breath-we are blessed. And that is enough. It’s not about the money, or the materials- it never was to me.

This year has given me a lot of lessons, and I really would have never been able to keep raising my vibration unless I experienced every.single.moment.

I am reminding you all to take that time out. Take that leap of faith. Don’t stay in that toxic relationship/friendship. Start that “idea.” Reach out to old friends. Forgive. Love. Be KIND. We all have battles. We are all one, experiencing this journey in our own way. So take a TIME OUT. Cancel plans, but only if your body/mind needs it. GO meet with that friend, because if your cup is full, help fill theirs when they need it.

We are about 3 months closer to a brand new year, and I’m feeling so powerful, inspired, and strong. We are welcoming baby #3 in March 2020. Here are some beautiful captures for all of you:



Wait….Winter workouts?!

So obviously we’ve all heard of “making summer bodies in the winter” right? I really never even attempted this until after I had little babes! You know the whole no shaving in winter? Haha let’s just say I used to hibernate my workouts all winter long pre-babies.

In today’s society I swear bullying is getting worse, and self esteem is dropping lower-let me re-phrase true self acceptation is decreasing no matter how much confidence people show online. I won’t get much into that today, after all this is about outer appearance I want to focus on!

After kids not only did my day-to-day life/school/work schedules change but my eating habits/workout habits/”lack-there-of” have all gone bonkers. After Avynn, and again after Ivory I developed umbilical hernias. This made my workouts super painful and made my stomach constantly bloat. After giving birth to these huge monsters my midwife suggested for me to grab a waist trainer and train 2 hours a day to help re-build my core. After undergoing a surgery to repair 2 huge hernias in July my workouts have fluctuated.

This post is for the Mama’s, or really anyone super busy who needs alternatives. Or maybe this post is for me-to motivate, to look back and see progress.

After Avynn my stomach was terrible. I carried a 9lb 4.5 oz 21.5″ beast , and once she arrived my skin was stretched, my stomach was scarred and marked. I did core workouts and used a ton of “wraps” on my tummy and almost 2.5 years later I was seeing results but never publicly would reveal my stomach (aside from family). However, my confidence remained because I gave birth to a mix of myself and the love of my life- life’s greatest gift.

It reminded me of childhood where I remember never judging myself, never caring about anything physically aside from how skinny I was and how hard it was for me to gain weight. I remember buying boxes of Twinkie’s and housing them before bed-lol gross.

After Ivory my hernias were worse-another big babe: 9 lb 1.5oz 20.5″ thanks Jamesy

Now after Ivory, I realized how much harder life was with 2. Guys….INSANE. Two girls is like having 20 I swear it. I love it though, I’m busy, or stressing 24/7. So when I’d want to bang out a workout I’d finally get Ivory down, while Avynn destroyed her room with dolls, clothes, and anything she could steal from my room.

I soon started chopping workouts in half-then I’d throw my waist trainer on and be out-the-door.

I slowly started slipping into a depression- life, unfortunate events, and lack of workouts took over me. So the waist trainer turned to a habit. Then I had my surgery. After surgery I had 8 weeks with no lifting-yikes

Depression grew and grew, I needed a boost quick. I hurdled over all of my downfalls and slowly started workouts again. Once I started my semester in September between classes I drove home while my mom still had my girls and I killed every workout. To speed up results I started using a scar cream from Celsus . They sent it to me just in time for my surgery and I finally whipped it out.

It’s now 5 months later and my skin is finally tightening, my abs are slowly creeping through, and my surgery scars are fading beautifully-esp with a fresh spray tan

Their scar cream is used for not only scars but stretch marks and also helps with anti-aging!

I’m offering a discount for anyone interested!

However, to complete this post I have a few tips to reaching those body “wins.”

First: Accept that you’re human, but don’t use that as an excuse. I did this for too long. Telling myself “oh well, you’re never going to look better you had two kids.” This is crap. Because I’m a strong woman, I bounce back; we all do. It’s mind over matter for sure, and I wish I screamed this in the mirror 4 years ago.

