Some sunshine? 

We’ve all been struggling to see the sun these days, and I swear every time it peeks it’s way out my mood does flips. On another note, two baby girls later and none of my summer clothes from previous years fit. But I’ve never felt more of a woman, baby hips in full affect. 

When it comes to my wardrobe, on days I’m not dressed like a boy, I try to find balance in my outfits. Shorts/ skirt with a long sleeve. Jeans/ pants and a short sleeve. 

Aside from slapping on a spray tan to bring summer vibes my way, I’ve been trying to purchase more color. Not only have my outfit choices become more bold, but so have our bags over at AV !! 

White, lemon, and lime are our bolder options for this season! And they are all now available for purchase! 

I paired this lemon ‘Mary’ with a comfy outfit! Both my outfit and our bag can transcend from day to night! 


Stand Out! 

Social media man….such a love hate relationship with it, I have. For years I loooooved the simple fact that I could check in on those who I wonder about. Or that simple reminder of a birthday that pops up! Then as time passed, I realized a simple text is different. More genuine, closer to the touch. 

But mannnnn how this generation allows the simple habit of posting, to take over their daily existence. Now I’m not going to sit here and point fingers, or try to act like I’m 10 feet close to perfect; but I once was that addict. I wanted to be in the “know.” I wanted to see what everyone was doing, where everyone was going. And I honestly now know why.

I lacked a busy life style, I was a stay-at-home-mom for 2.5 years ( the longest time in my liiiife) and although 2 little girls kept my hands full, I constantly had the fear of missing out. Mostly due to my stubborn mindset, I didn’t want to give up my dreams of creating. I was great at being a mother, and great at creating. 

As soon as I took the leap and began my position as Creative Director, and Production Manager, my days turned to nights! 

Hustle is the most important word thus far. If I am simply standing still I feel as if I’m taking steps backwards. I have notebooks of ideas, and years ahead. Goals so far, and some in reach as the days move ahead. One thing is clear, I’ve been neglecting social media again. Hop on from time to time, and again-feel as though I’m taking steps backwards. I see photos of this generation all looking the same, all struggling to stay on trend; Kardashians everywhere. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my head. Planning, pushing. 

On this Monday, I finished a workout and felt accomplished, I realized half way through that giving up wouldn’t make me happy tomorrow, so instead I did 5 extra reps.

Instead of placing my phone on the opposite side of the room, I turned my negative thoughts to business thoughts. Social media is powerful; so powerful it ranks top outlet for marketing. 

I’m sitting in this small house, in the smallest state, and without hesitation realized it’s time to push forward, get out of the funk, and keep going. I promised myself to use this outlet not only as I first began its use for-writing, but to also share with you everything I have been working on! 

So many of you have been following up with my last few years of life haha , and I realized that so much of my support comes from this outlet. I want to say thank you to those who came to my office to purchase bags it’s an indescribable feeling. So much hard work and dedication goes into this line. 

So this post is to remind everyone to stand out! Don’t follow what your idea of perfection is, just be yourself. I threw myself together yesterday and got endless compliments for my tomboy outfit (especially from the cutest little ole’ ladies)! 

Our Red fabric will be taking a vacation for awhile, so these are the last of them, and guysssss I’m so in love! I hope you all enjoy, and remember sometimes a bright/bold accessory can pull together your entire look ( here I felt a taddddd bit less of a boy with this red Mary) haha

To all the Mama’s 

Without Mothers, who would we be? Nothing, no one, non existent. Since becoming a mother I’ve appreciated life 100x more. Not only was pregnancy an amazing feeling for me, but giving birth changed my life. Pushing through the struggle made me witness my own strength; a strength I never knew I had. Watching James smile the biggest I had ever seen made me fall in love 1000x over again. Then staring into Avynn’s eyes, realizing him and I made the perfect little child. Round 2 came 3.5 years later. Pregnant with Ivory was an entire different experience. I was scared shitless. Two children, another birth, how could I handle this? 

Avynn made me excited, James made me brave. 10 months later we had two beautiful children, and felt our family was finally complete. It’s taken time to adjust to being a younger mother of two, especially when I didn’t finish college yet.  

