Triple threat 

Happy Wednesday! Happy October! I say this every time but it’s seriously been forever. I’m a busy bee, 5 classes is no joke, with 2 girls is even more hilarious: but needless to say I’m killin it! 

I’m working for an amazing brand right now (from home which is ideal), so I promised myself I would blog more and have the girls involved. I’ve gotten so many requests for the girls to be in the spotlight again and honestly how could I resist?! 

Avynn loves her photo taken, but Ivory was a whole different story haha- James was a trooper he kept chasing her then putting her in her “spot” and running out of the frame quickly

Cheetah/leopard made its way back on shelves and I’m not mad. I feel a sense of power wearing it, it’s so bold. The girls are animals so this was perfect for them 

I’ve had this top for years, and also I’m loving how faux leather is back! 

I tried to dress down my look with these slippers from Simply Vera Wang

Also, I love that I can dress this skirt up or down, with a blouse or a loose tee! 

Ave was in such a good mood she kept saying “Mama remember we used to blog when Ivory was in your belly?” Haha

I used to do anything to keep us out of the house while I was still pregnant  but having 2 girls is like having 20, I swear 

We grabbed some pretty cute shots, and how cute are their matching skirts from Old Navy?!You guys will also see a lot more of this bag! I’ve teamed up with Lily Jade-this is the chic-est diaper bag I’ve ever seen- obsessed! I’ll be posting on Instagram some amazing features it has!  

I’ll keep it short and sweet today- but I wanted to throw red into this blog set to symbolize the strength and power of family. Vegas is still in my thoughts and prayers, and it’s been so hard for me to shake. Hold your family and friends extra tight, all we need to spread is love more than anything. 


Nice Weather + Neutrals!

Hey everyone, finally excited to announce that I have dove fully into AV! We are a lifestyle brand handmade in Providence, Rhode Island! 

I will be branching down into my hometown of Wakefield and I couldn’t be more excited to share my love for our brand! 

Our bags are ideal for anyone on-the-go! Our ‘Meme’ featured in this post comes with a built in shoulder strap! Such a perfect tote! 

I loooooove that my bag can dress down or dress up any outfit! And the price just dropped $100!!! 

Ladies, you will die over this fabric, I can’t say this enough; it’s so durable! And light weight!! 

Shop with us at AV ! Also follow us on Instagram for all sneak peaks! AV

Road Trippin’

Guyssss I’m so so so excited to leave this freezing R.I weather and lay peaceful with the palm trees! Every year since forever James and I have gone down south during March for our Anniversary, but this year we start early!!

We always drive down, it’s such a great experience traveling through 10 states, we love to stop at little farmers markets (it’s our thing). 
Also, this week James and I announced we will soon be launching our YouTube channel!! I’m so pumped! 

So, I’ve been nothing but comfy lately, and surprisingly I’m seeing results at 4 months postpartum and couldn’t feel happier! I finally felt ‘not-so-bloated’ enough to throw on my onesie from OnePiece and guys I’m so in love! They sent me two different styles, one can be seen on my Instagram, the other I’ll be focusing on today! 

The one I’ve been living in lately is skin-tight, and the comfiest! 

The One piece comes in a ton of colors, but you know me I’m super neutral! 

Also I’ve been so so in love with this weekender bag from ModaLuxe! It’s so soft, and the perfect size! 

I feel I’m my most confident when I’m comfortable and this outfit screams comfy!

I’m heading out, I still have a ton to pack! You’ll be seeing more from me soon! In the meantime head to Moda and use my discount code ‘ 4o1fierce20%off’ to save some mulahhh on their perfect bags!! 

Free hands + my Holster 

Burr! I can feel fall in the air already, and of course it’s the moment I’ve been waiting for…considering I’ve been sticky and pregnant all summer!

Before it gets too chilly and we start to see the s word ‘snow’, I’ve decided to move my workouts outside. We live right across the street from a bike path, so getting out of the house has no excuse to follow!

A few months back one of my favorite brands to exist, sent me the perfect pregnancy gift! This holster I’ve been wearing for weeks!

LD West Has been a love of mine since I left Toronto! I used to travel their at least once a month last summer and it’s been so so long. These leather holsters held my phone and wallet for so many nights out.
Ladies it is so necessary, so you never have to lose your phone/ID again!

For me, it seems as if my nights out will be gone forever now that I’m a mom of 2! However, my holster has come even more a part of my daily outfits, especially now that my hands are full with the girls!

This makes it so so easy to run errands, jump in and out of the car, and like I said workouts! Now I can be hands free since my holster is always attached to me!

They come in tons of colors and even prints now!

I can never go wrong with black so of course that was my top choice. It is also customizable to your phone, so mine fits my 6S+ perfectly!

I’ve received nothing but compliments and crazy looks in grocery stores- haha 

This will be my go-to accessory all autumn long!

Thanks again to Luis at LD !!!

Blushing w/summer whites 

It’s officially 30 days ’til this little girl joins us, making us a family of 4! So so crazy right?

I’ve been so busy and decided to focus on nesting non stop! I cleaned out my closet and found this white skirt again which I have been using as a tube-top this pregnancy!

I haven’t been able to make it to the beach (mostly because I get so burnt now while pregnant) okay and I’m so sweaty I don’t like cooking in the sun while carrying a 5lb baby 😳

I usually jump in, swim for a minute, then leave the beach….so therefore I’ve barely gotten color this summer and that’s okay! That’s exactly what the color white is for right? Haha

My “body suit” was a bathing suit I died over last summer and it’s the biggest one I have that fits, so I decided to transform it! Along with the blush suit, I threw on my blush booties from Necessary Clothing

These neutral tones are so flattering for a tan….or lack there of

Lastly I decided since I showed so much skin with this outfit I would throw on my cape from Style Heist !

Time for Ivory Elle to be here so so soon! So why not embrace some Ivory tones? And I’m embracing some swimming-pool-hair as well, haha 

Keeping this post short-n-sweet….did I mention how exhausted I’ve been…..💤💤💤