Second: Make time for you! I’m extremely blessed with way too much help from my huge family. My mom, my sisters, my brother, James’ family; everyone. Since day one if I had appointments, work, school, blog events, anything: I could count on someone. Don’t be scared to ask for help, or accept help. You’re not a bad person for taking some time for you. Don’t go crazy, just take a segment of time out of your day/week to get yourself pampered, go to the gym, escape life and read a book for an hour. Mine was going home and working out before picking the girls up

Third: EAT! No seriously, too many people stay so busy they skip meals. This was 2017 in a nut shell for me. First I started working 2 jobs trying to hustle-only eating breakfast then a late dinner after 9:30pm. Then I started classes and picked on snacks between classes-you could say the coffee diet was reaaaaaal. However I soon realized the only words out of my mouth each day was “ughh I’m so tired.” Breakfast is most important, we all know that, but all day we need to snack, and eat for energy- otherwise we crash, slump, and become lazy. Common sense right? So I learned to plan ahead. Left overs are perfect lunches. Eggs with peppers and onions cooks in 6 minutes-bam. And then, grab a protein shake, this gives me more energy than any coffee!

Lastly: Find balance. It’s the hardest part of becoming a parent let me tell you. It’s a tough feeling knowing you have to rely on someone else to care for your children so you can selfishly go to school or go to work. This is why I understand why people wait until career stages to have children. Or why people marry then have children-I don’t know how single parents do it-I’m so blessed to have James. I’m so blessed for my family for helping me. However, as I said it’s tough finding balance/accepting balance. You want to dedicate all of your energy into one thing; being a good parent, but spending time away from the girls to go to class or work kills, especially knowing someone else is with them so much. Or wanting to put all of your energy into taking care of your body but instead skipping meals. But we can all be selfish. Again, take an hour a day to do something for yourself.

I find flexibility in motherhood. I won’t workout every day, but I find 5 Days. I throw some Celsus on my stomach, clip on my waist trainer and keep it on for a few hours after my workouts. Not only has my waist trainer helped with workouts, but after workouts it makes my stomach feel so much better. You have to find what works best, what boost helps results come quicker. I always thought it was harder to workout than to be lazy but I was 100% wrong. It’s way harder being lazy. Because all the results we’ve built up, restarts and it’s 10x harder to step back up again.

Staying FIERCE

Guysssss today is our due date!!! We are officially 40 weeks pregnant, and still no baby. I’ve been walking, eating, and trying my hardest to rest when I can.

A Puma distributor reached out to me telling me he loved that my blog is called 4O1Fierce and wanted me to try out a pair of their Puma Fierce sneakers!

I think when I was in middle school I had my first pair of Pumas, and these ones are soooo comfy!

I’ve been in active wear/street wear for the past few days because I’ve been so uncomfortable!

Wearing all black has for sure been sticky, but when all else fails right? Haha 

I love that the Pumas have no laces so they completely slip on!

I decided to make this my fierce post because as I prepare for labor, I’ve never felt more strong. I’ve been trying to turn my anxieties into excitement and it’s finally starting to kick in!

I know especially post-baby number 2 these shoes will be a top favorite of mine!

Now, dead serious…we are off to the hospital as I type this! Stay tuned!!!!!

Mom’n on a Monday!

Guyssssss….we are at our 4 day countdown and it’s so so crazy! I’m feeling so anxious more than anything and I’m trying my hardest to turn the anxiety to excitement.

Since Ivory is my second birth I know what to expect now (for the most part), and that’s enough to throw me in panic mode…have any other mommies of 2 or more experienced this? I sound so selfish but I’m being honest. My nerves are getting the best of me. Regardless it’s all always well worth it!

Today I switched hospital bags because a company from LA called HAPP brand reached out to me and sent me this amazing bag. Im.in.love.