In life so far, 25 years of lessons taught me to not ever reflect on the negative; it takes you back 10 steps. Instead, I use my downfalls as inspiration. I signed up for school, and BAM September will be here and I will reach a goal I have neglected, and made excuses for, for too long.

Adjusting into motherhood never meant I stopped my low maintenance daily routines; hair in a bun, slap on mascara, throw on fitness attire, tomboy vibes.

Our rugs have never seen more stains, my cheeks have never witnessed more tears; of frustration, and pure blessed happiness. This is my fifth year as a mother. Because of my lifestyle, creativity and drive, I’m so proud to share with you something I’ve designed and waited months to share with you all! 

With back-to-school on my mind, and having to be hands-free at all times (carrying Ivory, while holding Avynns hand) I decided a backpack was necessary. And the fabric we design with is so perfectly baby-proofed; stain and water-resistant! 

A Diaper bag Back pack!  This is unisex, durable, and the front flap turns into a built in changing mat! 

This diaper bag will last through multiple children, and let’s be honest-how chic?!

I hated walking around with an ugly diaper bag, and how gorgeous is this pearl white?! 

Starting off the week ‘strapped’ in, and ready!!!

Like always, it’s been forever. 8 months postpartum I’m still trying to figure out how to juggle two crazy girls, design, workout, eat, shower and sleep!! Class starts up for me again in September so I’ve been busy busy busy reaching goals before that month rolls around! 

Andrea and I have been designing and producing our butts off, and it’s finally time to introduce you all to our new collection! Our ‘strapped backpack series.’ 

Our fabrics are meant for traveling, being durable, and sustainable! We designed our new bags to come with a strap, to strap on the body-for security, as well as the sensual feel of being strapped in. 

When the backpack isn’t on your body, the strap acts as a guide to slide onto your suitcase handle! Easy, and on-the-go vibes 24/7 over here! 

This post is introducing our backpack-we hope you love! It is now available for pre-order on our site AV ! 

Nice Weather + Neutrals!

Hey everyone, finally excited to announce that I have dove fully into AV! We are a lifestyle brand handmade in Providence, Rhode Island! 

I will be branching down into my hometown of Wakefield and I couldn’t be more excited to share my love for our brand! 

Our bags are ideal for anyone on-the-go! Our ‘Meme’ featured in this post comes with a built in shoulder strap! Such a perfect tote! 

I loooooove that my bag can dress down or dress up any outfit! And the price just dropped $100!!! 

Ladies, you will die over this fabric, I can’t say this enough; it’s so durable! And light weight!! 

Shop with us at AV ! Also follow us on Instagram for all sneak peaks! AV

Velour with the two that I Adore!

Hey y’all! 

Aside from this rain storm in little ole Rhody, there’s been nothing but a glow over here! James and I pushed our ceremony date to get married this year! This Sunday I will officially be a Perry!!!! Did I say this already? Haha 
Wayyyy too excited. Also, I’ve been bragging about our White Collection over at AV ! 

I posted a live tutorial on my Facebook page showing you all how to get any and every type of stain off of your pearly white bags! Here’s the link! 4O1Fierce on FB!

With love in the air, and a few nice days this week, I decided to add some color to the blog and finally get Ivory behind the camera again!

We all matched with blush and white, as well as the cutest assortment of velvet/velour!

And here again is our top seller ‘Mary’ in White! The perfect size tote, and you can now choose to have gold hardware! 

This necklace is perfect for layering, this is our “Fibonacci 5” Necklace. 

I’ll keep this post short & sweet! Just like my two little girls. Motherhood has never felt so special. I’ve been motivated 150% and working on a thousand things! Especially for my mommy readers-stay tuned for a new release that’s to die for! 


A White Wednesday! 


I always say it, it’s been way too long, but I’m back and so excited to share something with you all! I just died a little over our Andrea Valentini ‘White Collection.’

Not only do pops of White scream ‘sunshine’ to me, but it also freaks me outttt because I’m the sloppiest when it comes to white clothing. (This is why I stand by ‘all-black-everything’) 

So this is why I wanted to share some news! The white collection is completely stain proof! I don’t think anyone understands how much this benefits my life haha

There’s something so chic about all white, look! (Of course I threw pops of red in there) So bold, so beautiful! 

