Stand Out! 

Social media man....such a love hate relationship with it, I have. For years I loooooved the simple fact that I could check in on those who I wonder about. Or that simple reminder of a birthday that pops up! Then as time passed, I realized a simple text is different. More genuine, closer to the touch.  [...]

Jypsy in the 4O1 

Hello!! So I've been dying to connect with more lifestyle brands and when I finally jumped on the phone with founder of Jypsy Life, I fell in love! Her story was completely inspiring! It's always so important to understand and believe in a companies vibe and vision! The Jypsy Life is a movement, focusing on [...]

Keep America Beautiful!

Hey everyone! So for awhile I've been trying to team up with a non-profit organization in hopes to make a change with 4O1Fierce. For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you probably remember my "Breakteeth" campaign last year. Although that got the attention of many friends and family, I found [...]