I love the backpack style, and you can never go wrong with denim! I love the California vibes it brings. That’s also why I decided to throw on my fringe nude top from Cali Trends

The backpack has so much space, and the pops of lime green have me obsessed!

So crazy to me that we are packed and ready for the hospital, I know I’ll miss my bump soon enough (we always do)!

I’m sure you will all see more of this diaper bag in future posts! Today we have our 39 week appointment at 2:20 p.m. And I’m so excited to see if we are 2+cm dilated!

This diaper bag can be found on their site at Happbrand.com it is called the “Levy backpack”

Also give them a follow on Instagram ➡️ HAPP

Stay tuned for baby number two!!

Leather + Lace 

It’s officially our 1 week mark, baby number 2 could arrive any day….so so crazy!

Looking at old photos from the hospital with Avynn’s birth experience is making me so anxious.

I’ve been staying so busy and everyone around me keeps reminding me to rest, I swear it’s so impossible. It’s mind blowing that I’ll be a mother of 2 little girls. I just feel so overwhelmingly blessed. Having James through it all definitely fills my heart.

I try to capture every moment, always have and always will. I purchased the cutest high-waisted lace bell bottoms for Avynn a month back at H+M and although I wanted to wait for fall to whip these out, I couldn’t help but throw them on Ave for a leather + lace vibe.

Taking these photos for my blog has always just been something to keep us busy and it was a way for me to transform my love for “modeling” into an every-week lifestyle.

I just signed with a blogging site who is now actively paying me to write. It’s amazing to be appreciated for both passions of mine, fashion photography + writing.

Keeping this post short and sweet, attempting to get some rest today before photographing my youngest sister. I didn’t mention she was just signed to a local modeling agency, I now get to style her shoots!

Baby Ivory is the size of a mini watermelon today, can’t wait to kiss her cheeks and finally have my family of four!!


Jypsy in the 4O1 


So I’ve been dying to connect with more lifestyle brands and when I finally jumped on the phone with founder of Jypsy Life, I fell in love! Her story was completely inspiring!

It’s always so important to understand and believe in a companies vibe and vision!

The Jypsy Life is a movement, focusing on both it’s people and growth. This is no doubt the most organic underground movement of this generation.

Everyone who has a custom-made Jypsy item has met a Jypsy and has been linked into the movement.

The company has even refused to grant access of the website to the general public.

The Jypsy Life is the wanderlust of mind, fashion, art, relationships and celebration.

Getting lost in our lives on purpose serves a purpose and in the end we as Jypsies realize the best things in life were never the things we can touch, but the things we feel!

I never planned to become a mother of 2 at 25 years old, but that’s what life’s journey is really about, the unexpected. We get thrown these rocks and we either catch them and stack them, scatter them, or we can choose to let them weigh us down.

I really don’t know what my life would have turned out to be, but my shifts in job titles, career, friendships, and future goals have all slowly changed and now finally are aligning.

Based on true journeys and experiences, the jypsies are nomadic people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds that share our individual style, secrets and philosophies to eachother.

We live to inspire, to give back, to take life as a journey, and as it comes.

With another little girl on the way any day now, embracing how life has turned out for me has done nothing but humble me and fill my heart. Red is the most powerful color, I am a powerful woman. We as women, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives; we are the future. Embrace your journey, even when it feels like you’ve hit rock bottom. The grass sometimes shines greener on the other side.


Friday in the fields!

Today marks 38 weeks, I can’t even believe it. And even dresses are getting so so sticky. Also let me just add sandals are just not an option anymore….I think my swollen feet have broken 2 pairs already haha

So sneakers (especially these netted ones) are so necessary! I’m either in sneakers or barefoot, that’s all I can do!

Driving up to class every day I always go past these gorgeous fields which I’ve known about for years, but today I decided I loved how vibrant the corn stalks looked, and we pulled over to shoot!