Because these bags are super durable and made of re-purposed foam, we found the best trick for removing stains-Nail polish remover!!!!

Our White Collection is now available at 

Xx, 4O1Fierce 

The Monday ‘Blues’

Hey everyone! Just a few days until March creeps up on us! March has always been my favorite month. James and I celebrate 12 crazy years this time around, Avynn turns 4 (yikes), and we start to get kissed with more sunshine! 

In my last post I talked about being bold, and I think it’s stuck with me lately. In just a few days Ivory will be 6 months old, which puts me at 6 months PP! I’ve been through so many changes with my body, and one thing that’s never changed was my outfit choices. 

Since forever I’ve loved to mix prints, and I’m so guilty of dressing the girls in mismatched prints as well! 

Today’s look is inspired by spring! 

I received this trench coat as the perfect gift a few years back, and I always pull it out in out in Spring! 

The star of the show however, is this cute little crossbody from our AV Collection

This little guy is the perfect crossbody! Usually women carry these for a night out, and for me I’ve always been nervous about bringing a bag to a bar; mostly because of sloppy people who spill- haha

I have always just carried a wristlet, but because this bag is completely stain-proof, I’ll be collecting all colors! I can literally wipe off any drinks that will spill on it, and it’s super light weight I almost forget I’m wearing it!

This bag is ideal, and only $118!!!!!! Let’s not forget this is a Vegan collection, made of re-purposed foam! You have to touch!!

Spring is my favorite time to head over to the water, and with this checkered romper I thought it screamed “picnic,” haha 

Ladies never ever be afraid of bold prints, and mixing hues! 

Bright + Bold 

Hey everyone!!! Can’t believe we are almost in Spring!! The weather here in the 401 has been soooo back and forth, but hey no complaints-I love the sunshine! 

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I began working as Creative Director for a Vegan lifestyle brand! I will slowly transition to blog for our Brand, but in the meantime go follow us at @AndreaValentini on Instagram!

I was inspired for today’s look by our medium sized tote ‘Mary.’ I loooooove this bag in red it’s super bold!

I decided to pair my outfit with a bold lip as well! 

There’s nothing I love more than denim on denim, I swear it’s stuck with me since the Osh Kosh days. My grandma would always make fun of me and call me a ‘farmer girl.’ Haha 

I love using denim as a platform neutral. You can pretty much pair it with any shoe and accessory, so I went super bold here!

This tote is the perfect size for me if I’m just taking it easy for the day, when I’m on-the-go I need a bag much bigger to throw everything in quickly- mom habit, am I right?!

I love the little pops of red and metallic, I think it really makes a simple denim outfit more complex!Ladies… when’s the last time you fell in love with a bag?! It’s always been such a struggle for me to find a bag that’s the perfect size, structure, and color. Then finding one it would always be a question about ‘if the price is right?’ 

I used to spurge on accessories, only to realize a few months later I’ve destroyed them. 

What made me fall for these bags was how durable I noticed they were right away! I’ve always been the type of girl to buy a new bag/new sunglasses and “wear them to death.” Seriously… I would find the perfect bag (rarely) and wear it so often that it would tear, stain, and look so dingy. 

Because these bags are made from re-purposed foam they are completely realistic for me. They last forever, are easy to just wipe off, and they’re built so strongly even with all of the items I shove in there, it’s still so durable and lightweight-totally essential for a mom of 2, or any woman who craves strength in a bag haha 

Our entire collection of bags, accessories, and home decor are Vegan, Textured, Utilitarian, Durable, Re-Purposed, and High Performance. I fell in love with the look of the bags, but then once I touched them I couldn’t leave the studio without one! 

I’ll definitely collect more colors in this bag, it comes in a vibrant blue as well as more neutral tones. I find these bags to be a huge statement piece-small yet striking! 

Have any questions about our ‘Mary’? Let me know! 

I hope you are all enjoying this long weekend!!! 

Xx, 4O1Fierce