Today I chose to mix prints, you can never go wrong with stripes, and I threw in some camo on this bandana to match with the green in my sneakers.

I’m almost always without makeup these days so I always have some sunglasses on to hide my tired eyes-yikes! I’m obsessed with these black “cat-like” QUAY sunnies!

This is the stretchiest dress I own, I found it for $15 at Old Navy . I’ve been checking in there non stop for the girls because their baby/children section has come such a long way. I always find something perfect for my girls!

Pictured above is this beautiful bangle sent to me from Pairie …later on this week I will be hosting a giveaway for their collection-so stay tuned!


Wednesday Whites!

Finally some rain to get rid of this sticky wether! I know all of you are probably thinking, shut upppp, we wanted a beach day….but my 9 1/2 month pregnant butt is so sticky this summer!

We are now at 37 weeks 5 days, and I have no idea if I’m more dilated this week than last, but I will find out Friday. It’s so scary now thinking about where I’ll be when my water breaks (if it does), mostly because I’m always on the go this pregnancy! I have 3 nights of class left!!!! And I’ve been taking a small few days off of work to rest because my feet are so swollen. Cankles on cankles!

Spending these last few weeks with Avynn is so important because soon it will be all 3 of us girls. So what better than matching head-to-toe with her?!

I finally found a pair of Reebok classics in her size, and they’re the cutest little things!

We got completely rained out today, so we will do some laundry + studying!

Also did I mention I finally gave into a pair of maternity shorts?! I shouldn’t say “gave in,” maternity clothes are actually so cute these days….I mainly just never find the perfect fit, and these shorts were the perfect match! I found them on clearance at H+M for only $7!!!?!

Avynns entire outfit was found at Target … I’m so in love with these little spandex shorts on her!

                                Until next time!

Xx, 4O1Fierce 


Expectful Meditation 

Hey hey! It’s a gorgeous Wednesday and feels great to be half way done with the week already. I have my last Ultrasound today to see how big Ivory Elle is measuring…fingers crossed she’s not a huge 9 4.5lb babe like Ave was!

It’s been way harder to rest and get comfortable lately (even in the AC) crazy right?

A company called Expectful reached out to me and I’m not joking when I say their meditation videos changed my entire week this week!

While pregnant with Avynn I was working at a local AT&T and although I spent a lot of time sitting at my desk, I completely threw in the towel 8 weeks before Ave was born. I have 23 days left ’til Ivy’s due date and I’m still going to work 5 days a week!

Staying active this pregnancy has made me feel great, but getting to these last weeks has made me exhausted. It’s so funny, I’m tired all day until I try to get some sleep at night…insomnia is no joke!

When Expectful reached out to me, they gave me a trial to view and listen to their pregnancy meditation guides and let.me.tell.you I am so sad I didn’t start meditating earlier. They provide exercises for all 3 trimesters!

Last night I listened to meditation exercises before bed and I slept like a baby….I actually think I fell asleep during the last exercise!

Before I began last night I was watching a video on how to meditate while walking and being on the go 24/7 this is definitely for me!

After dropping James off at work this morning, to kill time Avynn and I went for a walk, I even taught her the meditation breathing exercises! These exercises will work for me, especially in high stress moments where I’d rather be napping, but instead I’m repeating myself to my 3 year old 15 times. Patience is a virtue people!!!

Followed by our walk, Avynn was my photographer. Life’s greatest gift is capturing memories and it’s amazing to me that Avynn enjoys capturing moments just like I always have!

Just like any workout you should have a “cool down,” above I am in my cool down, getting ready to throw my jacket back on. I am practicing their ‘inhale 2x, exhale 4x’ exercise (hence the concentrated face) haha 

Pregnant or not, I highly recommend meditating and also signing up for ➡️ Expectful
Also, follow them on Instagram ➡️ Expectful

Any questions? Shoot me an email @ 4O1fiercely@gmail.com